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LA judge disciplined a third time for bad behavior on bench

LA judge disciplined a third time for bad behavior on bench

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A Los Angeles County judge with a history of bad behavior has been disciplined for being irritable with protection lawyers and telling an acquitted man that “there’s no question in my mind that you’re guilty.”

Judge Patrick Connolly was publicly admonished for displaying corrupt demeanor toward two criminal protection lawyers and for an inappropriate remark after a jury verdict, the Commission on Judicial Performance said Friday.

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It was the third time Connolly has been disciplined since he became a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge in 2009. He was admonished in 2016 for abusing his authority by conducting a hearing to search out out if a protection lawyer ought to face contempt charges. He was privately admonished in 2010 for the consume of profanity with lawyers.

Connolly, a former gang prosecutor who presides in the Compton courthouse, suggested a man acquitted in a capturing case in 2018 that he was lucky.

“Let me explain you, you’ve been given a gift from God,” Connolly suggested Eugene Germany. “Because there’s no question in my mind that you’re guilty of this crime.”

Germany and a co-defendant had been charged with opening fireplace at a fleeing car after the driving force had stabbed one of their guests.

Connolly appeared to chastise Germany, for no longer accepting a plea deal that would have sent him and a co-defendant, Dalisha Monique Jordan, to prison for six years if they both agreed to plead guilty.

Jordan wanted to accept the plea supply, nonetheless it absolutely was relinquished when Germany rejected it.

“I’ll explain you, chivalry is no longer dead,” Connolly suggested Germany. “For those that’d taken the deal, Ms. Jordan would have had that six-year deal. She’s going to salvage a lot more time than that. So, you already know, take that into consideration.”

Jordan was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

In another instance last year, Connolly was irritable with protection lawyers who had requested to appear at an arraignment by telephone because they feared they had been uncovered to COVID-19. Connolly had agreed to the telephone hearing nonetheless then appeared to maintain it against the lawyers and their purchasers.

The attorneys for brothers Jorge and Felipe Ramirez, who have been charged with assaulting a police officer, asked that their purchasers be released without bail because of concerns they may be at danger of coronavirus in jail.

Defense lawyer Martin Lijtmaer said he had letters attesting to his client’s health and the judge repeatedly snapped: “How am I going to peek that letter, when you’re no longer in my court docket?”

Lijtmaer tried to respond, saying, “Your honor, respectfully, the reason I didn’t … ” before being scale back off.

“Respectfully?” Connolly said. “You have no longer near to the court docket.”

Connolly refused to release both man without bail.

Lijtmaer said his client and brother had to post “ridiculously excessive bail” that has nearly bankrupted their family. He said the cases both ended without prison time and the charges will ultimately be brushed aside.

Connolly acknowledged he “spoke too sharply” to the lawyers and asked the commission to consider “the highly unusual circumstances” that the hearing was honest a day after Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a stay-home inform.

The commission said Connolly did no longer acknowledge his misconduct or display contrition.

Connolly did no longer immediately return a message in search of remark left along with his court docket clerk.

LA judge disciplined a third time for bad behavior on bench