Home Australia LAVO Hydrogen Home battery has a 40kWh capacity, costs $34,750

LAVO Hydrogen Home battery has a 40kWh capacity, costs $34,750

LAVO Hydrogen Home battery has a 40kWh capacity, costs $34,750

More than 1 in 5 Australian properties have rooftop solar and storing that renewable vitality in a battery may assist you be self sustainable and even disconnect from the grid. A original product called LAVO is now available for pre-inform.

Here is a battery gain for home and companies, but is significantly assorted than others on the market. LAVOis a hydrogen hybrid battery that shops over 40kWh of electricity. Most home storage batteries that consume lithium-ion batteries, range from 4 to 14 kWh in capacity, so having an possibility at between 4-10x may provide ample vitality to energy the average Australian home more than one days.

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The plan integrates with a standard rooftop solar plan and LAVO generates green hydrogen for renewable energy whereas you wish it. LAVO is a solar sponge, the consume of patented hydride to retailer hydrogen in metal alloy to enable the field’s first, long time length capture, hydrogen battery inner a steady vessel.

With a slick exterior gain to the unit, the idea that of installing an 4x pressurised vessels (35 bar) is a original idea for folk to rating their heads around. The mounting details list that this need to tranquil be installed on the bottom, open air, whereas some batteries can be installed within the garage.

An important metric with battery storage and the energy it can provide to your residence, is the amount of continuoius energy. On this instance, the LAVO gives 5kW, which means you’ll likely have to be selective about what you’d purchase to hasten in larger properties. By comparison, certainly one of many most popular battery storage solutions, Tesla’s Powerwall 2, features a 13.5 kWh capacity and 7kW peak / 5kW steady output.

The plan is rated for operation between -10 degrees and +50 degrees C for 20,000 cycles and warrantied for 10 years. The total installed weight is a massive 324 kg.

Now for the substantial examine, value.

While most home battery storage programs value between $5-12,000 installed, it appears Hydrogen will value far more. The admittedly larger storage capacity comes at a steep value. If you pre-inform the LAVO, you’ll stare there are 3 choices to chose from:

  • LAVO 2021 Launch Version (L.21) – Available from: JUN 2021 – Restricted to: 2,500 | Label: $34,750 | Deposit: $250
  • LAVO 2022 Version (L.22) – Available from September 2022 – Restricted to five,000 | Label $29,450 | Deposit $100
  • LAVO 2023 Version (L.23) – Available from September 2023 – Restricted to 10,000 | Label $29,450 | Deposit $50

For a tag comparison, Tesla’s Powerwall 2 costs $13,300 + installation and need to tranquil you wish more capacity, you can add more than one Powerwalls (up to 10) to service that want. If you had been to add 3 Powerwalls to reach a comparable capacity to the LAVO, you’d pay A$36,500.

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LAVO Hydrogen Home battery has a 40kWh capacity, costs $34,750