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LG denies cancelling its rollable phone

LG denies cancelling its rollable phone

An LG spokesperson has denied Yonhap’s tale that the firm has establish the LG Rollable phone mission on withhold. “I can firmly disclose that any such dedication on future cell products has been finalized,” mentioned the spokesperson to The Verge.

The wording is slightly imprecise, the firm hasn’t decided to mothball the mission, but it completely hasn’t decided to roam forward both. It has a working prototype, which it demoed at CES, nonetheless concrete originate plans for a mass market application have faith no longer been published up to this level.

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LG denies the report that it has cancelled its rollable phone

Earlier this twelve months TheElec reported that the firm is brooding about exiting the cell change, which LG denied first and main establish, but then it used to be published that the firm has been in talks with a doable buyer. No closing dedication has been reached on this entrance both.

Even if LG stops making phones itself, this couldn’t entirely exit the cell change – the firm used to be no longer too prolonged ago reported to be creating foldable displays for Apple. The firm also makes portion of the OLED panels frail in the iPhone 12 series.


LG denies cancelling its rollable phone