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Liberal candidate Shanahan wins Chateauguay-Lacolle riding in recount

Liberal candidate Shanahan wins Chateauguay-Lacolle riding in recount

By Marc Lalonde, Local Journalism Initiative ReporterIori:wase

Thu., Oct. 21, 20212 min. read

Early Newspaper

The Liberal incumbent in Chateauguay-Lacolle’s federal riding will sit again as MP for the riding after a recount and some tabulating anomalies initially gave the September 20 federal-election seat win to the Bloc candidate there.

Liberal Brenda Shanahan won the recount by 12 votes after the election-night count initially saw the Bloc candidate Patrick O’Hara get the win by 286 votes.

However, a typo in the reporting of the vote count – a set of 40 votes was misidentified as 410 – and a recount gave Shanahan the win earlier this month. According to Elections Canada, the final tally was 18,029 to 18,017 — a difference of only 12 votes, or .02 per cent.

“The citizens of Châteauguay–Lacolle have renewed their confidence in the Liberal Party and it will be a great honour for me to represent them for a third term in the House of Commons,” Shanahan said on Twitter. “I thank Mr. Patrick O’Hara and his team for an excellent campaign.”

In the days following the election, Elections Canada said in a statement that they had been “informed by the Liberal Party of Canada that they are taking the necessary steps to request a judicial recount under the relevant provisions of the Act” in Châteauguay—Lacolle.

During the course of routine verification of results in the riding, the returning officer discovered a typo in one of the result numbers for one of the polls, where 40 votes for a candidate had been entered as 410, the statement said.

“This was due to human error. The returning officer flagged it to be checked during the validation of results, and contacted the candidates to encourage them to attend the validation,” it said.

The typo was corrected during the validation of votes, in front of observers from political parties five days after the election, along with “other data-entry typos discovered during the validation process.”

Before the recount, Chateauguay-Lacolle was the only one of Quebec’s 78 ridings to have changed hands in the September 20 election. The Liberal win gives the party 160 seats, still short of the 170 needed for a majority in Parliament. The rest of the seat count sits at 119 for the Conservative Party, 32 for the Bloc Québécois, 25 for the New Democratic Party and two for the Green Party. The Liberal count includes Spadina-Fort York MP Kevin Vuong, who was expelled from the Liberal caucus before the election.

Liberal candidate Shanahan wins Chateauguay-Lacolle riding in recount