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Listen up, libs, it’s not voter fraud when former Trump aide Mark Meadows does it. Duh!

Listen up, libs, it’s not voter fraud when former Trump aide Mark Meadows does it. Duh!

Meadows may be conducting a sting operation masterminded by Trump that will show Americans the only people who get busted for voter fraud are the Republicans who loudly complain about voter fraud.

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Before I get into the scurrilous voter fraud accusations against Mark Meadows, a voter-fraud evangelist and Donald Trump’s former chief of staff, let me ask this question: Who among us has not listed a rented 14-by-62-foot single-wide mobile home in Macon County, North Carolina, that we’ve never stayed in as our permanent residence on a voter registration form?

I mean, c’mon. I’m pretty sure that’s not even a crime anywhere as long as you disregard state and federal election laws. And it’s definitely not voter fraud as long as the person voted for Trump. (I read that in a copy of the Constitution I bought in the Mar-a-Lago gift shop last year.)

Like most patriotic Americans, I’ve used Meadows’ seemingly random mobile home address on voter registration forms a bunch of times. So let’s not rush to judge anyone, particularly Meadows, who has made it clear he’s deeply concerned about voter fraud and therefore couldn’t possibly be guilty of voter fraud even if it appears he voted fraudulently.

Meadows & the mystery mobile home

Here’s what the fact junkies in the lamestream media are reporting:

The New Yorker first published a story about Meadows and the mobile home in Scaly Mountain this month. The magazine found that Meadows listed the single-wide mobile home as his permanent residence in September 2020, while he was still President Trump’s chief of staff. Neighbors and the property’s owner said Meadows never stayed or lived there.

Big deal. I’ve never lived on Uranus, but that doesn’t stop me from listing it as my home planet.

Anyway, thanks to left-wing radicals in the press refusing to ignore staggering and potentially criminal acts of hypocrisy, the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation has now launched a probe into Meadows listing the Scaly Mountain mobile home on his registration and then voting.  

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It’s easy to see how this is not a violation of federal law, unless you listen to North Carolina State University professor of political science Steven Greene, who told The Washington Post it’s “hard to see how this is not a clear violation of federal law.”

“Proof of residency for voter registration typically requires some form of proof of residency along the lines of a utility bill or any government information listing that as your address, e.g., car registration, driver’s license, those same sorts of proof would be expected,” Greene said.

This is clearly a Democratic conspiracy

Sounds like mumbo-jumbo aimed at weakening all of Meadows’ TOTALLY LEGITIMATE claims of voter fraud, which he made before, during and after the 2020 presidential election, including pressuring the Department of Justice to investigate a conspiracy theory that Italy changed votes in the U.S. election using satellites.

In August 2020, CNN’s Jake Tapper said to Meadows: “But there’s no evidence of widespread voter fraud.”

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And Meadows responded: “There’s no evidence that there’s not either. That’s the definition of fraud, Jake.”

Yeah, Jake, Just because there’s no widespread voter fraud doesn’t mean there’s no widespread voter fraud. Along those same lines, if there is evidence Meadows committed voter fraud, that doesn’t mean he committed voter fraud. Quite the opposite, in fact.

All part of Trump’s master plan

If I had to guess, I’d say Meadows is conducting an elaborate sting operation masterminded by Trump himself, one that will show American voters that the only people who ever get busted for voter fraud are the Republicans who loudly complain about voter fraud.

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That would explain why, back in February, a Republican district attorney in Wisconsin charged a Trump supporter who had complained about voter fraud … with voter fraud. The voter had listed a post office box at a UPS store as an address.

It would also explain why three voters from The Villages, a Florida retirement community that leans heavily Republican, were arrested in December for voting more than once. Two of the voters are registered Republicans, and a third expressed support for Trump on his social media pages.

It doesn’t take a genius to see what’s happening here: Democrats are committing voter fraud in vast numbers, which explains why Trump lost the election, so a number of Republicans are allowing themselves to get caught committing voter fraud to prove a point.

It makes perfect sense if you don’t think about it.

Much like Meadows’ ongoing assertions of widespread voter fraud.

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Listen up, libs, it’s not voter fraud when former Trump aide Mark Meadows does it. Duh!