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Llamas pay locked-down nursing home a visit

Llamas pay locked-down nursing home a visit

By Clara Pasieka, Local Journalism Initiative ReporterTelegraph-Journal

Sun., Feb. 21, 20212 min. read

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Llamas and alpacas made an appearance Friday afternoon originate air the Lobby Saint-Antoine, a 30-bed nursing home in Kent County.

Their appearance was a total shock to residents and even the relaxation of her staff, said the home’s govt director Renelle Girouard-Boutilier.

The home has no longer been able to have any visitors because the situation was in yellow phase near the Christmas holidays, she said.

“It’s been a lengthy haul for the residents, so we want to blueprint anything that may perhaps brighten their day,” she said.

Owner of Llama-zing adventures, Josée Gautreau, had posted that she would be appealing to bid her animals to any retirement home that may perhaps spend a visit to brighten residents’ spirits and Lobby Saint-Antoine decided to leap at the chance, said Girouard-Boutilier.

Gautreau urged the Occasions & Transcript she had seen an animal proprietor in Ontario pay a retirement home a similar visit and belief she too may perhaps spread similar joy.

Girouard-Boutilier said old to COVID, a therapy dog had been a tall hit at the home, and she is aware of many of the residents fancy animals.

So at 2 p.m. Friday, Gautreau began loading her animals onto the trailer for a area time out.

Sun gleaming, the llamas and alpacas made their way onto the property about an hour later rising from a small trailer, gruesome a community of staff waiting originate air for a shock unknown as urged by their govt director.

The nursing home staff and Gautreau’s woolly team made their way around the back of the building where residents were gathered internal in a hall of varieties with home windows to gaze their unexpected visitors.

As the animals approached the home windows, an exclamation is perhaps heard from internal. Residents slowly began to make their way to the home windows and the animals bounded over a significant snowbank to meet their latest pals.

By means of the glass, residents smiled and touched their hands against the glass in pride as Gautreau and her team moved the animals to assorted home windows so assorted residents may perhaps have a chance to secure shut to the creatures.

A staff member opened the window to ask the animals’ names, which are Pearl, Suzie and Heidi.

A aspect door appears to be a prime viewing area so internal staff helped transfer residents the spend of mobility gadgets one at a time to the glass door and animal handlers would bid the animals up shut.

One resident, Germaine Mallet, said what a great shock this all was.

Eventually, it was time for the animals to prance home.

Gautreau and her team said the highlight for them was hearing the enjoyment in the residents’ voices when they first noticed the visitors.

Stella Léger, a resident, tearing up, said the great visit from the animals was such a gift.



Fellow resident Jeannine Savoie agreed saying, “I can’t characterize how powerful I really loved it.”

Gautreau said she hopes to be able to make assorted visits to assorted nursing and retirement homes at this time, however she’s going to preserve it a shock for now where she plans to reveal up subsequent.

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Llamas pay locked-down nursing home a visit