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Lydia partners with Cashbee to add savings accounts

Lydia partners with Cashbee to add savings accounts

French startup Lydia is absolute most life like diagnosed because the dominant app for look-to-look funds. However the firm has been adding more aspects, akin to a debit card, yarn aggregation, donations, money pots and more. This week, the firm is adding savings accounts thanks to a partnership with French fintech startup Cashbee.

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Must always you aren’t acquainted with Cashbee, the firm lets in you to inaugurate savings accounts by technique of a cell app. After connecting your checking yarn with Cashbee, you’ll be in a location to transfer money from facet to facet between your checking yarn and a savings yarn.

Appropriate now, Cashbee partners with My Money Bank for the savings accounts. Cashbee doesn’t deal with you money, it accurate acts as a center particular person between your checking yarn and My Money Bank. With those savings accounts, customers can ask an passion rate of 0.6% after an introductory rate of two% for a number of months.

Lydia in overall offers the an identical terms and conditions with a number of differences. As a replace of earning 2% passion for essentially the most important three months, Lydia customers most efficient salvage more passion all the tactic by technique of essentially the most important two months.

The opposite gargantuan distinction is that Lydia asks you to put no lower than €1,000 in your savings yarn even as you happen to inaugurate it. Must always you struggle by technique of Cashbee’s app, you most efficient comprise to put €10 or more. However customers can develop no topic they wish after that once it comes to placing some money apart and withdrawing money from the savings yarn.

However the real fact that Cashbee is seamlessly integrated in Lydia is attention-grabbing. It’s going to impart Cashbee to method more customers as Lydia has bigger than 5 million customers. It’s additionally an important characteristic if Lydia wants to change into a monetary attention-grabbing app.

This savings characteristic competes with Livret A, essentially the most prevailing savings yarn in France. Each person can inaugurate a Livret A in a retail bank. You procure an passion rate of 0.5% secure of taxes. On paper, 0.6% is absolute most life like than 0.5%. However Cashbee’s savings accounts aren’t secure of taxes.

Must always you’re a pupil and don’t pay any taxes, that’s a bigger deal. However many people pay 30% in taxes on accrued interests, which system that you simply cease up earning 0.42% in interests secure of taxes with a Cashbee yarn.

However it no doubt’s arduous to beat the simplicity of Lydia’s solution here. For occasion, you’ll be in a location to build up to €1,000,000 in your savings yarn while the Livret A is runt to €22,950. In other phrases, even as you happen to’re already the usage of Lydia to ship, salvage and use money, it’s likely you’ll maybe maybe desire to strive those savings accounts.

Lydia partners with Cashbee to add savings accounts