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‘Mama June: Avenue To Redemption’ Recap: Alana Begs To Protect In Florida with June

‘Mama June: Avenue To Redemption’ Recap: Alana Begs To Protect In Florida with June


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June reconnected with daughter Alana right through the April 30 episode of ‘Avenue to Redemption’.

The April 30 episode of Mama June: Avenue To Redemption picked up where closing week’s left off — in the center of Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon and Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson’s confer with with their mom, Mama June Shannon, in Florida.

This week, June’s boyfriend, Geno Doak, took Alana out to dinner so that they’re going to additionally ranking some one-on-one time. He handled her to about a french fries and lobster macaroni and cheese, which she appreciated, and they also talked about what she went through right through his and June’s drug binge. No one cried or anything, nonetheless the dialog used to be mandatory for them to be in a position to straggle forward with their relationship.

Geno additionally invited Alana to terminate in Florida longer than she before the entirety supposed to, and she used to be into the premise, nonetheless she mentioned she’d must check with Pumpkin first. She perfect wished to wait till after June took them to her rehab center, where she used to be scheduled to give a testimonial for future patients.

When she did finally check with Pumpkin, Pumpkin wasn’t certain how she felt about leaving Alana in Florida, nonetheless after seeing how effectively June and Geno were doing, she agreed to let Alana terminate. But she additionally reminded Alana that in line with statistics that Dr. Ish shared with them, there’s an correct chance Geno and June will relapse, so it wouldn’t be a everlasting straggle perfect but.

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Anyway, after Pumpkin headed support to Georgia, Alana made herself certainly feel appropriate at home by collaborating in her Zoom classes whereas poolside in her mom’s backyard. It used to be right through that 2nd that June additionally explained to Alana why she’s in the meanwhile staying in Florida and not animated support to Georgia. Obviously, it’s as a result of June desires to be end to her rehab and most modern toughen system, nonetheless she perfect wished to confirm that Alana knew that.

And the entirety used to be going wise swell for Alana down in Florida till Pumpkin’s husband Josh caught wind of the hassle and drove to the sunshine direct to lift her support home. He didn’t exactly agree with the selection Pumpkin had made relating to Alana and her prolonged terminate in Florida. When June answered the door and heard that Josh used to be there to get rid of Alana support home, she bugged out and mentioned she wouldn’t allow it. Then, the episode ended.

The single other things that came about this week were… Josh suggested Pumpkin he stop his job, she chanced on out Sugar Like used to be staying on the condominium, and Jennifer finally realized that Sugar Like wasn’t cheating on her — he used to be perfect spending time with Alana.

Desire extra drama? Original episodes of Mama June: Avenue To Redemption air Fridays at 9pm on WE television.

‘Mama June: Avenue To Redemption’ Recap: Alana Begs To Protect In Florida with June