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Man claims self-defence over knife fight

Man claims self-defence over knife fight

A man fled to NSW after stabbing his Melbourne housemate over a fight about visa money.

Yong Choy Chee says he attacked 29-year-outmoded Hardeep Singh at a Springvale boarding condominium in November 2016 in self-defence.

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Each and each men came from Malaysia to Australia on tourist visas, but they expired and the duo remained within the country working illegally as plasterers.

They argued over roughly $400 Mr Singh had given to Chee’s cousin to gain any other visa.

Chee admits recklessly inflicting Mr Singh severe damage. Nonetheless the men’s accounts vary as to who had the knife first.

Mr Singh had been ingesting forward of going in an argument with Chee concerning the visa, prosecutor Catherine Parkes instructed Victoria’s Supreme Court docket on Tuesday.

Chee, then feeble 30, stabbed the person’s head and better physique continuously, lowering an artery.

Mr Singh ran from the condominium after which encourage inside, screaming for aid because he thought he used to be going to die.

He wanted a blood transfusion, surgical treatment and used to be in intensive fancy six days.

At one point, he had no pulse but used to be revived.

Chee fled forward of police arrived, leaving a blood inch. The kitchen used to be additionally covered in blood.

He stopped having access to his monetary institution accounts, modified his cell phone amount and registered a up to date one in a fallacious title.

He used to be arrested in NSW in February 2019 when police who stopped him about a ticketing offence realised he used to be wanted in Victoria.

Chee said he used to be sound asleep when Mr Singh drunkenly and aggressively banged on his door.

“He used to be holding a knife searching to gash me. I was very skittish,” Chee instructed the court docket thru an interpreter.

He said he tried to cease the door and Mr Singh dropped the knife.

Chee additionally said his have wrist used to be prick, and he picked up the weapon and waved it in front of the quite a lot of man.

“I’m regretful for what I truly have accomplished,” he said.

“On the time I was skittish. I’m not certain whether or not I stabbed him or not.”

Mr Singh said he used to be upset concerning the visa, and that he instructed Chee he wanted either the money encourage or the papers or he would scramble to the police.

He instructed the court docket he hadn’t seen the knife forward of Chee stabbed him with it. Mr Singh additionally denied going to Chee’s room and insisted Chee came to him.

“We were very cease buddies … Nonetheless he (Chee) gets enraged very fleet,” Mr Singh said, additionally thru an interpreter.

Performing for Chee, barrister Raphael de Vietri argued Mr Singh wasn’t a credible scrutinize.

Ms Parkes said accounts from assorted men within the condominium supported the prosecution’s proof concerning the knife.

Chee, who has already spent 789 days in custody, used to be remanded to be sentenced at a later date.

Man claims self-defence over knife fight