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Man convicted over $2.3 million van heist

Man convicted over $2.3 million van heist

A man has been convicted over a $2.3 million Melbourne Armaguard van heist better than a quarter of a century ago.

Pasquale Lanciana became discovered guilty on Monday of seven counts of money laundering, and one every of armed robbery and false imprisonment, in June 1994.

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It became Lanciana’s second County Court trial, after a outdated jury failed in 2019 to realize a verdict.

The court became previously instructed Lanciana became among a community of thieves who disguised themselves as workmen and stopped the armoured van.

They threatened the crew with weapons, drove the van throughout the relieve streets of Richmond and then fled with the cash, the court became additionally instructed.

Lanciana became discovered to have laundered his fraction of the stolen cash, including by utilizing $400,000 to pay for a block of land at Williamstown.

He became remanded in custody sooner than an August 9 pre-sentence hearing.

Man convicted over $2.3 million van heist