Home Australia Man From Snowy River legend ‘cracks’ on as community celebrates tumultuous year

Man From Snowy River legend ‘cracks’ on as community celebrates tumultuous year

Man From Snowy River legend ‘cracks’ on as community celebrates tumultuous year

What began as an concept to design vacationers to Victoria’s High Nation has grew to alter into into a passion to preserve Australia’s bush heritage.

Key components:

  • Victoria’s High Nation community celebrates 25 years of protecting bush heritage alive
  • Corryong welcomes the crowds as it continues to enhance from bushfires in 2019-20
  • Whip-cracking is shaping up to alter into an increasingly fashionable sport

This weekend’s Man From Snowy River Bush Competition at Corryong had crowds capped at 5,000, but in its 25 years it has expanded from a one-dawdle match that took competitors up and succor a mountain to the current 5-day format.

Early Newspaper

Competition board member Peter Hunt mentioned an entire of seven occasions now showcased the horsemanship of stockmen and girls.

The competition had change into no longer only a nod to Jack Riley, the distinctive High Nation legend, but additionally a formulation of protecting bush abilities, he mentioned.

A man smiles while leaning on a fence post.

Peter Hunt says the competition helps to preserve the region’s pure and cultural heritage.(

ABC Goulburn Murray: Greg Ryan


“I’ve purchased an eight-year-used grandson who can plait his absorb whip — his father taught him — that makes me very proud.

“Whip-cracking is on repeat right here for folks that maintain by no methodology seen it.

“If we don’t attain that, this is likely to be misplaced ceaselessly.”

Whipping up admire for a loss of life skill

Wagga Wagga-based whip-maker Anthony Rennick began within the alternate when his father went to an RM Williams plaiting college and made a whip and a belt 28 years ago.

Mr Rennick is a member of the Australian Whip-crackers and Plaiters Association — one of a handful making it a full-time profession.  

He has sold his whips for the duration of the globe and was at this year’s competition showing his alternate and repairing many a crack.

“There’s a mammoth interest in whip-cracking and the full younger kids working spherical right here, or no longer it’s cherish or no longer it’s joined to their hands.

“Or no longer it’s ideally suited to receive.”

A man stands over a whip and works to repair it

Anthony Rennick repairing a baby’s whip.(

ABC Goulburn Murray: Greg Ryan


Lucy Adams from Wakool won the competition’s ladies folk whip-cracking championships at factual 14 years of age.

Runner-up Kerry Toyer of Batemans Bay mentioned it was fun to spoil the sound barrier with factual the flick of a wrist.

Ms Toyer began the game extra than 20 years ago when she was travelling with a bullock crew showing Australia’s pioneering and transport history.

She has watched the enthusiasm for whip-cracking grow.

Three women with cowboy hats stand with ribbons across their chests, holding trophies and holding a whip.

Whip-cracking champions (from left) Lucy Adams, Kerry Toyer and Pyper Tucker.(

ABC Goulburn Murray: Greg Ryan


Ms Toyer mentioned the championships were getting bigger every year, but doing effectively was no longer as easy as it looked.

“Or no longer it’s all about the methodology; you can’t power a crack out of the whip, it’s doubtless you’ll maintain purchased to bag it rolling on itself.”

Common repairs and dressing of the whip helped to preserve it in form, she mentioned.

A close up picture of a man holing a plaited leather whip

Kerry Toyer’s handmade whip helps preserve an Australian tradition alive.(

ABC Goulburn Murray: Greg Ryan


Ancient abilities for at the present time

International horseman Guy McLean has been a usual at the competition since 2000.

The legitimate Australian stock horse ambassador displays his horses, recites poetry, and is a poster boy for the nation’s bush heritage.

“Once I first came right here it was mainly the competitors; everyone dressed cherish me with a stock hat,” he mentioned.

“Now, you concept a quantity of parents in shorts and treasure city apparel.”

A man on horse at Corryong

Guy McLean and Dreamer are always a crowd authorized.(

ABC Goulburn Murray: Greg Ryan


Mr McLean mentioned horsemanship was soundless at the heart of the competition, but it completely had grown to preserve the heritage and the legends of the past alive.

“Or no longer it’s the true deal — the person who wins this would even construct a life on the land and doubtlessly dawdle those brumbies down the mountain factual cherish Jim [Jack Riley] did.

“To place ourselves to a take a look at, to upward thrust to it, and to grasp the horse will always maintain our succor — there would possibly be nothing cherish it.”

This year’s Man From Snowy River Instruct, which assessments the most talented and skilled horse and rider teams, was won by Morgan Webb.

High Nation restoration

The competition was postponed last year due to the pandemic.

It was a vital blow for the community, with Corryong severely impacted by the 2019-20 bushfires and determined for tourism dollars.

Crowd numbers were reduced to with regards to half this year due to COVID-19 restrictions, but it completely was soundless a huge addition for the economy, with many of of households camping and hundreds attending.

The competition board estimates the competition can generate up to $5 million for the Higher Murray community.

Crowds of people, many with cowboy hats, look on at an arena

Humans, hooves and hats gathered at the Corryong Recreation Reserve.(

ABC Goulburn Murray: Greg Ryan


Man From Snowy River legend ‘cracks’ on as community celebrates tumultuous year