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MediaTek unveils its first mmWave modem

MediaTek unveils its first mmWave modem

MediaTek apt unveiled its first mmWave modem, the M80. It’s in a position to hitting height speeds of seven.67 Gbps downlink and 3.76 Gbps uplink. It supports the sub-6 style of 5G as successfully, obviously, however it absolutely’s mmWave that sets it except for earlier M70 modem.

The M80 supports twin SIM operation where each SIM playing cards can also be linked to NSA or SA networks and each can attain calls utilizing Utter over New Radio (VoNR). Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) is within the market for networks with out dedicated 5G bands (DSS enables carriers to combine 4G and 5G on the same band).

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The M80 is MediaTek's first mmWave modem

The M80 is MediaTek’s first mmWave modem

Two aspects will dynamically tune the vitality configuration of the modem per usage and network prerequisites. Those are UltraSave Community Environment Detection and UltraSave OTA Assert Consciousness.

Sample M80 modems will be sent to companies for sorting out later this year. Apart from smartphones, the M80 will additionally be susceptible in laptops, Mi-Fi hotspots and other units. MediaTek did now not expose which Dimensity chipset will be the first to integrate the M80 (Dimensity 2000, in all likelihood?).


MediaTek unveils its first mmWave modem – the M80 can attain 7.67 Gbps downlink speeds