Home Enterprise Tech Mediflash is a freelancer marketplace for health professionals

Mediflash is a freelancer marketplace for health professionals

Mediflash is a freelancer marketplace for health professionals

Meet Mediflash, a new French startup that wants to toughen temp staffing in healthcare facilities, such as nursing properties, clinics and mental health facilities. The company positions itself as an alternative to traditional temp staffing agencies. They claim to provide higher terms for each caregivers and establishments.

“It charges a small fortune to health facilities whereas caregivers are paid poorly,” co-founder Léopold Treppoz told me.

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Traditional temp staffing agencies rent caregivers and nurses on their payroll. When a facility doesn’t have satisfactory staff, they ask their usual temp staffing agency. The agency finds somebody and charges the facility.

“When we started, we idea we would achieve a temp staffing agency, nonetheless extra digital, extra tech,” Treppoz said. However the startup realized they would face the same issues as regular temp staffing agencies.

Instead, they regarded at other startups working on freelancer marketplaces for developers, venture managers, marketing consultants and extra. In France, a few of them have been rather profitable, such as Comet, Malt, StaffMe and Brigad — a few of them even bustle a vertical targeted on health professionals. But Mediflash wants to heart of attention specifically on caregivers.

Professionals signing up to Mediflash are freelancers. Mediflash handiest acts as a marketplace that connects health facilities with caregivers. The company says caregivers can inquire of of extra earnings — up to 20% — whereas facilities finish up paying much less.

For sure, it’s no longer a fair comparison as temp staffing agencies rent caregivers. As a freelancer, you don’t have the same advantages as a corpulent-time employee. And in particular, you can’t earn unemployment advantages.

“But a lot of caregivers say that this isn’t an issue because there is a lot of demand [from health facilities],” Treppoz said. On the platform, you’ll fetch students in nursing faculty who want to earn a little bit of cash, professionals who already have a part-time job searching for additional work as effectively as corpulent-time change caregivers.

Usually, facilities fair want somebody for three days because they’re working short on staff. Mediflash is effectively aware that health facilities usually work with one temp staffing agency and that’s it. That’s why the startup has a sales team that has to talk with each facility one after the opposite. Correct now, the startup is largely targeted on Metz, Nancy and Strasbourg.

Mediflash fair lately raised a $2 million funding round (€1.7 million) led by Firstminute Capital. Several enterprise angels are also participating, such as Alexandre Fretti (Malt), Alexandre Lebrun (Nabla), Simon Dawlat (Batch.com) and Marie Outtier (Aiden.ai, acquired by Twitter).

So far, the company has managed 1,400 change days. Mediflash takes a minimize on each transaction. The company now plans to expand to other cities all around the country.

Mediflash is a freelancer marketplace for health professionals