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Mercy flights: SA aviation sector takes to the skies to deliver goods in KZN

Mercy flights: SA aviation sector takes to the skies to deliver goods in KZN

Because the wanton looting, mass destruction and violence which has taken dwelling at some stage in KwaZulu-Natal in the old few days, the province is experiencing shortages of many mandatory goods.    

South Africa’s aviation sector has stepped in to provide reduction to the catastrophe-struck province.  Many pilots and plane owners delight in jumped in and are operating rescue flights to guarantee that mandatory medication and meals provides reach affected individuals and organisations in KwaZulu-Natal. 


The looting and destruction of natty warehouses in Durban has affected local supply chains. It is anticipated that this can continue for weeks.  

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According to Moneyweb, many nationwide chain stores in urban KwaZulu-Natal which delight in no longer been looted are shut or delight in empty shelves. 

Few stores are reported to be selling mandatory goods, and individuals which could perchance perchance be, are selling their stock with out any certainty of when this may possibly be replenished.


The Commercial Aviation Affiliation of South Africa (CAASA) together with plenty of business pilots, about a of whom were suffering from the ongoing dispute with nationwide provider South African Airways, are volunteering both manpower and plane to encourage out in this time of crisis.    

The initiative used to be established by the CAASA and the South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), to coordinate flights to the catastrophe-struck province.  The country’s commercial aviators delight in proven compassion and dedication by stepping up when wanted most.   

These flights will lift mandatory provides to the province that is now gash encourage off due to the closure of the N3 motorway, which is the main route for transporting goods between the port in Durban and the inland provinces. 


The on the whole composed limited airport, which used to be slated for closure in 2018 is key to the reduction operations taking dwelling. Several mercy flights at the 2d are being operated with privately-owned plane, both distinguished and diminutive. These flights are flying into Durban’s Virginia Airport, providing much-wanted meals and medicine to the province.

It is anticipated that Virginia Airport may possibly be a hive of project whereas supply chains are disrupted. The upheaval caused by events this week, as neatly as the closure of the N3 motorway necessitates mandatory provides to be flown in.


The CAASA requires assistance with flights, meals and necessities, clinical provides and security equipment.  For total enquiries or to offer assistance, electronic mail Sam Keddle on  Sam@caasa.co.za 

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Mercy flights: SA aviation sector takes to the skies to deliver goods in KZN