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Mexico deploys troops over US migration

Mexico deploys troops over US migration

Mexico has stationed more than 8700 infantrymen alongside its borders to strive against unlawful migration to the US amid a surge in the different of crossings, the defence minister says.

The infantrymen and members of the National Guard are deployed at 347 checkpoints alongside stylish migration routes, Mexican Defence Minister Luis Cresencio Sandoval said on Monday.

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After an lengthen in the different of largely Central American migrants from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, the Mexican government announced stricter migration controls closing week.

Land borders non-public additionally been shut for non-significant shuttle to prevent the unfold of infection amid the pandemic.

Below tension from worn US president Donald Trump, Mexico had already deployed infantrymen to prevent migrants from crossing the border to the US since June 2019.

Thousands of migrants came to the border after the victory of US President Joe Biden, who promised a more humane immigration coverage.

Most are fleeing poverty, violence and the aftermath of two devastating hurricanes in Central The United States.

US Secretary of Place of origin Security Alejandro Mayorkas said the government is staring at for a large lengthen in the different of refugees and migrants, perchance more americans than in the past 20 years.

More than 14,000 unaccompanied minor migrants and refugees are in the intervening time in the custody of US authorities, officials said.

Mexico deploys troops over US migration