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Miller responds to concerns over Ontario Fireplace College closure

Miller responds to concerns over Ontario Fireplace College closure

By Rocco Frangione, Native Journalism InitiativeThe North Bay Nugget

Fri., March 12, 20214 min. learn

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Parry Sound Muskoka MPP Norm Miller doesn’t accept as true with closing the Ontario Fireplace College in Gravenhurst may maybe maybe perchance hang an affect on hearth coaching.

The contemporary mannequin of regional coaching centres, Miller says, will set money due to firefighters obtained’t hang to sprint as some distance.

Concerns raised by municipalities include rural volunteer firefighters running into online discovering out challenges when experiencing unreliable net provider and municipalities spending a entire bunch of greenbacks more to ship their firefighters to regional coaching centres.

Miller says once the college closes on the cease of this month, mighty of the coaching will be accomplished at hearth stations.

He says in conditions love Magnetawan, Burk’s Falls or Armour Township, the personnel can hang a discovering out contract and meet “at one situation, preferably where they’ve the supreme net.“

Miller says COVID-19 made it traipse that with participants working and discovering out from home, the net has change into a necessity “and it’s one thing the government is making an are trying to develop rep right of entry to to.“

To that cease, the Minister of the Solicitor Customary announced Thursday a $5-million program to enhance hearth security coaching and inspections across Ontario.

In fragment, the funding enhances in-individual and online tutorial instruction by rising rep right of entry to to extra coaching.

Miller says this plan will again in actuality expert extreme equipment, love excessive-accelerate net, to enhance virtual coaching for firefighters.

Miller doesn’t accept as true with this can worth more to ship a firefighter to a regional coaching centre as some officials again.

He says the discovering out contracts the firefighters will consume would be the equivalent backed $65 quantity municipalities now pay to ship their firefighters to the college.

Miller says there may maybe maybe perchance hang to in actuality be a savings for the municipalities due to they obtained’t hang to pay as mighty in mileage to ship someone to the hearth college.

With 20 regional coaching centres proposed, Miller says the aim is to hang them unfold evenly so there’s no longer as mighty sprint engaging to rep to considered one of many facilities.

Miller says Huntsville is considered one of many communities tapped to condo a regional coaching centre.

“So someone from Burk’s Falls can put together for the day, near home and hang dinner at home,” Miller mentioned.

“So there wouldn’t be all these charges.”

Miller’s reference to worth is the notify municipalities hang to pay firefighters for stays at hotels and drinking at restaurants when they again a regional coaching centre.

He provides with a coaching facility closer to home, the volunteer firefighters don’t hang to glean destroy day their day jobs due to they may perchance hang an probability to put together at considered one of many facilities throughout the weekend.

One other anguish with the college closing is firefighters may maybe maybe perchance hang a tougher time practising on reside burn items.

But Miller says this is rarely any longer the case.

He says most of the regional coaching centres may maybe maybe perchance hang burn items and for these that don’t hang any, the province has two mobile burn items that can sprint to these regional centres.

“So the mobile burn items aren’t required all over the earn 22 situation and there would be some distance less interrogate for them,” he mentioned.

Miller provides however this, the Ontario government will monitor how the mobile burn items are working out.



Miller says opposite to claims, the Ontario government did search the advice of sooner than announcing the closure.

He says the session became with the Affiliation of Municipalities of Ontario, which represents municipalities to the provincial government.

Requested why the provincial government is closing the hearth college and Miller cited utilization as one motive.

Quoting figures from the last five years, Miller says a total of 10,775 firefighters took courses on the college.

“That works out to about 2,155 per year over five years,” he mentioned.

Miller wasn’t in a situation to advise if the resolve represented a drop in participation however he approved that per annum 20 to 30 per cent of the bookings on the college are cancelled.

He also mentioned the participants which may maybe maybe perchance well be hearth specialists “again this modernized program.“

Miller says that entails the Fireplace Warring parties Affiliation of Ontario, the Expert Firefighters Affiliation, the Ontario Affiliation of Fireplace Chiefs and the Ontario Fireplace Marshal.

He says every individual who heads these four organizations has spoken in favour of the contemporary mannequin.

The hearth college sits in Miller’s using and he told The Nugget “obviously I need to discover the property wisely utilized”.

To that cease he’s been working with Gravenhurst Mayor Paul Kelly “and we’ve been brainstorming on various potentialities.“

“Undoubtedly the mayor and council will be focused on having a review at future potentialities,” Miller mentioned.

“They’ll be attracted to one thing that generates employment for the station and doesn’t assign stress on the consume of Lake Muskoka which is where the college sits.”

Rocco Frangione is a Native Journalism Initiative reporter who works out of the North Bay Nugget. The Native Journalism Initiative is funded by the Government of Canada.

Miller responds to concerns over Ontario Fireplace College closure