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Millions in funding announced for Guelph YMCA, Elora Arena and HOPE Dwelling

Millions in funding announced for Guelph YMCA, Elora Arena and HOPE Dwelling

By Keegan Kozolanka, Local Journalism Initiative ReporterGuelphToday.com

Thu., April 1, 20212 min. read

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GUELPH/WELLINGTON – Federal and provincial politicians occupy announced over $6 million in Investment in Canada Opinion (ICIP) funding for improvements to Guelph and Elora community centres and organizations.

Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield announced on Thursday the YMCA/YWCA of Three Rivers, HOPE Dwelling and the Elora Community Centre and Arena will be receiving federal and provincial funds for restoration and accessibility enhancements.

Longfield said these kinds of investments are serious to growing the community and financial system.

“By investing in community and cultural infrastructure on the present time, we’re putting a down cost on a extra connected and resilient community the set Canadians can are living, grown and elevate their households for generations to reach,” Longfield said.

The YMCA of Three Rivers will get with regards to $2 million for a 3 storey addition to the YMCA of Guelph for a childhood recreational condominium and an growth of a standard commerce room.

“On behalf of the Y…our commitment is to return that with interest in the final result of extra teens getting the helps they wish to live to inform the story and thrive in this community,” said Peter Sweeney, CEO of YMCA of Three Rivers, in reference to Longfield’s touch upon this being a down cost.

The Township of Centre Wellington will obtain over $3 million to renovate and expand the 40-one year-historical Elora Community Centre which in turn will give a enhance to its accessibility and increase condominium for game.

Centre Wellington mayor Kelly Linton said Elora’s enviornment is a well-known piece of the local community and he’s tickled to behold the growth venture going forward.

“Our group occupy performed the ideal they are able to finish to maintain a 40 one year historical facility over time however now we’ve the opportunity to finish something in actuality special for our community,” Linton said.

Finally, the HOPE Dwelling will be using around $400,000 to rehabilitate the 184-one year-historical church it operates out of and to form a 3-storey community centre. The work includes upgrades to the building’s masonry and flat roof.

“We are going to be doing something that is serious for all our communities which is the repurposing of existing community resources into sources which would possibly perhaps be supportive of the community,” said Jaya James, executive director of HOPE Dwelling.

Longfield notorious how well-known building community sources esteem this occupy change into during the pandemic.

“Investing in community areas with obligatory infrastructure is an a must occupy piece of growing our financial system and providing communities and Canadians with extra alternatives to join, explain themselves and toughen every other,” Longfield said.



Millions in funding announced for Guelph YMCA, Elora Arena and HOPE Dwelling