Home Story Misinformation fueling vaccine hesitancy, PAHO Director says

Misinformation fueling vaccine hesitancy, PAHO Director says

Misinformation fueling vaccine hesitancy, PAHO Director says

“When it’s your turn to procure vaccinated, be conscious: These vaccines can put your life.” 

Washington, D.C. April 21, 2021 (PAHO)– Misinformation is unquestionably one of the main threats to public effectively being, and it is most adverse when it fuels vaccine hesitancy, Pan American Effectively being Organization Director Carissa F. Etienne said this day.

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“Every body in a susceptible group that is hesitant to procure the vaccine can grow to be section of the unhappy statistics, certainly one of the thousands of deaths that happen day-to-day as a consequence of COVID-19. Vaccines are saving lives now and must serene make a contribution to govern transmission within the when it comes to future when we accomplish excessive immunization coverage,” she immediate a press briefing.

Reports of very rare unexpected facet outcomes from some COVID-19 vaccines must serene no longer establish folks hesitate to procure immunized, she said.

“The vaccines delivered through COVAX were completely assessed by the WHO consultants. The advantages of those vaccines in preventing infections, hospitalizations, and deaths outweigh the risks of facet events,” Dr. Etienne renowned. 

“Because unreliable information spreads lickety-split, PAHO is taking part with tech corporations like Twitter, Google, and Facebook to deal with false news and make obvious the public can without announce glean magnificent information,” Dr. Etienne added.

The tragic milestone of better than three million deaths from COVID, nearly half of of them within the Americas, “is a reminder that we must enact extra to guard every diversified because this virus continues to be a possibility in every corner and community all through our build,” Etienne said. Within the last week by myself, the Americas reported better than 1.5 million fresh COVID conditions and nearly 40,000 deaths.

“COVID vaccines don’t provide instantaneous safety. Our our bodies absorb time to rep immunity to the virus after we’re vaccinated, and we acquired’t gape their plump impact except extra of us are stable. Let’s be conscious that with the restricted doses obtainable to us at present, the precedence must serene be to put lives. Stopping transmission of this disease requires extra measures,” Dr. Etienne said.

The PAHO Director renowned that “in Israel, COVID-19 vaccines are already serving to drive down infections, and preliminary records from Chile and a few cities in Brazil exhibit a low cost in hospitalizations among the many aged, thanks in section to COVID vaccines.”

“PAHO is doing the entirety we can to procure as many vaccines to our build as imaginable, as lickety-split as imaginable. Now we glean helped command better than 4.2 million doses of COVID vaccines to 29 countries within the Americas. Thousands and thousands of further vaccines are due within the coming weeks. And we acquired’t pause except every nation in our build has the vaccines they want,” Dr. Etienne said.

Nonetheless, she renowned, “We want extra COVID vaccines for our build. We want countries to lickety-split administer the doses they glean got obtainable. We want communities to manufacture trust in vaccines. And when it’s your turn to procure vaccinated, be conscious: These vaccines can put your life.”

Vaccination Week within the Americas, which starts next week, “is a excellent time to remind us all the energy of vaccines to put lives. Vaccinations are a collective effort and the success of immunization campaigns depends on all of us,” Etienne said.


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Misinformation fueling vaccine hesitancy, PAHO Director says