Home Breaking News Mitzpeh Yericho beats the heat with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream party

Mitzpeh Yericho beats the heat with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream party

Mitzpeh Yericho beats the heat with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream party

The settlement of Mitzpeh Yericho decided to beat the heat in the Judean Barren enviornment on Friday by holding a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream party for over 500 teenagers, to blow their private horns gratitude for the Israeli franchise of the company which has refused to discontinuance sales to the West Financial institution.

Mitzpeh Yericho is a settlement positioned east of Ma’ale Adumim and overlooking the Palestinian metropolis of Jericho. The settlement is dwelling to over 450 families, together with dozens of English-talking families.

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“We in Mitzpeh Yericho are grateful to Avi and his employees for their give a boost to for the Jewish folks and namely to Judea and Samaria,” said Mitzpeh Yericho’s Mayor Aliza Pilichowski. “We realize that we as a Jewish folks are combating a battle in opposition to BDS, that is synonymous with antisemitism, that we all know too nicely.”

The leadership of Mitzpeh Yericho became outraged at the choice by Ben & Jerry’s to boycott West Financial institution settlements, nonetheless impressed by the owner of Ben & Jerry’s Israel, Avi Zinger, who refused to participate in the boycott.

In stutter to point their gratitude, the residents of Mitzpeh Yericho decided to get Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for all the teenagers in the town. Early life collaborating in the NCSY Kollel summer season program volunteered to hand out the ice cream to the many of of teenagers who enjoyed the delicious treats on the hot summer season day.

Avi Solomon helped sponsor the party and fundraise for the event from sponsors from around the world.

“I wished to step in and make contributions to give a boost to Israel’s Ben & Jerry’s enviornment, which became to refuse to give in to Ben & Jerry’s Corporate and to continue serving all the folks of Israel,” said Solomon. “I reached out to the Rabbi [Uri Pilichowski] and, together, labored on a idea to provide Ben & Jerry’s to the entire Mitzpeh Yericho. In a single day, we had dozens of oldsters, Jews and non-Jews alike, donate to relief salvage it a actuality. Everybody who donated wished to give a boost to Ben & Jerry’s Israel for their unwavering commitment to skedaddle away in opposition to boycotting the Jewish instruct.”

Ben & Jerry’s Israel CEO Avi Zinger and deputy CEO Eitan Fabrikant additionally got right here out to trip the summer season fun and sweet treats with the residents of Mitzpeh Yericho.

“This day, Mitzpeh Yericho stands with Ben & Jerry’s Israel and calls out to our mates around the world who stand in opposition to antisemitism, racism, and human rights violations,” added Pilichowski. “This day, we can return to the mantra of ice cream and name out ‘I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.’  This mantra doesn’t exclude any community of oldsters and neither attain we.”

The residents of Mitzpeh Yericho expressed joy and gratitude for the length of the ice cream party. “Kudos to Avi Zinger and all of Ben and Jerry’s Israel for standing up in opposition to antisemitism and on your give a boost to of the yeshuvim (settlements) in Judea and Samaria!” said Tovah Horowitz, one resident of the town.

Closing month, the homeowners of Ben & Jerry’s global company announced that they might possibly possibly maybe be halting sales to the “Occupied Palestinian Territory,” presumed to talk over with West Financial institution settlements and Jewish neighborhoods in east Jerusalem. Ben & Jerry’s Autonomous Board of Directors wished to boycott all of Israel, nonetheless the owner’s announcement stressed out that they quiet wished to continue sales outside of the West Financial institution and east Jerusalem.

The owner’s of Ben & Jerry’s Israeli franchise enjoy expressed opposition to the choice, stressing that they intend to continue sales to “all of Israel.” It’s unclear if the franchise’s license will be renewed must quiet the franchise refuse to conform with the homeowners’ desires.

Mitzpeh Yericho beats the heat with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream party