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MK vets head to Nkandla to do what is ‘fundamental’ to prevent Zuma’s arrest

MK vets head to Nkandla to do what is ‘fundamental’ to prevent Zuma’s arrest

On Thursday, an MKMVA delegation of about 25 — led by the organisation’s president Kebby Maphatsoe, Niehaus and Des van Rooyen — had a marathon 7-hour visit with Zuma at Nkandla. The group, just a few of whom had knives, surrendered their weapons to security before entering the compound.

Niehaus told TimesLIVE that the vets stood firmly within the assist of Zuma and his public declaration no longer to appear before the commission. He acknowledged that while they didn’t desire to incite violence, they’d do what they think “fundamental to prevent his arrest”.

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“We don’t desire and are no longer in favour of any violence. So, obviously, each person is trying for this no longer to wander in that route [of arrest]. It’s no longer simply a topic of supporting President Zuma. We desire to rate it 100% distinct that we’re with him and we can do our level perfect to give protection to him.

“We sincerely hope that motive will prevail and he is doubtlessly no longer arrested. I don’t mediate anybody might aloof underestimate the dedication of the MKMVA membership to President Zuma,” he acknowledged.

He revealed that squaddies will likely be deployed 24/7 and camp outdoor Zuma’s space. He acknowledged arrangements had been made for them to be fed and “taken care of”.

Niehaus emphasised the deployment will likely be funded by a group of “donors”, but he wouldn’t present an explanation for on their identity.

“President Zuma is doubtlessly no longer paying for this deployment. There are several industry of us that are ready to donate cash for this,” he acknowledged.

Niehaus acknowledged Zuma’s arrest would no longer be factual for the nation and will likely be a disaster for the ANC.

“This will undoubtedly contrivance off instability within the nation and I don’t mediate we need that.”

Within the period in-between, Mzomuhle Dube of the ANC’s eThekwini establish, confirmed that they had partnered with MKMVA, members from the Musa Dladla establish and the Nkandla subregion, to host a mini rally outdoor Zuma’s house on Sunday.

Dube would no longer commentary on the true numbers of members who will likely be deployed to the space.


MK vets head to Nkandla to do what is ‘fundamental’ to prevent Zuma’s arrest