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‘Moderately In Purple’ still shocks at 35 with changed ending: Andie chose rich Blane over poor Duckie

‘Moderately In Purple’ still shocks at 35 with changed ending: Andie chose rich Blane over poor Duckie

Revealed 1: 00 p.m. ET Feb. 26, 2021 | Updated 3: 53 p.m. ET Feb. 26, 2021


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This “Moderately in Purple” ending wasn’t the contemporary. It used to be changed earlier than its release 35 years ago.


There used to be the monstrous extra or much less “Moderately in Purple” rebellion, which forever altered the John Hughes-penned romantic comedy that hit theaters 35 years ago.

To listen to director Howard Deutch show it, the of us rose up for the duration of the predominant test screening, boo-ing the movie’s usual ending – a never-launched version that saw Andie (Molly Ringwald) turn out happily with her fellow other-side-of-the-tracks comrade, the utterly devoted Duckie (Jon Cryer).

It left entitled, rich hottie Blane (Andrew McCarthy) out within the frigid after he ghosted his pledged prom date (maintain you no shame, sir?) because the working class outsider Andie wouldn’t slot in with his country membership lifestyles.

“As much as that point, the screening had been love a rock concert. And we got to the ending, and they also started to boo,” says Deutch, who insists there maintain been accurate boos. “That young viewers, they did not want Molly to turn out with John Cryer. The girls had been love, ‘Forget the politics. We want her to in discovering the glowing boy.’ ” 

That visceral response left screenwriter and producer Hughes (who died in 2009), and the predominant-time director, squirming in their theater seats. “We both had a coronary heart attack,” says Deutch.

They huddled to remake the ending, with Hughes writing a brand original five-web page conclusion that grows extra dazzling with each and each passing yr – having Andie purchase uber-privileged Blane over working class Duckie. It goes in opposition to each and each underdog-adore-prevails rule and your entire movie had constructed in opposition to Andie and Duckie ending up collectively. 

But Deutch moved heaven and a counterfeit prom for the pivotal revamping. “We had one day to re-shoot your entire ending. There had been all kinds of barriers to overcome making that work,” he says.

One headache in explicit sticks out. McCarthy had shaved his hair for a Broadway play, forcing him to don the world’s worst Blane wig on the soundstage recreated to watch love the prom (originally shot at Los Angeles’ historic Biltmore Resort ballroom).

Primarily the most important fable commerce used to be making Blane, who used to be originally featured with a diversified prom date on his arm, discover sympathetic. In the original version, he attends the prom solo, looking out heartbroken. He tells off his base, rich buddie Steff (James Spader) and comes neatly-organized to Andie earlier than professing eternal adore, kissing her cheek and exiting to OMD’s “If You Go.” Duckie OK’s Andie’s departure to use Blane for the movie-ending smooch.

“Whereas you create no longer ride to him now, I am never going to eliminate you to yet any other prom again,’ ” Duckie says. 

“One thing about that dialogue, he sacrificed for her,” says Deutch, explaining why it works. 

Duckie did not endure a minute. “John used to be love, we’ve got to guard Duckie’s character here. We maintain now to in discovering him a Duckette,” says Deutch. Kristy Swanson, later to neatly-known individual in“Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” used to be employed (listed as “Duckette” within the credits) to provide a Duckie-attain-hither discover from the dance ground in her first, wordless movie segment.

All over the next test screening, the viewers used to be “went crazy” for the revised ending, says Deutch. “They had been satisfied, fulfilled and happy. And I agreed.”

He had a box state of job hit ($40 million) which grew to changed into segment of a generation’s upbringing. The commerce “clearly has no longer damage the movie over time,” he says.

In the “Moderately In Purple” extras of the right-launched “John Hughes 5-Movie Series” (out on Blu-ray now) Ringwald, in a within the attend of-the-scenes 2006 interview, agrees with the original route, suggesting her display veil veil chemistry may perhaps perhaps perhaps well maintain been much less strictly-BFF if Robert Downey Jr. had played the Duckie segment. (Downey Jr. had auditioned for the role.)

Deutch chalks it up to right breaking the norm. “The ending is one thing no longer predictable, one thing so dazzling, that it shocks you in system,” he says. “Like comedy is continually a success when it’s a shock.”

Even 35 years later, of us still interrogate him about the changed route of history. Followers maintain rallied round Duckie with #TeamDuckie name-outs, but Deutch insists he would not lose sleep over the fateful edit.

“I don’t because the movie used to be a success,” Deutch says. “I lose sleep over other movies that had been no longer a success.”


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‘Moderately In Purple’ still shocks at 35 with changed ending: Andie chose rich Blane over poor Duckie