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Motorola Razr gets Android 11 update

Motorola Razr gets Android 11 update

Samsung announced a few new foldable telephones this week, but assemble you realize that Motorola furthermore has telephones that fold? Indulge in, the Razr from 2019, the company’s first effort with a foldable conceal conceal and an glaring nostalgia play.

This present day this mannequin is starting up to receive the update to Android 11, which is completely appropriate to scrutinize even although Android 12 is due out in a few weeks from Google. The Razr started lifestyles working Android 9 Pie, and then at final obtained upgraded to Android 10. Now it be time for it to bounce to 11.

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Motorola Razr gets Android 11 update

As of now, the brand new birth appears to finest be going out for handsets purchased from Verizon. The new model is labeled RPV31.Q2-62-7-10 and includes the July 2021 security patches.

With the exception of that, you are furthermore obviously getting the full new things in Android 11, at the side of Conversations and Chat Bubbles, new media controls, one-time permissions, and many others.

The update is seemingly to be rolling out in stages, so it can possibly well snatch a few days for it to reach the full gadgets in the wild. When you have not got the update notification and wish to manually check, walk to Settings > About phone > Machine updates.

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Motorola Razr gets Android 11 update