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Mouse numbers increasing in north-western Contemporary South Wales

Mouse numbers increasing in north-western Contemporary South Wales

Mice are being seen in greater numbers in the north-west of Contemporary South Wales, and farmers are being entreated to maintain their eyes peeled with a bumper winter chop providing apt tucker.

Key points:

  • Agronomists are seeing mice begin to mosey assist into north-west Contemporary South Wales
  • With warmth, dry conditions and deal of food, the conditions are ripe for numbers to explode
  • Farmers are being entreated to not turn into complacent and to maintain checking their vegetation

Earlier this year, flooding helped minimize plague numbers in some facets of the North West, including Moree. 

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Nevertheless, with spring warming up and winter vegetation providing deal of food, native agronomists are starting to examine motion again.

Moree B&W Rural agronomist Casey Budd has seen extra mice in the remaining 10 days.

“We hang been seeing them begin to mosey relatively out west for the remaining couple of weeks, and now we hang been baiting in the market, but they’re starting to advance additional east now.”

Prick injure

With the dry weather seeing the mice begin to appear, Ms Budd has already seen injure in some of her client’s vegetation.

“In cereals, they are starting to mosey for the stem, so that you just’re going to find out about it injure down very low in the canopy. They’re not necessarily going for grain in the head,” she said.

“In canola, they are starting to utilize the seeds, so it is very challenging.”

Three images of crops damaged from mice

Moree Agronomist Casey Budd has seen mice injure in vegetation in the remaining 10 days. (

Equipped: Casey Budd


The CSIRO and the Grain and Study Development Company hang warned farmers and communities that they ask to examine numbers explode again.

Ms Budd said she turned into as soon as very inquisitive about what she had already seen.

“We are heading into the very finest storm. There might be highly deal of food. After we’re baiting, there is loads food in the paddock it is (bait) not necessarily stunning.” 

Do not be complacent

While some growers hang already seen some mice and injure, others haven’t yet been impacted.

Ms Budd said those that had not yet seen mice wants to be ready and take a look at their paddocks on a protracted-established foundation.

“The main point I would gain is originate not be complacent. Be certain that that you just’re out checking your vegetation,” she said.

“Now we hang certainly had instances the assign 10 days in the past we would find out about at the chop and whisper,  ‘There must not any mice right here.’ You are flat out finding any injure or any process.

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Mouse numbers increasing in north-western Contemporary South Wales