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MTV’s ‘Ghosted’ heads to SA and it promises all the drama!

MTV’s ‘Ghosted’ heads to SA and it promises all the drama!

MTV Heart-broken has boasted a necessity of profitable reality exhibits and is adding a brand current one to their celebrity-studded line-up: It appears to be like enjoy MTV’s Ghosted will seemingly be getting a South African really feel… 

Ghosted: Admire Long previous Missing will premiere on MTV Africa (channel 130) on 16 August at 21: 30. 

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MTV Africa’s Ghosted: Admire Long previous Missing  follows other people which had been ghosted by their baes, end company or relatives.

These distraught people embark on a mission to observe down and confront these aged enthusiasts, company or relatives in an effort to elaborate the realities of why they had been reduce off from their old relationship.

Your hosts Shamiso Mosaka and Oros Mampofu

The show will seemingly be hosted by MTV Heart-broken presenter Shamiso Mosaka and seasoned actor Oros Mampofu. 

Together the two will trip all the blueprint thru South Africa helping other people win solutions about being ghosted. Speaking to TrueLove, Mampofu expressed his gratitude for being chosen to most up-to-date the show alongside Shamiso. He additionally explained that he felt it turned into time for him to branch out.

“I really feel that, at this stage of my acting occupation, it’s now time for me to branch out . Whether it’s industry or whether it’s presenting or at the assist of the veil veil as a producer or director, I really feel enjoy I’m in a position where I will be able to unfold my wings and flit”

Oros Mampofu


Mampofu and Mosaka has promised to lift the shock factor to the series. 

We’ll lift the terrified face to face with their ghost to demonstrate the surprising reality,” Mampofu acknowledged in the teaser.


MTV Africa has produced a necessity of other astonishing reality exhibits.

Moonchild Sanelly turned into the most up-to-date celebrity to rating a reality series on MTV. Moonchild Sanelly Woza premiered on 15 March and turned into a 10-half series. 

The show took viewers into Moonchild’s non-public lifestyles, sharing how she navigates lifestyles as a single mother and as a highly efficient entertainer. Viewers had been additionally introduced to Moonchild’s romantic relationship as it explores her sexuality too. 

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MTV’s ‘Ghosted’ heads to SA and it promises all the drama!