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Mum ‘too frightened to transfer’ after finding out cancer might cause ‘backbone to snap’ while on holiday

Mum ‘too frightened to transfer’ after finding out cancer might cause ‘backbone to snap’ while on holiday
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Photographer Julie, who lives in Bridgwater, Somerset, along with her three kids, Jacob, 15, and 12-12 months-weak twins Poppy and Lola, tells us in her dangle words how she’s studying to reside with a unquestionably rare cancer prognosis…

Riding my bike along the lovely nation roads shut to my house in Bridgwater, Somerset, inhaling the new air, the fields golden below the slack summer solar, I will’t back feeling ecstatic. I will only cycle for short distances this day, and my operating days are undoubtedly over, nevertheless dispute has continually been one of my sizable pleasures in lifestyles and I’m certain to end energetic.

A 12 months within the past, I used to be a wide-match, single mum-of-three – I essentially salvage a son Jacob, 15, and 12-12 months-weak twins Poppy and Lola. I used to be visiting the gymnasium four cases per week, practising for a half of-marathon and doing long-distance cycle rides.

I used to be also taking section in impediment direction races, tough competitor occasions where you trail over obstacles struggling with in opposition to mud, water and fire. You salvage to be unquestionably match to set apart these and one 12 months I entered 40 races, even successful some of them.

However all that modified in September remaining 12 months. I used to be sitting on the sofa looking at TV after I felt a lump in my neck, somewhat subtle to the touch. After a sleepless night, I contacted my GP, who despatched me for checks.

Photographer Julie was given a shock diagnosis

Photographer Julie used to be given a shock prognosis

Despite being instant-tracked, it used to be quiet six weeks forward of I heard the devastating news – I had rare medullary cancer of the thyroid, the butterfly-formed gland within the front of your neck that regulates your hormones.

I might barely pick all of it in because the cancer nurse comforted me; it used to be like my world had stopped. Covid guidelines meant I used to be there on my dangle. However through my tears I managed to quiz hundreds questions and I used to be told that I might need surgical treatment to opt my thyroid totally.

As a precaution, I went for checks to explore if the cancer had spread, nevertheless my doctor mentioned it’d be lovely for me to lunge on a family holiday to Cyprus that I’d booked for the following week and that the surgical treatment might wait till I bought abet.

I used to be staying at a relaxing hotel with my mum and pa and the kids. It felt sizable to salvage a calming few days with the kids and to are trying to job the prognosis.

Day after today, I’d barely unpacked my case when the cancer nurse rang. “I’m panicked your cancer’s spread to your backbone,” she told me. Sooner than I’d even had time to accumulate the fine news, she added, “We’re jumpy that your backbone might snap!”

Julie and her family

Julie used to be an energetic mum of three forward of she used to be told she had cancer

I felt like screaming and operating away – I merely couldn’t mediate what she used to be asserting.

It turned out that I had a wide tumour at the snide of my backbone, pressing in opposition to my spinal cord, and in addition they were concerned that if I did anything too strenuous, it might snap and I might pause up paralysed.

If I’d been at house, they’d salvage despatched an ambulance straight to my apartment to pick me for emergency surgical treatment.

My family were sitting across the pool after I told them the news. All of us sat there sobbing as varied holidaymakers looked on.

It used to be my lowest level yet nevertheless it used to be made up our minds that we’d explore out the holiday, then I’d lunge straight for surgical treatment after I returned house.

I tried to put on a plucky face for the kids, nevertheless my thoughts used to be in turmoil.

I spent the remainder of the week trying no longer to transfer or set apart anything that might affect my backbone. I used to be vexed to set apart anything, jumpy that I might race or jolt it. It used to be horrendous.

Julie on a bike

Since her shock prognosis, and therapy, Julie has thrown her energy in raising cash for Cancer Study

I’d carried the total suitcases on the inch out there nevertheless travelling house, the kids had to carry them. I felt like I had a wide model over my head asserting, “I’ve bought cancer.”

I used to be only in my forties and the kids were quiet so young. What would this tumour mean for my possibilities of survival?

Abet house, the backbone surgical treatment went successfully nevertheless I’d barely recovered when, three weeks later, I had the second surgical treatment to opt my thyroid, plus some lymph nodes where cancer cells had been stumbled on.

It took several weeks to bag greater from the operation and sadly the surgeon nicked a nerve in my neck, which

had to be sewn abet together. It left me needing months of physiotherapy to bag my mobility abet.

I used to be so grateful that the cancer had been removed. As it had spread, on the opposite hand, I knew this wasn’t the pause of my therapy. In March, I used to be referred to the renowned Royal Marsden cancer successfully being facility and had a honest consultant, who helped me to consider my cancer as a long-term chronic illness. This used to be a revelation and it helped me to gather my cancer and reside with hope. I drove house after my first appointment at the successfully being facility, singing the total manner.


My cancer is terminal nevertheless I’ve been put on an experimental drug to prolong my lifestyles, which is working unquestionably successfully. If it stops working, which this may perhaps perhaps perhaps also merely set apart at some stage, then they’ll are trying one thing else. In the meanwhile, I unquestionably feel extremely successfully and I’ve been in a position to bag abet to some dispute.

A few weeks within the past, I went abet to the gymnasium for the principal time. I former to take free weights and drag for miles on the treadmill, now I had to pick it easy and I only did a quiet workout, nevertheless it’s a delivery. With a friend, I managed to set apart an occasion for Cancer Study, walking two miles a day for 28 days. We raised £2,000, which I used to be extremely ecstatic about.

Julie on a charity run

Julie refuses to let cancer bag her down, and takes the terminal prognosis in her inch

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I unquestionably won’t be doing from now on impediment runs, which has been onerous to gather, nevertheless it’s sizable that I’ve been in a position to lunge out on my bike once more. I’ve also learned to like the easy things in lifestyles – spending time with my kids and my companion, Martin, who I’ve been with for 3 years.

I’ve managed to bag abet to work as a contract photographer and I like doing weddings, portraits and taking photos of the impediment races I former to pick section in.

We’re off on a family smash to Scotland soon. Martin notion we ought to wait till next 12 months and lunge in one other nation, nevertheless I unquestionably feel I will’t give you the money for to wait. I know I’ll by no manner be cured and I don’t know what the longer term holds, nevertheless I’m inconvenience-free and total of hope that new therapies are out there to back me lead the glorious lifestyles I will.

Julie is supporting Cancer Study UK’s Inch for Lifestyles, in partnership with Tesco. Register to your local occasion at raceforlife.org – you might also drag, stroll or creep – and back carry money to fund principal lifestyles-saving learn

Mum ‘too frightened to transfer’ after finding out cancer might cause ‘backbone to snap’ while on holiday