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Music company leaves big city for new life in Grey County

Music company leaves big city for new life in Grey County

By M.T. Fernandes, Native Journalism Initiative ReporterDundalk Herald

Tue., Can also 25, 20213 min. be taught

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When Sean Russell founded his now multi-faceted song, management and marketing company in Toronto, he known as it baselineMUSIC.

Now it turns out to be prophetic, as now not finest he and his household nonetheless many of his workers are re-locating to areas within straightforward reach of Sean and his wife’s Dornoch-apartment farm on Baseline Boulevard.

The couple has owned the property approach Dornoch for about a years, nonetheless remaining year offered their apartment in Toronto and moved.

First, Sean and their younger other folks left remaining March, while his wife, Claire, who used to be working as an emergency nurse continued some time longer. She is now working at Markdale clinic in the emergency division.

Sean grew up on a farm outside of Dundalk, with his dad and mom Bruce and Karen and brothers, Brent and Jeff – all composed living in the apartment.

His wife used to be raised in London nonetheless spent summers in Grey County which is where the couple met, before they moved to Toronto for school.

At 19, Sean used to be managing the band the Trews. He founded baselineMUSIC in 2008 and has since constructed his business, including artist management, marketing and occasions.

His expertise over the time covers a revolution in the song world with the circulation a long way flung from selling CDs to streaming. He believes there might be loads of opportunity.

“Now which that you just would be in a position to maybe presumably also find your niche in truth without problems,” he mentioned. There are so mighty of technical dispositions that support you to monetize anything, he mentioned. He’s optimistic concerning the resilience of song artists and their future, and needs to inspire other folks to work in the discipline which he says has meaning by itself phrases.

“It holds price outside the foundation of selling and business,” he mentioned.

Sean mentioned he’s in truth looking forward to opening up the path to a career in song to other folks in the apartment. He would care for to rent locally, and also to fund a scholarship for GHSS students to deem on the colleges in London and Victoria for which he has written curriculum.

“The song business is a career route that would additionally be taken,” he mentioned. He has performed keynote speeches on that discipline at areas including Singapore and Estonia to tackle that theme.

Amongst artists the company promotes is rapper Connor Set, whose monitor and video for the Toronto Raptors commissioned by Sportsnet debuted this month. He’s also performed work, handled by baselineMUSIC, with Idris Elba and Courteney Cox.

The agency has labored with artists including Alex Cuba, Hermitage Inexperienced, Noah Reid (from Schitt’s Creek), The Northern Pikes, Sarah MacDougall and others.

Sean is looking forward to other folks who had been on his crew having the prospect to find a dilemma to are living that’s mighty extra affordable than in Toronto.

Cortney Harkin, who’s the pinnacle of the marketing and PR division with Baseline since 2016, mentioned she and her husband had already been thinking of moving out of Toronto at remaining.

“When Sean and I started discussing the foundation of transplanting baselineMUSIC north of the city it used to be a straightforward YES from me,” she mentioned in an email acknowledge to the paper.



“We’re looking forward to raising our younger other folks in a smaller city where there might be extra build for them to develop and discover. When we started visiting the apartment, we in truth fell in care for with all it has to give and are thinking concerning the amount of nature we’re going to gain precise outside our doorstep.”

Sean seen that there gain continually been inventive other folks in the apartment, and he is looking forward to many new partnerships.

While Sean might maybe maybe presumably now not gain returned to “Hello-Land” in Southgate Township, he definitely has introduced things paunchy-circle as baselineMUSIC strikes to the Baseline in Grey, extra than a decade after its founding.

Music company leaves big city for new life in Grey County