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Nabla is building a healthcare super app for women

Nabla is building a healthcare super app for women

Meet Nabla, a French startup launching a contemporary app today centered on women’s health. On Nabla, you’ll find several services and products that must detached all make contributions to serving to you stay on high of your health. In temporary, Nabla enables you to chat with practitioners, provides community instruct, helps you centralize all your medical data and will soon offer telemedicine appointments.

Nabla’s key feature legal now is the ability to start a conversation with health professionals. You can ship a message to a general practitioner, a gynecologist, a midwife, a nurse, a nutritionist, or a physiotherapist.

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While text discussions are no longer going to replace in-particular person appointments altogether, they can positively be valuable. By increasing the option of interactions with health professionals, chances are you’ll be healthier and you may even finish up booking extra in-particular person appointments.

Other French startups have been offering text conversations with practitioners. For instance, health insurance company Alan enables you to message a general practitioner — nonetheless you have to be insured by Alan. Biloba also enables you to chat with a physician — nonetheless the company has been focusing on pediatrics.

Nabla has a totally different positioning and provides this feature for free — there’s a restrict as you can handiest ship a handful of questions per 30 days although. If it’s a general anticipate, you may find the answer from the community. Nabla’s doctors will curate community instruct as effectively.

The use of a free product to talk about your health feels suspicious. Nonetheless that’s because the startup is effectively-funded and plans to launch top rate features.

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The startup has raised $20.2 million (€17 million) and is already working with a team of doctors who are ready to answer questions from the company’s first customers — or patients. Investors in the company consist of Xavier Niel, Artemis, Rachel Delacour, Julie Pellet, Marc Simoncini and Firstminute Capital.

One among the reasons why Nabla may raise so worthy money before releasing its app is that the three co-founders have a track scream in the tech ecosystem.

Co-founder and CEO Alexandre Lebrun previously founded VirtuOz, which was acquired by Nuance, and Wit.ai, which was acquired by Facebook. Extra no longer too long ago, he’s worked for Facebook’s AI research team (FAIR).

Co-founder and COO Delphine Groll has been heading commercial fashion and communications for two major media teams Aufeminin and My Small Paris. And Nabla’s co-founder and CTO Martin Raison has worked with Alexandre Lebrun at both Wit.ai and Facebook.

In addition to text conversations, Nabla shows all your past interactions in a personal log. You can join that log with totally different apps and services and products, such as Apple’s Health app, Clue and Withings. This way, you can search for all your data from the same app.

As you may have guessed, the startup in actuality believes that machine learning can assist by way of preventive and holistic care. By default, nothing is shared with Nabla for machine learning applications. Nonetheless customers can opt in and share data to toughen processes, personalization and extra.

Eventually, Nabla wants to optimize the interactions with doctors as worthy as conceivable. The startup says it doesn’t want to replace doctors altogether — it wants to enhance medical interactions so that doctors can focal level on the human and empathetic part.

Nabla plans to launch a telemedicine carrier so that you can interact with doctors in real time as effectively as a top rate offering with extra features. That’s an ambitious roadmap, and it’s going to be attention-grabbing to track Nabla over the long bustle to examine if they stick with their original vision and find a loyal consumer base.

Nabla is building a healthcare super app for women