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Nationwide honey library to record the real against the fakes

Nationwide honey library to record the real against the fakes

As Lindsay Bourke pulls a physique from one of his beehives in Tasmania’s north, he is labored up with the progress for this time of 300 and sixty five days.

Key aspects:

  • Top class Tasmanian honey is being diluted and resold with misleading labels
  • Pure leatherwood honey comes from a tree species figured out glorious in Tasmanian rainforests
  • Researchers are building a “honey library” to more with out problems discipline fakes

Surrounded by bees and eucalypt trees, he delicately pulls at the combs of stringy leatherwood honey. He says there is bigger than he had expected, which bodes successfully for the coming months.

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To the untrained behold, leatherwood seems to be to be mighty adore other honey, nonetheless really it is a top class product produced glorious in Tasmania’s rainforests that sells for roughly double the save.

“It be the kind of improbable, sturdy and distinctive honey,” Mr Bourke says.

Mr Bourke has been making the liquid gold for a protracted time whereas winning prizes alongside the system, nonetheless he and other Tasmanian beekeepers can glorious form so mighty.

“So we can glorious form 1,000 tonnes a 300 and sixty five days.” 

Beekeeper Lindsay Bourke with bees.

Beekeeper Lindsay Bourke with bees.(

Provided: Australian Honey Merchandise


That has created high inquire for Tasmanian leatherwood, which some in a foreign country producers fetch chosen to exploit by diluting pure leatherwood or mislabeling blends.

“Just a few years in the past I equipped 1 kilogram pails and some bulk honey in drums, and any individual reported to me they’d considered my honey in 3kg pails. So these of us had produced the buckets and the labels and establish it together,” he stated.

“I do now not know what used to be in that honey.”

Mr Bourke stated the anxiousness is rather nasty in some worldwide locations.

“Rice syrups are exhausting to detect and they mix it in to form a fallacious honey and promote as the top class stuff.”

Nationwide honey library to save out fakes

On the other facet of the country, Liz Barbour lives and breathes honey at the College of Western Australia in Perth.

She is the CEO of the Cooperative Be taught Centre for Honey Bee Merchandise, which is funded by both industry and government to discipline benchmarks for honey quality and evaluate kinds from in the route of Australia.

Dr Liz Barbour, CEO of the Cooperative Research Centre for Honey Bee Products at the University of WA

Dr Barbour is constructing an industry-first nationwide “honey library” to impress honey provenance from hive to shelf.(

ABC Records: Hugh Sando


Her work entails the nationwide honey library, the save producers ship in samples of their honey for cataloguing, making it more straightforward to discipline fakes.

“With this database, we’re really expand a catalogue to verify against so we get a honest understanding of what’s customary,” she says.

The focal point on honey traceability came about, at the least in fragment, thanks to allegations in 2018 that main producer Capilano used to be selling adulterated honey.

The company used to be cleared of any wrongdoing following an investigation by the Australian Competitors and Particular person Commission.

“What it did present to us is that there used to be nothing to protect us when it comes to our quality adjust,” Dr Barbour says.

Tarkine Leatherwood Bees: Honey from the super

Leatherwood honey from Tarkine bees.(

Provided: Jane Ryan


The Tasmanian arm of the evaluate is being done by Sandra Garland at the College of Tasmania’s Institute of Agriculture.

“This total venture is about how will we demonstrate that this honey is rarely any longer from Australia, that this honey is a fraud,” Dr Garland stated.

“To attain that, we’d like to characterise our fetch honey. We fetch to attach the characteristics of leatherwood honey and what makes it so special.

“Its taste, its smell, its sugar snort, how bioactive it is: all these various qualities want to be established, and then the honey library is to discipline a benchmark.”

Mr Bourke says the work will support protect the recognition of his honey.

“We don’t desire the stop purchaser to employ honey with leatherwood on it and fetch or no longer it is a really serene-tasting product when in real reality it is miles rarely really.”

Be taught key to bigger returns

While Tasmanian leatherwood attracts a top class save, researchers and producers agree it is no longer nearly about satisfactory.

“The manuka honey in Contemporary Zealand has received so mighty government strengthen unhurried it. They’ve done so mighty evaluate … so they can inquire an infinite top class for their honey,” Dr Garland says.

“Beekeepers right here in Australia want that more or less evaluate, too.

“They want to be ready to sing ‘glimpse how honest our honey is’, present the evaluate that proves or no longer it is bioactive and then we can delivery to get the top class prices we deserve.”

That would per chance well well be song to Mr Bourke’s ears.

“Leatherwood is one of the glorious honeys in the world so it would be excellent to scrutinize that recognised.”

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Nationwide honey library to record the real against the fakes