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Native legends are made in pubs. One inspired this farmer to pick up his welder

Native legends are made in pubs. One inspired this farmer to pick up his welder

When farmer Peter ‘Turtle’ Crosby picks over tools at clearing gross sales, his first sculpture inspired by a beer-drinking emu is rarely too a long way from his mind.

Key points:

  • Cleve farmer Peter Crosby’s first big metal sculpture changed into in honour of a larrikin emu that frequented his local pub
  • Mr Crosby has since made two Clydesdales horses and is working on a wedge-tailed eagle
  • He makes exercise of farm machinery and tools donated by other farmers or supplied from clearance gross sales 

To him, the metal tools and old farm machinery may perhaps well perhaps be the bones of his subsequent creation.

Early Newspaper

The self-taught artist, from Cleve in South Australia, provides credit score to cheeky emu for inspiring his fledgling career.

The pet emu called Eric, that turned out to be Erica, typically frequented the entrance bar of the Darke Peak Resort in the early 1990s.

“The emu got right here into the pub, weaved his manner during the total people in there after which stuck his head in a schooner of the bloke that I changed into talking to,” Mr Crosby said.

“He had his lend a hand to it — he never even considered the emu attain in.

“He reached around to take cling of it and he said, ‘Oh, who drank my beer?’

People in a pub, man and girl seated in foreground, man has arm on emu's back, emu on left faces camera

Erica the emu cherished to narrate over with the pub with her household nonetheless had a popularity for eating nearly anything.(

Supplied: Peter Stone


“I said, ‘No, an emu got right here in and drank it’. And he to this day wouldn’t imagine it.”

The story grew to grow to be legendary.

To label the “funniest thing” he’d ever considered, Mr Crosby made a metal emu for the Darke Peak Legends weekend to stand exterior the pub.

Erica grow to be segment of the neighborhood

Erica changed into raised from a chick by Peter ‘Stony’ Stone with a transient-haired pointer, and a euro.

“She changed into a neighborhood favourite,” Mr Stone said.

backyard scene with two people sitting at picnic table, emu and brown dog in foreground on lawn

Erica changed into raised with Charka, the quick-haired pointer, and a euro.(

Supplied: Peter Stone


“When she’d inch in people would order out, ‘Pick up your change’, because she’d pick up the change off the bar and swallow it,” Mr Stone said.

She’d strive to eat nearly anything.

“She’d peck people’s cigarettes out of a bloke’s hand and swallow that,” Mr Stone said.

“Every so typically she’d obtain out from dwelling and proceed around up to the kindergarten and proper cease up there with the children, walking around,” Mr Stone said.

Man standing in front of eagle structure make of metal pieces, wings outstretched, man holding welding iron

Peter Crosby and his most up-to-date chicken, a wedge-tailed eagle at his Cleve shed.(

ABC Eyre Peninsula: Jodie Hamilton


Mr Crosby’s metal sculpture of Erica is quiet during the road from the pub. He’s since made two Clydesdale horses and is now making a wedged-tail eagle.

Of us provide their scrap heaps

The farmer says he’s self-taught, even though admits he’s finished a lot of welding to fix broken farm machinery in his time.

“A kind of farmers pick up said, ‘Approach up and lend a hand your self to our scrap heap’,” he said.

“I stare upon tools and things diversified to what all people else does at clearing gross sales because I’m trying to record it as segment of an animal they typically all desire it for tools.

“Honest no longer too long ago at clearing gross sales they’re getting dearer and dearer because people desire to engage the tools and I want them for body parts for animals.”

Man standing holing reins of Clydesdale horse made of welded metal pieces, towing a plough

Peter Crosby with the first Clydesdale he made for his gateway at his block in Cleve.(

ABC Eyre Peninsula: Jodie Hamilton


He keeps particular antique tools in a indicate shed nonetheless everything else is doubtlessly an animal segment.

“There is potentially a host of if truth be told upright tools welded to this eagle, Sidchrome spanners and upright tin snips and that, nonetheless I don’t desire them so I will weld them there.”

He’s on farm time with this mission and isn’t any longer if truth be told definite when he’ll be finished.

And worship the beer-drinking emu that first inspired him, the eagle isn’t any longer going to wing away because or no longer it’s expected to weigh 500 kilograms.

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Native legends are made in pubs. One inspired this farmer to pick up his welder