Home South Africa Nehawu wants top parliamentary official suspended for giving herself a rent discount

Nehawu wants top parliamentary official suspended for giving herself a rent discount

Nehawu wants top parliamentary official suspended for giving herself a rent discount

Public sector union Nehawu has called for the immediate suspension of the acting secretary to parliament, Baby Tyawa, who racked up debt of nearly R80,000 after giving herself a discount on her rent.

The Sunday Occasions revealed at the weekend that Tyawa occupied an upmarket apartment owned by the department of public works however has always failed to totally meet her rent obligations.

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The newspaper reported that Tyawa granted herself a “unilateral” discount on the rent, opting to handiest pay R10,000 instead of R16,000 which the department required.

Parliament has no coverage allowing its officials to carry apartments owned by the department of public works.

Nehawu on Sunday said Tyawa wants to be suspended immediately to make way for an investigation into the matter.

“Our ogle is that placing the acting secretary on suspension will enable any committee or individual that would have been appointed to conduct the investigation, to carry out so with out any interference or intimidation from Ms Tyawa,” Nehawu’s parliament branch secretary Temba Gubula said.

“The union believes that if Ms Tyawa is allowed to continue being in parliament at some point of the investigation, she may hinder the investigation or intimidate witnesses by the usage of her place of vitality and impact.”

Tyawa gave herself the discount despite a handsome salary of R3.2m a year.

Tyawa has been the acting secretary to parliament, effectively its CEO, since June 2017 after the suspension and subsequent dismissal of Gengezi Mgidlana.

“We additional deem that the refusal by the acting secretary to parliament to pay the R16,000 rent for her apartment to the department of public works, which ended in her accumulating almost R80,000 rental debt, is nothing else however a flagrant abuse of vitality that she has become accustomed to,” Gubula said.

“Ms Tyawa earns thousands and thousands of rand, however complains about paying rent and yet she would now not want to pay staff their legitimately earned performance bonuses … How does she request our lowly paid contributors to afford rent, when any individual along side her financial muscle demands to stay at a posh apartment for shut to nothing?”

Gubula said the vitality given to her in parliament made her contemplate she was “untouchable and above the law”.

“Hence we are calling on the presiding officers to urgently institute a disciplinary hearing against her and build an stop to this unbecoming conduct,” Gubula said.

Tyawa said this week she had balked at paying the R16,000 a month that public works had feature as the rent, and no-one had objected.

“When I rented that apartment, they charged me R16,000. I said to them, ‘Based on what? What coverage can you actually give to me, because your apartments stay empty for years. At least if I rent it, here is how powerful I’ll pay, which is the rental,’ “ she instant Sunday Occasions.

“I said I don’t want a subsidy, I want to pay rental. Then I paid the R10,000 which they didn’t say, ‘No, you are sinful.’ “

Tyawa said she had made up our minds to pay a diminished rent because there was no standard charge and the public works figure was “unfair”.

“They may now not explain what informs that rental. I don’t know how they work out these items because some of us stay for free, others pay R250, so I lawful said, ‘That is what I’ll pay.’ “


Nehawu wants top parliamentary official suspended for giving herself a rent discount