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Netanyahu considering trip to UAE on Thursday

Netanyahu considering trip to UAE on Thursday

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could consult with the United Arab Emirates for the first time this week.

An Emirati source mentioned that the government is preparing for a gathering between Netanyahu and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan within the UAE’s capital on Wednesday or Thursday

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According to a political source, Netanyahu cleared his time table of advertising and marketing and marketing campaign occasions for Thursday.

Neither the Prime Minister’s Situation of job nor the Likud advertising and marketing and marketing campaign would confirm.

Netanyahu has beforehand postponed four planned visits to the UAE for the reason that Gulf declare announced peace with Israel in August. Two postponements had been thanks to COVID-19 lockdowns, and one on fable of bin Zayed had a scheduling conflict.

Closing week’s planned UAE trip used to be canceled after Jordan blocked Netanyahu’s flight in retaliation for an incident whereby Jordanian Crown Prince Hussein canceled a consult with to the Temple Mount, after making an are attempting to breeze with a cadre of armed guards, contrary to prior agreements with Israel. Netanyahu then ordered that Jordanian flights not be allowed into Israeli airspace. Inside of quite quite a bit of hours, before any Jordanian flights had been if truth be told blocked, Jordan agreed to enable Netanyahu’s flyover, however by then, Netanyahu and bin Salman agreed to postpone their meeting.

Netanyahu mentioned on Tuesday that he expects Israel to create peace with four more countries within the region.

“I brought four peace agreements,” Netanyahu mentioned in an interview with ynet. “There are one other four on the vogue. I talked about one of them the day gone by.”

Netanyahu mentioned he bought a call from “one of the leaders within the region” on Monday evening, and they spoke for 45 minutes.

The prime minister rebuffed accusations that he failed to reduction a planned Likud tournament in Ashkelon the evening before thanks to the specter of rocket fireplace from Gaza. Barely, he mentioned, he used to be speaking to the chief from the region, and he would not contain factual cellphone reception in his armored automobile, and due to this truth, could not conduct the call on the vogue to Ashkelon.

“I don’t need there to be [rocket] launches thanks to me and thanks to a political tournament, however that used to be not the reason. We had been enormously unhurried… I will consult with Ashkelon and we prefer care of their security,” he mentioned.

In the previous year, Israel normalized relations with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco. Several countries are belief to were considering following suit, including Niger, Mauritania, Indonesia and others.

Ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia contain grown nearer in present years, and Netanyahu met with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in November. The 2 considered meeting in Abu Dhabi wonderful week, however Netanyahu’s trip to the UAE used to be delayed due to a diplomatic imbroglio between Israel and Jordan.

Netanyahu considering trip to UAE on Thursday – Emirati sources