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Nice-Marseille game halted after fan trouble

Nice-Marseille game halted after fan trouble

NICE, France (AP) — A French league soccer match between Nice and Marseille was as soon as abandoned on Sunday when Marseille refused to restart the game after house fans earlier threw projectiles and invaded the field.

Unverified photos on social media showed no no longer as much as three avid gamers had been injured.

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The game had before all the pieces been suspended attributable to of the fan violence with about 15 minutes to head. When it was as soon as determined to restart play, with hosts Nice 1-0 forward, Marseille refused to return to the field.

“The league determined to restart the match. We determined, for the safety of our avid gamers who had been attacked, to no longer restart the match for the reason that safety of our avid gamers wasn’t guaranteed,” Marseille president Pablo Longoria said.

“The referee agreed with us. He confirmed to us that safety wasn’t guaranteed, he didn’t want to restart the match. Nonetheless the league determined to restart. That’s unacceptable for us and that’s why we determined no longer to restart the match and to return to Marseille.”

Nice warmed up and the match was as soon as meant to restart with a Marseille nook. In surreal scenes, since there had been no visiting avid gamers indicate to decide the nook, the referee blew his whistle and the match was as soon as abandoned.

If widespread French league principles are utilized, an automatic 3-0 victory shall be awarded to Nice.

Nice supporters had already been warned in opposition to throwing objects by the stadium announcer when Marseille midfielder Dimitri Payet was as soon as hit on the encourage by a bottle thrown from an express with Nice fans.

Payet threw the bottle encourage into the group, prompting a most foremost series of Nice fans to flee the field.

The referee halted the match and despatched avid gamers to the locker rooms.

There had been unverified photos circulating on social media of Payet with blood and scratches on his encourage, whereas teammates Matteo Guendouzi and Luan Peres had been pictured with strangle marks on their necks.

“It’s disappointing that the match ended this kind,” Nice president Jean-Pierre Rivère said. “Everyone saw what befell. Our fans threw bottles, we can’t stammer that. Nonetheless I contemplate that unfortunately, what sparked issues off was as soon as the response of two Marseille avid gamers, to throw encourage the bottles. After that, it snowballed.

“I don’t contemplate the Marseille safety must catch bought eager on the pitch and they absolutely shouldn’t catch hit our avid gamers, attributable to two of our avid gamers had been hit. Nonetheless that’s no longer the argument right here.”

Nice avid gamers reportedly tried to convince their counterparts to return to the field after it was as soon as determined to restart the match.

“I didn’t after all understand the decision by our Marseille colleagues of no longer searching for to restart,” Rivère said. “Everyone instructed them to restart, there had been 15 minutes left. I talked to the supporters … they guaranteed me there wouldn’t be any more considerations.

“I do know very smartly that the match would possibly additionally catch restarted, everybody was as soon as for it … unfortunately Marseille didn’t want to restart. Duly smartly-known.”


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Nice-Marseille game halted after fan trouble