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Nipawin RCMP’s new detachment commander a returnee to the community

Nipawin RCMP’s new detachment commander a returnee to the community

By Nipawin RCMPHumboldt Journal

Tue., July 20, 20212 min. read

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Nipawin’s newest detachment commander Sgt. Terry Posnikoff is a returnee to the community where he started his career over two decades ago.

“Nipawin is dwelling for my companion. It’s a place that we acquire of always wanted to regain back to, it always felt care for dwelling. We have family here and we always loved the community,” Posnikoff said. “It was excessive on our list as issues to carry out to regain back here.”

Growing up on a farm in Yorkton, Posnikoff started with the Nipawin RCMP in 1995 where he labored as an auxiliary constable for about five years, and met his would-be companion.

After Nipawin, he went to Regina for the RCMP Depot Division, before going to Kamsack where he would work till 2005. From there, he moved to Hudson Bay till 2009, commanding it for the last two years. After Hudson Bay, he labored with the Melville and Ituna detachments, commanding the Ituna RCMP. Other areas he would work as commander encompass Estevan, Wynyard, Wadena and Foam Lake.

Whereas in Kamsack, Posnikoff was part of the organizing effort for Saskatchewan’s first Stop Alcohol and Threat Related Trauma in Childhood (PARTY) Program. Now an annual program in many communities across Saskatchewan, PARTY is designed to teach college students that utilizing impaired or whereas texting has excessive consequences.

Whereas it was diversified this past year due to the pandemic, the program is a partnership between diversified agencies which has college students watch a demonstration of a vehicle extrication and listen to presentations from consultants such as the RCMP, emergency room nurses, addictions counselors, the hospital therapies department, funeral dwelling director and coroner, and/or survivors.

“I then went on a roadshow getting it established in another two dozen communities around the province, and it extra or less took off,” Posnikoff said. “It was so well acquired anywhere it was and we saw such immediate outcomes from the program amongst the teenagers it was acquire of its gain advertising.”

As detachment commander, Posnikoff said he hopes to work with local teams and programs and assist community members to regain back on their toes so they don’t have to disappear back to crime.

“I’m no longer here to homicide the wheel, but I’ll add my enhance to present programs. Usually instances it’s the programs towns themselves achieve in place, it’s also programs that the province [uses] through Social Providers, or other work programs, employment programs— that extra or less factor.”

Outdoor of work, Posnikoff said he is an outdoorsman, enjoying ATVs, fishing, attempting and sports activities. His hope as commander is to bring a excessive-stage of morale into the detachment.

“I’ve always concentrated on public safety and safer homes and communities. Crime cleave price has always been acquire of a hallmark of places I’ve long past. That has always been a gargantuan precedence for me – crime cleave price,” he said. “[I’ve] centered a lot on prolific offenders, decreasing the rate of repeat offenders.”

Posnikoff presented himself to Nipawin council at their regular assembly on July 12.

Nipawin RCMP’s new detachment commander a returnee to the community