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No bad apples: Vacuum dryer makes apple crisps from blemished fruit

No bad apples: Vacuum dryer makes apple crisps from blemished fruit

A Victorian fruit grower has shifted his swap in direction of dried fruit after establishing essentially the best factory in Australia that makes hiss of vacuum-drying expertise from Taiwan. 

Key capabilities:

  • A Cobram fruit grower has started turning wastage into dried fruit 
  • Three years in the past a hail storm destroyed their apple slice
  • Right here’s the first time the Taiwanese expertise has been aged in Australia 

The Mantovani family has been increasing fruit in Cobram, Victoria for bigger than 30 years.

Early Newspaper

Three years in the past when a severe hail storm ripped thru their orchard and damaged all of their slice, the family swap knew it used to be time to contrivance some adjustments in the event that they desired to remain in horticulture.

A man sits infront of an apple peeling machine

Apple peeling machine at MP harvest factory, declare up by Polo Zhuang from Taiwan. (

ABC Rural: Annie Brown 


“You are repeatedly on edge earlier than harvest, respect any us growers are,” owner of MP Harvest John Mantovani acknowledged.

“It used to be no longer easy to undergo, nonetheless we mild needed to grab the total hail-affected fruit off the trees and mild flee it thru our packing shed.

Mr Mantovani acknowledged it used to be at some level of this time they possess been looking for an opinion after they heard of unusual vacuum-drying expertise from Taiwan.

“We possess been fortunate enough to catch a aid of a employee who knew a man from Taiwan who had been working on these custom machines that hiss unusual vacuum drying expertise.

“Now we possess been working with him ever since to sort a factory in one of our present sheds.

“Now we possess performed all of it on our maintain support – no grants, no nothing.”

Taiwanese tech aged in Australian first

Polo Zhuang is the one that invented the vacuum-dried expertise that turns apple slices into crisps. He manages the Cobram factory alongside with Mr Mantovani.

Slices of apples that have been dehydrated

Dried apples, at Mantovani’s factory. Or no longer it is hoped native growers would perhaps per chance well hiss the dryer to route of damaged fruit. (

ABC Rural: Annie Brown 


The methodology that Mr Zhuang came up with aged pressurised ovens to suck the closing moisture out of the fruit that has been dried overnight. 

Mr Mantovani acknowledged there used to be nothing added to the fruit at some level of the contrivance.

“Polo has been working in food manufacturing for bigger than three a long time.

“With the machines being customised, there may be deal of time and notion has long gone into it.”

A plate of dried fruit and vegetables

The factory is trialling varied kinds of fruit and vegetables. (

ABC Rural: Annie Brown 


Keeping growers in swap

Each year Mr Mantovani expects no lower than 10-12 per cent extinguish or seconds fruit out of a slice. With the factory now declare up, he hopes this may occasionally furthermore just change into one other avenue of swap for growers in the jam.

“Even on a just year, you’re going to continually possess wastage that we can now utilise.

“We furthermore possess a de-seeding machine. We did quite of work over the summer season de-seeding our apricots and plums and sent them off to Beerenberg Jams.”   

Manto apples

John Mantovani says there has been a huge decline in smaller to medimum growers in the jam over the past decade. (

Supplied: John Mantovani 


Mr Mantovani acknowledged that the industry has considered deal of swap in the space in the closing decade with fewer smaller to medium-sized growers in swap.  

“Sadly there may be less growers in the past 10 years with manufacturers no longer taking as much fruit.

“So it is making it more challenging to continue to exist as a grower, the supermarkets flee the recreation now.

“Or no longer it is adjusting to that swap over the time, and that is reasons why we’re doing what we’re doing in our maintain swap and we hope that will be winning as correctly.”

No bad apples: Vacuum dryer makes apple crisps from blemished fruit