Home Australia ‘No-one’s left behind now’: Gold Fly charity helps Indigenous children play sport

‘No-one’s left behind now’: Gold Fly charity helps Indigenous children play sport

‘No-one’s left behind now’: Gold Fly charity helps Indigenous children play sport

Once a total college class on sports-loving Groote Eylandt shared a single pair of footy boots.

Key facets:

  • Boots for One and All charity started diminutive by sending about a bins of pre-loved boots to Indigenous communities
  • It now runs an annual force and sends pallets of boots, clothes and sanitary objects
  • Legitimate experiences a large lengthen in sporting engagement in Groote Eylandt

The impractical plot is now not going ever to be repeated because of the a determined bond forged by Aussie tips soccer and a Gold Fly-based family charity.

Early Newspaper

Palm Beach mother of 4 Natalie Contogeorge started Boots for One and All four years ago with a mission to send pre-loved footy boots to a ways flung Indigenous communities.

“Sport is now not cheap and soccer boots are now not cheap,” Ms Contogeorge stated.

“It is miles now not a licensed feeling once you judge your child goes to miss out — especially when it is miles one thing so main admire effectively being and sports.”

Small beginnings

In its first year the charity despatched three diminutive bins of soccer boots. Closing year, eight pallet hundreds were shipped to communities along with these on the Northern Territory’s Groote Eylandt, the largest island within the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Three Groote Eylandt boys posing in shoes donated by Gold Coast charity

Sporting instruments donated by Gold Fly family charity proudly old by three Groote Eylandt boys.(

Supplied: Natalie Contogeorge


The charity’s scope has expanded over that point to consist of clothing, toys and sanitary merchandise.

“We are positively rising and that correct reveals the need that is equipped in these communities,” Ms Contogeorge stated.

Because of this, the Groote Eylandt Stingrays are primarily decked out in instruments equipped by the charity and Boots for One and All has come to the rescue of the college team.

Closing year, 9 Groote Eylandt girls travelled to the Gold Fly and were introduced with packs of goodies.

“They stated, ‘We are taking these dwelling to our households because of the that’s what communities available get’. They share the full lot.”

Women's AFL team team pose for photo on football field with puppy at front

Groote Eylandt Ladies folks’s AFL team decked out in instruments from the charity.(

Supplied: Natalie Contogeorge


No money nonetheless immense hearts and helpers

Ms Contogeorge stated her charity work became a huge leveller.

“The photos that we accept by of children with their first shoes or soccer boots, or young girls conserving sanitary packs with deodorants, it is miles always humbling,” she stated.

For the first time Boots for One and All will stage a fundraiser on the Gold Fly on April 16.

“To be appropriate we own no [money],” Ms Contogeorge stated.

Natalie Contogeorge wearing hoodie with charity emblem on

Gold Fly mum behind charity serving to a ways flung indigenous communities(

Supplied: Natalie Contogeorge


Over time, Ms Contogeorge has managed to manufacture some priceless connections with residents from Groote Eylandt, Darwin, Cherbourg and the Gold Fly.

The Burleigh Bears Rugby League Membership has been a stable supporter from the initiating and the charity’s network now entails faculties, soccer and touch soccer golf equipment.

Soccer is a religion — excluding on fishing days

Ms Contogeorge stated she made a key connection about three years ago when the charity linked up with AFL a ways flung constructing officer Robert Hince.

“Over time I’ve seen a large distinction with the engagement of the children now not feeling brushed off.” Mr Hince stated.

“No-one’s left behind now, it is implausible,” he stated.

The Groote Eylandt males’s team travels in six gentle planes every fortnight to compete 160 kilometres away within the Northern Territory’s Gove rivals.

But with a snicker, Mr Hince stated Groote became now not admire the the relaxation of the Territory “the build soccer is a religion”.

‘No-one’s left behind now’: Gold Fly charity helps Indigenous children play sport