Home United Kingdom Noel Gallagher: ‘There is a lot of fakers in the music business’

Noel Gallagher: ‘There is a lot of fakers in the music business’

Noel Gallagher: ‘There is a lot of fakers in the music business’

Highlights from Noel Gallagher’s first reveal as part of his Radio X Residency, which he’s hosting in the path of August on Radio X, Sunday nights from 7pm – 9pm are below.

Noel reveals which of his celeb mates are the greatest party animals, saying Physician Who and The Crown star Matt Smith can “acquire his own” but “does are liable in addition furnishings over, he turns at about 3am or 4am”, but Chris Martin is “extra into nuts and seeds”

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Noel also reveals which celebs are the greatest lightweights, saying “it’s usually those with the mountainous mouths”

NG: Noel Gallagher

MM: Matt Morgan

Listener Andy from Yorkshire: Out of all of your mountainous shot superstar mates, who has got the reputation for being an all-around party animal who actually looks is a total lightweight? And likewise, who has got the reputation for being level-headed-mannered and unexcited and actually appears to be a high [beep].

MM: He’s talking about your mates care for Matt Smith, you understand, Physician Who. Matthew McConaughey, Madonna, Lars Ulrich…

NG: I would no longer say Madonna was a buddy of mine, but she’s an acquaintance. Lars is a lawful lad. […]

Matt Smith can acquire his own. He does are liable in addition furnishings over, he turns at about 3am or 4am in the morning. He does. He’s been round my residence a couple of occasions, and he supports Blackburn Rovers, moral? And a couple of occasions, he is kind of correct does that thing the place he’ll waft off and then gallop “ROVERS!” and care for kick a chair or summat. I was about to have a note with him a couple of occasions, care for “mate, kick the chair again, and you understand, we’re gonna have to work this out.”

MM: Hang on, so he is falling asleep…

NG: Neatly, you understand, care for, you understand, must you fetch so below the influence of alcohol?

MM: Admire a granddad after the Second World War, care for who was in the war and who sort of goes “Oh they’re coming!” “Rovers!”

NG: Yeah, and shouts out “Rovers!” and then boots the chair. Oh he’s turned furnishings over in my residence. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, no longer in a violent way, but kind of, you understand, a bit of comedy. But he can acquire his own. Matthew McConaughey is one of the most far out other americans I’ve ever met. Very, very droll man. Bono – he can set a shift in, no messing. He’s Irish.

MM: Who’s viewed as a hell-raiser publicly that isnt’?

NG: Oh, that’s a bit of a lightweight?

MM: Yeah.

NG: Our kid. He’s a bit of a charlatan. Who else? There’s a lot actually. A lot of them in the game can’t walk it care for they talk it. It’s usually those with the mountainous mouths.

MM: Alright, so let’s correct fetch on with the next bit of that set a query to, which is ‘who is viewed as a lightweight but is actually a bit of a monster?

NG: A bit of a tearaway? I be aware we were an awards ceremony once and we went out afterwards, and the singer from The Kooks kind of got swept up in our entourage. And he stayed the distance. Yeah, but I haven’t viewed him since? I don’t think he made a file since so he may perhaps well be dead, but he set a shift in. Luke was his name.

MM: Luke from The Kooks?

NG: Luke Kook was his nom de plume. Who else? The bass player from The Vaccines got caught up in a night out with us once. Gathered going on about it apparently. There’s a lot of… there is a lot of fakers in the music business. Because it be constructed on fakery. You already know, I mean, and I may perhaps say to the listener, all the other americans that you think that are, usually are no longer, and vice versa. And then there’s the chosen few in the center. Who you think that are, and by God, they are… There’s no longer many who can walk it care for they talk it.

MM: What about Chris Martin?

NG: I don’t even think he drinks. I think he’s extra into nuts and seeds. The very most interesting time I’ve ever viewed seeds and pulses in a dressing room was in a Coldplay dressing room. And I actually said to the tour manager “what’s that?” He said “they’re seeds, sunflower seeds.” I was care for “what, they having a gardening class?” I didn’t know you probably can eat sunflowers, and they were eating ‘em. With a straight face! Crazy.

Noel Gallagher: ‘There is a lot of fakers in the music business’