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North Korea identified as ‘key target market’ by government-funded wool body

North Korea identified as ‘key target market’ by government-funded wool body

Australia’s indispensable wool research and marketing body has been forced to assist down after figuring out North Korea as an rising market for Australian producers in a strategic fable.

Key positive aspects:

  • North Korea has been identified as a key target market for Australian wool by AWI
  • It is illegal to commerce items from Australia to North Korea
  • AWI says North Korea is the least most popular of seven rising markets

The taxpayer and farmer-funded Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) listed the rogue teach as one amongst its seven “key target markets” in its most up to the moment Emerging Markets Technique.

Early Newspaper

Nonetheless United Worldwide locations sanctions enforced by Australia restrict the sale of virtually all items to the country.

AWI’s technique, seen by the ABC, also identified Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Sri Lanka as rising markets for Australian grown wool.

The technique stated AWI wanted to “be clear that wool can comprise a aggressive relevance by gaining access to the finest, sustainable and set-aggressive manufacturing hubs accessible”.

It proposed to construct visits to the markets to “meet with key contacts and scope out the unique present chain stipulations”.

The technique “characterised” North Korea as a non-democracy and ranked it as the “least free” of the seven key markets.

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Australian Wool Innovation CEO Stuart McCullough.(

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‘Bottom of the listing’

Below questioning from Victorian Nationals Senator Bridget McKenzie at Senate Estimates, AWI chief executive Stuart McCullough stated North Korea was “potentially aspirational” as an rising market.

“Many of greasy wool goes to China and they have not got the identical sanction arrangements,” Mr McCullough stated.

“So there would possibly maybe be no doubt processing capability in North Korea that is … fascinating.


When Senator McKenzie pointed out that it was illegal to commerce something else rather than medicines or meals from Australia to North Korea, Mr McCullough stated he would amend the technique to absorb North Korea as the least most popular rising market.

“While you happen to needed to foul those international locations out of optimistic versus realistic, I feel North Korea is at the backside of the listing,” Mr McCullough stated.

Mr McCullough stated the narrate had been conducted internally and at no extra set.

AWI chair Colette Garnesy was absent from the hearing.

Wheat scandal invoked

Accurate by way of the hearing, Department of Agriculture, Water and Setting secretary Andrew Metcalfe suggested to Mr McCullough that AWI consult closely with the department of Overseas Affairs and Change about brooding about exports to North Korea.

Victorian-based market analyst Andrew Whitelaw stated it was in all probability that Australian wool sold to China would possibly maybe maybe maybe also very properly be on-sold to North Korea.

“I don’t gaze North Korea as a market for us anytime soon,” Mr Whitelaw stated.

“Let’s construct sure we do no longer descend into the identical mistakes as [the Australian Wheat Board] at some level of the oil-for-meals scandal.”

Mr Whitelaw also pointed out that the height of the Australian wool market pricing was at some level of the 1950s when there was spacious set a query to for wool to construct uniforms at some level of the Korean War.

North Korea identified as ‘key target market’ by government-funded wool body