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‘OK Human’: Ranking the songs on Weezer’s new album

‘OK Human’: Ranking the songs on Weezer’s new album


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Are trying no longer to bounce your head and faucet your toes whereas listening to Weezer’s new album.

Rush forward, I dare you.

While many people had been sitting at dwelling, going toddle-crazy all through the coronavirus lockdown, members of the cherished rock band had been busy (safely) recording a new album, “OK Human.” Look for for it this Friday.

The album addresses some common themes all through the lockdown, including loneliness and, yes, the truth that we’re maybe no longer bathing each day. (In actuality.) 

It used to be a swap of plans for Weezer, which had at the origin been position to roll out a different album, “Van Weezer,” a tribute to the metallic bands they listened to whereas growing up sooner than “OK Human” (“Van Weezer” is now position to reach serve out Could maybe additionally 7.) 

Thru all the uncertainty, frontman Rivers Cuomo hunkered down along with his piano, coming up with current tune impressed by the Seaside Boys album “Pet Sounds,” launched in 1966.       

Accompanied by a (masked) 38-member orchestra, Weezer recorded “OK Human,” described as “a Technicolor symphonic spree that meditates on how over-and-below-connected all of us are,” utilizing analog expertise. It be the first time the community has mature a fat orchestra in one of its recordings.

Weezer plans to be on the road this summer for the Hella Mega tour, playing alongside Green Day and Fall Out Boy. The first live is position to be July 14 at Seattle’s T-Mobile Park. 

Earlier than the liberate of “OK Human,” USA TODAY ranked the tracks on the album. Be warned, some are a long way extra upbeat than others.

11. ‘Replicate Image’

Blah. That is it.

Sample lyrics: “She is my replicate image // Exhibiting me who I am // Except the day that we bathe // She helps me perceive // She is my replicate image // Exhibiting me who I am // Except the day that we bathe // I belong the build apart I stand.”

10. ‘Bird With a Damaged Soar’ 

This one lawful appears … mechanical.

Sample lyrics: “Long ago // I used to be flying in the air // Trying at the sea below // I was attempting prey // Diving down // In a flash I may maybe maybe scoop ’em up // Crush ’em up in my mandible // It used to be this kind of thrill.”

9. ‘Play My Piano’

“I have not washed my hair in three weeks”? Yep, all through the pandemic, we have all been there.

Sample lyrics: “My indispensable other is upstairs // My cats is upstairs // And I have not washed my hair in three weeks // I must quiet secure serve to // These Zoom interviews.”

8. ‘Ineffective Roses’

No longer all relationships are meant to be. And that may maybe maybe additionally additionally be depressing, like this song. 

Sample lyrics: “Flip the key // And step into blackness // Lamplight falls // And casts a laughing phantom // I imagine your smile and the life that we may maybe maybe portion // With the final of my steps I gape the truth mendacity there // Ineffective roses.” 

7. ‘Aloo Gobi’

We have got all been there: Wanting to be a long way, distant from anyone and everyone.

Sample lyrics: “What’s playing at the Arrow? // Some French noir flick // Don’t are attempting to sit down down subsequent to humans // I’m agoraphobic.”

6. ‘Here Comes the Rain’

Who would no longer like a sit down again wet day? 

Sample lyrics: “Drops of water // Flood cascading from the sky // And it streaks my windshield // Woah, woah the sing roars // I begin up the door.”

5. ‘Numbers’

In an international the build apart numbers mean all the things, things secure awfully competitive awfully swiftly.

Sample lyrics: “There’s consistently a number that’ll make you feel execrable about your self // You strive to measure, strive to measure as a lot as someone else // Numbers are out to secure you // Numbers are out to secure you // Numbers, ooh ooh.”

4. ‘Displays’

We’re all guilty of spending too considerable time observing shows. Now there’s a song about it.

Sample lyrics: “Younger lady // Lying flat in her mattress // Streaming // Images to her head.”

3. ‘La Brea Tar Pits’

Would you adore moderately historical previous along with your tune?

Sample lyrics: “I used to be jumping those jungles // There used to be nothing to get // No mastodon // So that I can be the man who presents.” 

2. ‘Grapes of Wrath’

A song about … listening to audio books and lawful being in the moment? Constructive, in actual fact. Nevertheless it be no longer as lame as you are going to think. 

Sample lyrics: “I can feel my respiration // It be so good // It be like a blanket on my life // Let me preserve here for with no wreck in sight // In this suppose of classical denial.”

1. ‘All My Favourite Songs’

There’s a determined reason this song used to be launched first. The finest of the bunch.

Sample lyrics: “All my favourite songs are gradual and unhappy // All my favourite folks make me enraged // All the pieces that feels so just is execrable, execrable, execrable // All my favourite songs are gradual and unhappy.”

(One final be conscious, “All the pieces Occurs For a Reason” is transient and purely melodic, lasting lawful 24 seconds.)

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‘OK Human’: Ranking the songs on Weezer’s new album