Home Australia OlliOlli World is a new skateboarding action-platformer, launching this summer

OlliOlli World is a new skateboarding action-platformer, launching this summer

OlliOlli World is a new skateboarding action-platformer, launching this summer

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April 16, 2021

OlliOlli World is a brand new skateboarding action-platformer that’s bursting with personality. Flip and waddle along with the circulation by way of the bright and vibrant world of Radland, assembly colourful characters as you grind, trick, and air your way to discover the mystical skate gods to your quest for Gnarvana.

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Private Division and Roll7 today announced that OlliOlli World will launch this summer digitally for the PlayStation5 and PlayStation4 scheme, the Xbox Sequence X|S and Xbox One consoles, PC, and Nintendo Change scheme.

Radland and its dwellers are delightfully irregular and crafted with an outstanding, inimitable art vogue. In OlliOlli World players can customise character’s seems, systems, and vogue earlier than they explore phases with multiple paths, discovering all the hidden secrets and methods of this elegant skate utopia.

Great tight controls mixed with a extremely-sophisticated gameplay expertise have always been pillars of OlliOlli. Nonetheless now with OlliOlli World, the platformer ensures new players can revel in the deep combo scheme and every little thing the game has to offer, while professionals can really explain their expertise, and master a vast option of moves with access to thousands and thousands of unusual phases in the game’s sandbox mode. Players can also compete against similarly expert rivals around the globe in player leagues.

“We couldn’t be happier to finally bring the vision we’ve always had for the OlliOlli series to life with this ambitious new evolution. We wanted to embrace the irregular, great, and various facet of skateboarding culture with a game that’s all about happening a road time out with your pals, discovering crazy spots, pulling mad systems, and most of all, skating every little thing in gaze!”

Simon Bennett, Co-CEO at Roll7.

Key Features:

  • Welcome to Radland!: Take a time out across a lush skateboarding utopia that is crammed to the brim with eccentric characters and vibrant locations that are begging to be explored. Bag your grind in Inflatable Alley or blaze down Los Vulgas to discover new paths, recent facet quests, rad rewards, and legend trick opportunities. All perfectly complemented by a hand-picked compilation of IDM and Electronica tracks.
  • Play at your stage: Great tight controls combine with extremely sophisticated gameplay to be certain a silky detached accelerate. No longer a Professional? Don’t fear – OlliOlli World welcomes you with start arms, allowing new players to tear down streets and pull off in glum health way grabs with out fear of faceplanting the curb. Contemplate you’ve acquired what it takes? Achieve mastery by way of thousands and thousands of unusual phases in sandbox mode or compete against rivals around the globe in leagues with a massively deep combo scheme with over 100 moves to master and combine to your battle for the highest rating.
  • Freedom of expression: Cruise by way of Radland’s legend skate-haven and explain your expertise to liberate special rewards that allow you to customize your character’s seems, systems and vogue. Want to skate to your flip flops… waddle for it. Want to wear a bumble bee onesie …ok then… no judgement. In OlliOlli World as lengthy as you’re on board anything goes!   

“We are thrilled to be working alongside Roll7 to push the OlliOlli series forward with a spectacular new art route while staying factual to its signature waddle along with the circulation-state gameplay. Bolt with the circulation-state is achieved by way of that finest equilibrium of focus and relaxation – OlliOlli World boosts this unusual feeling to unreached heights by way of an intuitive idea and perfected, ultra-tight controls.”

Michael Worosz, Govt Vice President and Head of Private Division.

OlliOlli World will launch digitally this summer at some level of Take-Two’s fiscal year 2022 on PlayStation5 and PlayStation4 programs, the Xbox Sequence XIS and Xbox One consoles, PC, and Nintendo Change scheme.

OlliOlli World is a new skateboarding action-platformer, launching this summer