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Olympic BMX girls folk’s park: Charlotte Worthington beats Hannah Roberts to gold – as it happened

Olympic BMX girls folk’s park: Charlotte Worthington beats Hannah Roberts to gold – as it happened

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And Tom Scamper was on the park today. Here’s his paunchy memoir:

And with that, ride the rest of your Olympic day/night.

Reminder of the medalists:

1. Charlotte Worthington (GBR)

2. Hannah Roberts (USA)

3. Nikita Ducarroz (SUI)

Great Britain’s Charlotte Worthington on her way to winning a gold medal in the women’s BMX freestyle at the Ariake Urban Sports Park.

Titanic Britain’s Charlotte Worthington on her methodology to profitable a gold medal within the girls folk’s BMX freestyle on the Ariake City Sports activities Park. Photograph: Mike Egerton/PA

My goodness, what a competition.

You would also’ve possess scripted this any higher. Many of the riders were overjoyed to be in this highlight, even when the team is a pair hundred relatively than the greater viewers they’d’ve had if no longer for the pandemic’s last surge.

Three-time world champion Hannah Roberts laid down a spectacular first hasten and broke into tears of joy. But Charlotte Worthington hinted at something otherworldly that she couldn’t quite land in her first hasten. Within the 2d, she did it, and the rest of her hasten was additionally distinctive.

Those two athletes by myself made this value looking at. But it’s no longer as if the others were unwatchable.

Here’s hoping skateboarders can raise their game to this level by the subsequent Olympics.


Hannah Roberts is grimacing, and it appears adore she need to be happier. But then we gaze why. She’s limping. Soundless, she manages a shrug and a smile as she waves to her family and friends on the excellent video hookups.

Diehm comes over to hug Roberts a pair of occasions.

Ducarroz does interviews.

Sooner or later we gaze Worthington, who comes over and vies Roberts a pleasant gargantuan hug. Roberts says something to abolish Worthington snigger, then hugs the Body of workers GB coach.

Hannah Roberts goes …

Her first hasten was spectacular. Then Worthington got here out and did issues that possess no longer been performed sooner than. So can Roberts abolish in response?

She appears adore she’s examining. She needs this gold.

And no … she stops her hasten. Double tailwhip, however then she stops atop a wall and waves in concession to Worthington.

Perris Benegas is stable and aloof. She’s so fluid thru her tricks, together with a pleasant 360. No longer definite this’ll beat Ducarroz for bronze, although.

She’s pleased with how she did. It’s value remembering that none of those of us dreamed of being on a stage adore this when they began riding. And they’ve all delivered.

I’m vamping for the reason that judges seem to be taking satisfactory time to negotiate a peace treaty.

Oooooh … just appropriate missed. 88.50, so close to the 89.20 Ducarroz posted to raise bronze. She’s a little disappointed.

Celebrate just appropriate occasions …

(Now that I’ve of it, it’s unprecedented that we don’t possess music here. They play Led Zeppelin on the shooting vary and Bloc Party’s “Dinner party” over and over at handball, however here, we just appropriate possess some loud, stressful announcers.)

Charlotte Worthington of Britain is happy.

Charlotte Worthington of Britain is blissful. Photograph: Christian Hartmann/Reuters

Ducarroz … crashes midway thru the hasten. It was all slightly just appropriate sooner than then, however she didn’t mediate adore she was going to beef up on her 89.20 from the first hasten.

She’s aloof on bronze medal position, and handiest Benegas can knock her off.

Worthington takes the lead …

97.50. Despite the indisputable reality that Roberts beats that with her 2d hasten, that’s a share of history and something that’ll abolish Body of workers GB very blissful. Proper? You’re all awake over there, aren’t you?


1. Worthington 97.50

2. Roberts 96.10, with her 2d hasten to approach

3. Ducarroz 89.20, with her 2d hasten to approach

4. Diehm 86.00, is per chance no longer on the rostrum

5. Benegas 81.20, with her 2d hasten to approach, however just appropriate just appropriate fortune following that

Roberts is getting a pep talk with a pair of minutes sooner than her 2d hasten.

I will’t even negate you how severely higher here is that the frankly embarrassing girls folk’s skateboard park occasion.

Can Charlotte Worthington land the 360 backflip? Yet again, that appears to be the handiest methodology anybody can also preserve Roberts. But the spirit of rude sports activities is ready progression, and landing it could well maybe be a gargantuan deal even when the judges don’t recount her sooner than Roberts.

And …


Does it if truth be told topic what else she does? Effectively, definite. And after 50 seconds, she lands a FRONT flip.

Oh my. This can also beat Roberts, who appears a little apprehensive as she watches a monitor.

Natalya Diehm was in third after the first hasten with a receive of 86.00. She will be able to also need to abolish higher to relieve off Benegas and Worthington and clinch a medal. (Incidentally, Roberts has clinched a medal, which is a surprise to nobody.)

Diehm without lengthen does the tailwhip. She’s additionally fond of doing the “mediate, ma, no fingers” thing within the air. A 360 comes about 40 seconds into the hasten. But this just appropriate lacks a definite spark that she had in her first hasten. It’s an 80.50, a bit unnerved of her 86.00 from the first hasten. It’ll be a apprehensive wait.

Here’s no longer a sport for the dour, and Lessmann is bounding sooner than she even begins. Oh, this need to be fun.

About 20 seconds in, she twists the bike one methodology and then different. But she’s no longer attempting anything else too spectacular, and she hits the brakes with about 15 seconds to budge sooner than continuing. It’s a 78.00, 1.6 unnerved of her first-hasten designate, so she stays in fifth.

OK, wake up, Australia …

Perez Grasset appears adore she’s build up to something. She does certainly land a backflip. But you should well maybe presumably also hear the brakes squealing, as if something is aloof bothering her. Soundless, she pulls off a tailwhip toward the tip. And aloof she’s no longer that blissful, seeming dispirited as she goes up a ramp to the wall and makes an are attempting nothing of hobby.

Could presumably additionally any individual please cheer her up? OK, any individual says something to abolish her smile all thru the interminable wait for ratings that all of us know received’t achieve her in competition.

And we relieve waiting. Why? In any case, she appears to understand she’s on digicam, and she provides a smile and a heart gesture with her fingers.

It’s a 73.80, within the attend of Oike in seventh recount.


Posadskikh’s 2d hasten derails early with a painful crash. She gets up, clearly distraught and in worry. But after about 30 seconds, she places her helmet attend on and exhibits a bit of resilience, winding up her hasten. Soundless no longer blissful, for certain, however she gets a pleasant round of applause from the handful of of us allowed to be here. Pity we didn’t possess a crowd to totally relish her spirit.

Oike is all smiles, and it appears her aim for the 2d hasten is to land that backflip. She does. The comfort of the hasten is gorgeous, however it received’t preserve the leaders. 75.40, just appropriate for sixth.

Off the wall …

Perris Benegas goes high on the wall.

Perris Benegas goes high on the wall. Photograph: Jamie Squire/Getty Photographs


Endure in mind — these aren’t averaged. Greatest hasten counts.

Excellent just appropriate fortune catching Roberts, who broke into tears of pleasure after her bolt and all over again when the ratings are announced.

Anyway, the standings:

1. Roberts (USA) 96.10

2. Ducarroz (SUI) 89.20

3. Diehm (AUS) 86.00

4. Benegas (USA) 81.20

5. Lessmann (GER) 79.60

6. Posadskikh (ROC) 63.00

The gargantuan ask for the 2d hasten will likely be whether Worthington can land that 360 backflip, which could well maybe be the handiest methodology anybody can beat Roberts.

HANNAH ROBERTS does extra within the first 10 seconds than anybody else has performed. It’s a “double tailwhip,” wherein she flips the bike 360 degrees under her legs twice. So that’s … 720 degrees.

Backflip, 360 … it’s just appropriate trick after trick after trick. She extra than lived up to expectations on this one hasten. Merely at one other level.

96.10. First recount, for certain.

GOOD EVENING AMERICA! Perris Benegas is up now, initiating on the top of the halfpipe-ish thing. She appears a tad bit apprehensive however provides a pleasant smile and wave.

Her precision is impressive. Wander up one ramp, land on the subsequent. She turns the bike at unprecedented angles within the air and makes it all mediate very easy. But there’s nothing graceful, per chance aside from an early 360. It’s aloof an 81.20, third recount with one rider to budge. (Within the first hasten — all americans aloof has a 2d hasten to strive to budge one higher.)

Nikita Ducarroz doesn’t seem that impressive for the first few seconds, with her easiest trick being a 360 that just appropriate appears pedestrian after what Worthington tried. But she saves a wide ranging, perfectly performed backflip for the latter half of the hasten, and she takes the lead at 89.20.

GOOD EVENING BRITAIN! Charlotte Worthington begins on a ridge (you should well maybe presumably also eradicate your initiating point) and land a backflip within the first five seconds. Then she goes for something fantastic … a backflip AND a 360. Yes, on the the same time. The commentators negate us that has by no intention been performed in girls folk’s competition. It’s if truth be told impressive …

… however she doesn’t quite land it. She lands an lunge or two sooner than the ramp and loses administration.

That’s a 38.60, however we’re mostly drawn to whether she lands that within the 2d hasten.

A uncover of the motion …

Minato Oike in practice ...

Minato Oike in apply … Photograph: Ezra Shaw/Getty Photographs

GOOD MORNING AUSTRALIA! It’s Natalya Diehm, and she’s taking a witness just appropriate. For one thing, she lands a backflip — no longer totally clear, however impressive on the opposite hand. She’s disappointed with the last 10-15 seconds of her hasten, although, where she isn’t ready to abolish powerful.

But it’s just appropriate satisfactory for the lead — 86.00.

Lara Lessmann just appropriate appears adore she’s having fun. Handlebar spins galore, a pair of tricks wherein she turns the bike at a inviting angle, a foot plant high up on a wall, and my favorite, wherein she kicks her dazzling leg over the bar of her bike between the seat and the handlebars.

That’s a 79.60, which received’t be too a long way off the lead within the tip. She’ll possess a 2d hasten to beef up upon that, and I’m taking a witness ahead to it.

Chile’s Macarena Perez Grasset additionally waves off her 2d hasten, although nothing calamitous had happened. She hits the brakes, literally. Some riders can’t abolish that as a result of they opt no longer to possess brakes on the biks.

Oike Minato, the host nation’s favorite, proves the point. About a seconds into her one-minute hasten, she goes for a backflip. Unfortunately, she rotates too a long way, has a rough landing and falls off the bike. She’s all smiles, although, as she grabs her bike and calmly lets time expire. She’ll attach it for the 2d hasten.

Elizaveta Posadskikh just appropriate doesn’t seem to be at quite the the same level as what we’ll gaze later. She gets good air on a pair of jumps, she spins the handebars on definitely one of those jumps etc, however you’re going to gaze powerful extra refined trips later. She gets a 63.00, higher than she did within the seeding runs.

The format is refreshingly easy. Two runs each. Greatest hasten counts.

And we’re off …

We’re three minutes away. It’s 30 degrees Celsius, which translated to American numbers is “Georgia.”

The venue

So … many … ramps …

Ariake Urban Sports Park.

Ariake City Sports activities Park. Photograph: Koji Aoki/AFLO/REX/Shutterstock

More history and explanations …

I’d be remiss if I didn’t negate this from Kieran Pender:

The favorites

The top six from your complete main events

2017 world championship

1. Hannah Roberts (USA)

2. Lara Marie Lessmann (GER)

3. Angie Marino (USA)

4. Minato Oike (JPN)

5. Teresa Fernandez-Miranda (ESP)

6. Mini Park (KOR)

2018 world championship

1. Perris Benegas (USA)

2. Marino (USA)

3. Roberts (USA)

4. Lessmann (GER)

5. Fernandez-Miranda (ESP)

6. Nikita Ducarroz (SUI)

2019 world championship

1. Roberts (USA)

2. Macarena Perez Grasset (CHI)

3. Charlotte Worthington (GBR)

4. Lessman (GER)

5. Ducarroz (SUI)

6. Natalya Diehm (AUS)

2021 world championship

1. Roberts (USA)

2. Perez Grasset (CHI)

3. Worthington (GBR)

4. Lessmann (GER)

5. Ducarroz (SUI)

6. Diehm (AUS)

Qualifying runs in Tokyo (the day prior to this)

1. Roberts (USA)

2. Benegas (USA)

3. Ducarroz (SUI)

4. Worthington (GBR)

5. Diehm (AUS)

6. Lessmann (GER)

7. Perez Grasset (CHI)

8. Oike (JPN)

9. Elizaveta Posadskikh (ROC)

So, yeah, Hannah Roberts is the favorite. And she lately purchased married. And in about a days, she’ll turn 20. Yes, 20.


But why exercise motors when you should well maybe presumably also just appropriate pedal furiously?

If you were alive within the leisurely 70s and early 80s, you should well maybe presumably also know what’s going. Yes, it’s a clip from the negate CHiPS, wherein a pair of freeway patrolmen with unbelievable hair budge round proving that they’re good guys, all to a disco beat.

Exhibit that they abolish about a tricks alongside the methodology. Within the waste, some of us determined that doing the tricks without racing, each on motorcycles and bicycles, was involving in and of itself, and the bicyclists determined they didn’t need dirt, and that’s where we for the time being are.


The history of BMX is long and complicated.

First, there’s motocross, wherein motorcyclists raced on dirt tracks with 180-level turns and jumps. If you’d adore to study a hasten and hear any individual yelling at you about how awesome it is, study this …

Assemble definite to show the Pac-Man reference a pair of minutes in.

A fast mediate of what you’re about to gaze is dazzling here. To gaze how on the planet gold medal favorite Hannah Roberts ends up in this position and lands safely, you’re just appropriate going to possess to study, either now or on the highlights a part of the site of the broadcaster of your more than just a few (or nation).

UCI BMX Freestyle

#tbt 2016 UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup in Montpellier, France. UCI World Champ Hannah Roberts with the tailwhip on the hip. 📸: @fatbmx pic.twitter.com/8i7h36v9Na

Could presumably additionally 7, 2020

Excellent morning/night all. The Olympics possess been together with extra events wherein of us on wheels and surfboards abolish issues that traditional of us can’t abolish on wheels and surfboards. On this case, in a little no longer up to an hour, we’re going to gaze girls folk flip, budge and abolish different tricks that could amaze those of us who take our bicycles to remain on the ground.

If you possess thoughts about what you’re seeing or what you’re reading, electronic mail me or tweet at me on the hyperlinks above, received’t you?

Beau will likely be here almost at the moment. Within the period in-between, here’s recordsdata of a grim incident from the boys’s BMX:

American BMX racer Connor Fields suffered a mind bleed all thru a dread crash in Friday’s Olympic occasion however has been moved out of intensive care, his workforce confirmed on Saturday.

Fields went down stressful in a first-nook crash all thru the semi-remaining runs and was treated by the side of the circuit sooner than being rushed to Tokyo’s St Luke’s Worldwide Hospital.

“The doctors reported that Fields sustained a mind hemorrhage on the venue,” USA Cycling acknowledged on Saturday.

“After an night within the ICU, the doctors are pleased to memoir that there has been no additional bleeding, and no recent injuries were found. Fields has been moved out of the critical care unit and can remain within the hospital till cleared.”

Olympic BMX girls folk’s park: Charlotte Worthington beats Hannah Roberts to gold – as it happened