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Olympics 2020: Anna Kiesenhofer takes road race glory on day of upsets – are living!

Olympics 2020: Anna Kiesenhofer takes road race glory on day of upsets – are living!

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Time to disappear to the original blog…

One lap into the dash, Yee (GRB) has given up the lead nonetheless is successfully placed on the shoulder of Connix (FRA), now into first position. For the titillating finale, over to Tom Lutz (below). Thanks to your firm, I’ll be support to retract the baton support (sorry) in 13 hours. Bye!

Alex Yee (GBR) hits the lead! This race might per chance no longer indulge in performed out any better for him so a long way, the quickest runner in the topic no longer left with worthy to beget in these early stages of the scurry. Wilde (NZ) is in second, on Yee’s shoulder. Brownlee (GBR) isn’t a long way away either.

Did Salvisberg (SUI) botch his transition? Did he come off the bike impartial earlier than the road? The photography are… inconclusive. We’re told that, if he did, that’ll designate him 15 seconds as penalty. It might truly per chance no longer topic though with Alex Yee already on the cusp of overtaking him.

Transition! Gutsy riding from Salvisberg (SUI) doing all he might per chance in that last lap to extent the lead forward of the dash – he’s currently away by about 400 metres. And here come the favourites, the Brits Yee and Brownlee sixth and seventh. Birtwhistle (13th) is the appropriate placed Australian with McDowell (4th) the main American.

A breakaway! Salvisberg (SUI) is 21 seconds clear of the colossal group. Nonetheless as illustrious on the decision, they’ve all resigned themselves to the upcoming footrace. So, one extra lap on the bike then the actual quiz.

“How many minutes extra earlier than all of us know the winner?” asks Andrew Benton. “Wondering by how long I have to lengthen bedtime.” Successfully, Alex Yee skips by means of his 10km in 27 minutes, so I reckon you’ll be tucked away without relate by 12: 30am UK time.

An hour into the triathlon. “Here’s playing into the hands of those who cherish the 10km,” says the sphere feed color guy, who I belief. He says that because this lead pack is massive. “They’re all in this together.” Blummenfelt (NOR) is the first amongst those equals.

“Morning.” Hi there, Simon Bradley. “Reading you, looking out at the Trathlon World Feed. Can we please all agree, once and for all, that ‘medal’ is NOT a verb! Or is it impartial me who feels athletes meddling is completely wrong.” I contemplate it’s graceful to content that ship has sailed, Simon.

Knabl (AUT) is out! Off the bike and sitting on the road, desolate.

Meanwhile, Australian Aaron Royle is graceful in the combine up the front as they dwell the fifth of eight cycling laps. Admire the leader Zachaus, he’s 31 years of age and has considered a component or two on the professional circuit. “It is bubbling up very successfully indeed,” says the OBS color commentator.

When two becomes one. The chasers indulge in caught the lead pack. It prompts Zachaus (LUX) to indulge in a lag on his contain out front, the 31-yr-extinct reaching the halfway model of the bike leg about 30 metres in front. The worn is ranked No61 on the earth. I love it.

“It’s all concerning the dash,” pronounces cycling expert Gary Naylor. “Alex Yee sitting reasonably.” He’s 12th now, beautifully positioned.

“Would it no longer no longer scheme extra sense simply to beget 20km *thereafter which 20km *supportin a couple of straight lines along that motorway that we take care of seeing,” asks Mysteron_Voice on twitter. No fun in that!

Tom Middleton

Sooner or later, some competition for “most embarrassed boat skipper” #Triathlon #OlympicGames pic.twitter.com/CMabbOa8qR

July 25, 2021

It’s Schomburg (GER) doing the heavy lifting at the front of the lead group. There’s restful 9 there, slugging it out 16 seconds forward of the chasers. Van Riel (BEL), Brownlee (GBR), Schoeman (RSA), Reid (NZ), Luis (FRA), Mislawchuk (CAN), Nenji (JAP), Polyansnkiy (ROC) are the different members of that pack, the race now 40 minutes extinct.

Morgan Pearson (USA) has been given yellow card. It is for a transition error and he’s been penalised 15 seconds, that methodology he’ll be held support for that duration of time earlier than starting up the dash.

Our leader, Tayler Reid, is a 24-yr-extinct New Zealander. He executed 11th in this tournament at the 2018 Commonwealth Video games earlier than profitable a bronze medal in the blended relay at the same competition. He used to be additionally the Beneath 23 world champion in 2018. They’re half of an hour in!

Men’s triathlon: Reid (NZ) takes the lead! They’re by means of their first lap on the bike, into a rhythm. Brownlee (GBR) second, Polyanskiy (ROC) third. There looks to be eight riders in this lead pack no.

Men’s triathlon: They’re out of the water! Luis (FRA) from Polyanskiy (ROC), Schomburg (GER), Reid (NZ) and Schoeman (RSA). Brownlee is 8th, Yee 32nd – 30 seconds at the support of as they secure on the bike. Aussie No1 Matt Hauser is well support in the chasing pack.

Men’s triathlon: Vincent Luis (France) has led the pack to the first platform. Out of the water, support in again for 500m extra. Brownlee used to be ninth, Alex Yee 22 seconds at the support of the leader. He’s impartial got to take care of shut ample for the dash, where he’ll utilize the track later on.

“What a gaze!” says the color commentator on the sphere feed as they flip the first buoy as one pack. I wouldn’t indulge in a clue who is where because the graphics feeble by the Olympic Broadcasting Services are non-existent in persistence occasions (as we seen in the males’s cycling road race on opening day) nonetheless it definitely’ll become clear once now we indulge in a breakaway group over the next dinky while. I am hoping.

They’re away in the males’s triathlon!

For actual now! Nonetheless I believe that won’t be the final we hear concerning the unfounded starting up. 51 starters; five of the everyday 56 pulled out in favour of the blended relay later in the week. So, it’s 1500m in the water to starting up adopted by 40km on the bike then a 10km dash to the road. Slide, disappear, disappear!

Fraudulent starting up! Drama! Wow, what a large quantity! Half of the topic jumped, the different half of didn’t. Folks that did retract some stopping, the utilization of up plenty of energy. Honest success figuring out the official offender. “What did they hear?” asks Stamp Doran, the sphere feed commentator.

So worthy of the purpose of curiosity is (understandbly) on Jonathan Brownlee. Nonetheless it’s a long way prone to be that Alex Yee who is the extra possible of the pair here, eight years his junior at 23. They’re the two Brits in the topic of 56, which doesn’t together with 2012 and 2016 champion Alistair Brownlee. France, Australia, Spain and Norway indulge in three starters each and every. Norwegian Kristian Blummenfelt and Morgan Pearson from america are two others coming into this race extremely fancied. Strap in!

Did you hear about Li Fabin? He did it with a leg in the air. Zing.

Honest morning, Tokyo! It’s impartial after 6am in the Olympic metropolis. Primarily based completely on my climate app, we’re taking a glimpse at a high of 31 levels with a position of rain, nonetheless no longer till deep into the evening. It’s already up at 26 forward of the males’s triathlon, now impartial 20 minutes away.

“It’s an overused time-frame,” writes Gary Naylor, nonetheless does The Olympics desire a dinky curating, in particular because it’s overnight in the UK? Dispute five sports activities that you just model in for a time table, after which prompts for five extra (eg model in for cycling and secure a instructed for BMX). It’s too worthy as a long list.”

The sprawling nature of it, for me, is a colossal section of the fun. I really like getting misplaced in a softball game, as I did on Sunday between Japan and Canada, resolved in extra innings when no runs had been scored in regulation. Despite vivid very dinky about either (beyond the principle suggestions), give me your whole handball and badminton you’ve got!

I mentioned the males’s triathlon is establishing soon, the females’s surfing is too. Andy Bull has been out at Tsurigasaki taking it all in.

A bunch of photography were added to the gallery – tuck graceful in. That hyperlink will possible be up so a long way several times per day. Ride.

Talking of photography… blimey, what a bounce here’s.

Tancredi Palmeri

Meanwhile the appropriate female volley player on the earth Italian Paola Egonu is patrolling Japanese sky#Tokyo2020 pic.twitter.com/ONR4ICi1vU

July 25, 2021

Thanks, John. G’morning to Australia from me, too. A gold cap executed secon in the males’s 400m freestyle. To the females today, Ariarne Titmus will possible be there there in the preferrred, up against American Katie Ledecky. Kieran Pender has their memoir so a long way.

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And with that, Adam is support to retract the baton on.

Hi there, Australia, where that it’s possible you’ll per chance per chance also well be impartial waking up. That 1-0 loss in the soccer to Spain used to be a first fee performance, and the Spanish had been getting hugely pissed off till they scored.

In that respect, no longer lower than till the 81st minute, it used to be a job done. Australia, whereas nervy and maintaining the ball at their toes too long, had been sound ample in form to offer counter-attacking capacity. It used to be a atmosphere fit for someone like Daniel Arzani, the perennial underachiever who continues to tease with capacity never rather realised. It used to be he who made it closest to Spain’s aim in the first half of, by draw of a dash to the box that in the end fizzled.

Up so a long way

For those of you who trip looking out at horses strut their stuff to Phil Collins and Phil Bailey’s Uncomplicated Lover, after which Genesis’s Prepare You, Prepare Me, as witnessed on Saturday, then honest information for Crew GB here.

The very good Justin McCurry used to be there to see the local mood take when Japan began to strike gold. The host nation continuously gets there in the dwell, and those of us who had been in London 9 years in the past will endure in thoughts the preamble of doom that came forward of a Video games that had been a now very no longer possible urge of serotonin, even for us professional cynics.

An Olympics that has invited frequent loathing is now establishing anticipation: of Naomi Osaka’s quest for tennis gold; of the return of international rugby two years after the World Cup; and of a capacity gold medal showdown in softball between the hosts and the US.

While NBC reported its lowest US television viewers for a gap ceremony for 33 years, the International Olympic Committee acknowledged 69.4 million folks in Japan alone had watched no longer lower than some of the preliminary competition occasions final Wednesday and Thursday.

Night all, as Adam tucks into some, er, tucker, I shall take care of this pot boiling. All eyes on that triathlon tournament, shorn of a Brownlee for Crew GB nonetheless an different to ‘medal’. Someone who knows tells me that Yee used to be potentially honest ample to scheme it as a pure track athlete. Sean is wiping sleep from his eyes as we talk.

Anyway, e mail me at john.brewin.casual@theguardian.com whereas Adam is away from his desk.

Sean Ingle

Up at 4.30am to disappear to males’s triathlon here in Tokyo. Huge starting up, and designate staying up for whereas you happen to is prone to be in the UK. Johnny Brownlee and Alex Yee each and every medal photography, and if Yee is in the front group firstly of the dash, be careful

July 25, 2021

I’m shedding off to grab something to love. John Brewin is stepping in for me whereas I beget that. Search information from you in rather for the fabricate as a lot as the males’s triathlon, starting up in 90 minutes from now.

Set up a psychological repeat to confer with the appropriate photography collation every day. It used to be a critical highlight of this blog in 2016 and is also again. A unbelievable shot here of Brazilian megastar Tandara Caixeta spiking to victory against South Korea, which is a colossal early outcome in Pool A of the females’s volleyball. My London 2012 trip used to be taking a glimpse after the volleyball media at Earl’s Court, having rather to beget with Tandara on their option to gold at that thrilling tournament – she’s a actual gem.

Tom Daley goes again. What a presence he has been, your whole draw support to 2008 as a 13-yr-extinct lad at Beijing, the face of London, the distress between times. The documentary, the exposure, the book, the approaching out. The day in 2012 when he couldn’t rather, the smile he beamed with anyway. The true fact that he’s only 27-years-extinct. And the next day (3pm Tokyo, 7pm UK), he’ll up the tip of that platform again alongside Matty Lee in the synchronised tournament. Don McRae has given Daley the medication over several interviews across the dart and is the graceful man to plot it up forward of this final hurrah.

Talking of Crew GB, can Adam Peaty beget it again? At 3: 12am (UK time) he lines as a lot as defend his 100m breaststoke title. The Staffordshire 26-yr-extinct used to be mute and slick in his Saturday heat, banking the eighth fastest time ever, earlier than without relate profitable his semi. Nonetheless that every one counts for nothing when taking the blocks in the preferrred.

A reminder to UK readers. Don’t disappear to mattress after looking out at The Handmaid’s Tail tonight, there’s an early starting up (10: 30pm local time) to the males’s triathlon because of the the scorching climate and brutal humidity in Tokyo. Jonathan Brownlee, what a competitor he’s been, is striving to beget what he couldn’t rather in Hyde Park 9 summers in the past (bronze) or in Rio (silver). It used to be his older brother Alistair who took gold on each and every of those occasions, nonetheless he hasn’t made the 2021 team.

Can Korea neat sweep the archery again? I mentioned them in the same sentence as China’s vivid synchronised divers earlier on, so well drilled and so confident coming from that long-time-frame tradition of success. I spent rather of time in Seoul someday of the 2008 Video games and it’s no exaggeration to content their archers are colossal national heroes, so this all adds up. Korea’s two gold medals so a long way are by draw of the arrows (blended team, females’s team) and they may be able to add to it on Monday with their males’s team of Kim Woo-jin, Oh Jin-hyek and Kim Je-deok.

I really like it when a host nation gets busy. It should always really plot the tone for the Video games, even when there aren’t any followers there to indulge in an even time. Japan indulge in already unruffled five gold medals (and one bronze – that’s a to hand conversion fee). There used to be the brother-and-sister combination at the judo – the first time siblings indulge in struck gold on the same day in the same tournament – nonetheless it definitely used to be the skateboarding triumph that did impartial as worthy to purchase local hearts and minds.

Tom Scramble watched the debut of the original tournament as Yuto Horigome, the 22-yr-extinct dwelling metropolis lad, saluted standard. Slide you honest component.

Steve McMillan used to be at the hockey. I caught worthy of this myself and couldn’t think Crew GB, the defending champions, couldn’t convert one of their myriad brief corners in the gap stanza. Nonetheless lickety-split forward to the the dwell, after a video ref decision went the vogue of Germany, and the underdogs took the clutch 2-1. The force is on.

An enticing UK memoir that took me out of the blue. Waking up on Saturday in London, I imagined what my morning might per chance glimpse like with several BBC dwelling windows starting up, sampling all the things I might per chance from Tokyo as soon as I might per chance. Give me your whole badminton, 3×3 basketball and BMX you’ve got, give it to me now, ideally all at the same time.

Nonetheless upon clicking onto the iPlayer, I used to be left confused at the actual fact that there used to be the principle channel (as common) nonetheless only one crimson button option. That used to be my lot; no flicking around to world feed streams of all the things else. A day on, all is plenty clearer: the BBC are now not any longer the principle TV rights-holder for the Olympics. Here’s the beefy memoir.

Simon Biles used to be the smiling face of Rio in 2016, mesmerising the sphere with gold medals in four of her five occasions. Now, as a 24-yr-extinct, orderly judges think she’s arrived at these Video games at the peak of her powers. Obvious ample, this intended all eyes had been trained on the megastar in her first day out on Sunday, qualifying for two of the titles she’s making an strive to defend: the All Around and Crew occasions. There used to be some scratchy moments, america progressing to the preferrred in second position in preference to first, nonetheless additionally hints of the thrills to come support.

Here’s what it’s all about. Ahmed Hafanoui’s family. Wow.

Stephen Fry

The one component the sphere might per chance utilize graceful now might per chance be an explosion of joy so total, intense and overwhelming that there may per chance be ample for us all to portion in it … (duvet your ears: the shrieks of pleasure are WILD) pic.twitter.com/QDcmmLbSXH

July 25, 2021

Oh glimpse, now I’ve mentioned it. Let’s take care of ourselves to Cathy’s clutch with Bruce McAvaney’s pièce de résistance at the support of the microphone.

When Ash Barty used to be bundled out yesterday, my thoughts modified into to the Cathy Freeman and Marie-José Pérec 21 years in the past at Sydney (yes, the Sydney Olympics had been 21 years in the past). Specifically, in the context of Naomi Osaka, who becomes the scorching popular to grab the females’s singles with the sphere quantity one out of the vogue. Of route, it used to be Osaka who lit the flame at the gap ceremony, impartial as Freeman did in 2000, with her arch rival Pérec withdrawing earlier than coming shut to reaching the track to defend her crown. The force on Freeman from that second on, goodness me, it used to be something else. Osaka cruised by means of her opening round conflict, nonetheless the purpose of curiosity on her will possible be one of the most compelling storylines of the next fortnight.

Here had been the thrilling last stages of the males’s 400 freestyle. I’m conscious that some clips will work in some regions, others won’t – such are the vagaries of digital rights at the Olympics. Nonetheless what that it’s possible you’ll per chance per chance also definitely beget is study Sean Ingle’s memoir on Ahmed Hafnaoui’s triumph from the Tokyo Aquatics Centre. He touched out Australian Jack McLoughlin by 16 one hundreths of a second over in lane two, an tournament the Aussies indulge in dominated since Ian Thorpe’s days.

When asked whether or no longer he used to be an excellent deal surprised to grab, Hafnaoui nodded. “Of route,” he acknowledged. “It’s fantastic. I didn’t think it till I touched the wall and seen my face first. I seen the Australian guy from lane six, I assume in the [last] 200m. It used to be a gigantic fight at the dwell. I’m feeling gigantic. I’m feeling proud.”

Eurosport UK

‘Decide a bow younger man, that used to be fully exceptional’ 👏

A really unbelievable Olympic second as 18-yr-extinct Ahmed Hafnaoui 𝙨𝙝𝙤𝙘𝙠𝙨 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙡𝙙 to grab gold for Tunisia in the males’s 400m freestyle 🇹🇳🥇#Tokyo2020 | #Swimming pic.twitter.com/9YpLXkeasB

July 25, 2021

To starting up, let’s revisit that everyday briefing. The ICYMI, whereas you happen to love. A staggering females’s road race, worthy extra vivid than an 18-yr-extinct from Tunisia profitable gold from lane eight in the males’s 400 freestyle. GB bronze in the judo; silver at the taekwando. Knowledgeable performances that you just will indulge in plot your watch to from Korea’s archers and China’s synchronised divers. The united states getting busy on the medal tally after a delicate first day and Australia’s 4×100 relay team annihilating the sphere file to total the pool session. Which chances are high you’ll model in to catch this clutch-up each and every day of Tokyo 2020.

Up so a long way

Adam Collins

Thanks, Dan. Hi there, world. It’s impartial after 2am in the Olympic metropolis, drowsing now nonetheless for a few hours earlier than the gun fires in the males’s triathlon at 6: 30am local time then the females’s shortboard surfing half of an hour later and on we disappear into the third beefy day of action.

There used to be plenty to soak up on opening weekend, which I’ll beget my finest to process. Now not all of it’s honest information, and nor used to be it ever going to be the case with the Covid-19 cloud so prominent. Nonetheless the competition has been piquant, that fabled spirit there for all to see. So, with all that illustrious, I’m feeling very Olympic today. Once you is prone to be too, make certain to drop me a line (or ping me a tweet) at any time. Let’s indulge in some fun.

Righto, my watch is over; here’s Adam Collins to manual you by means of the next dinky bit. Ta-ara!

Honest taking a glimpse at what’s coming on day three, in addition to the females’s 400m freestyle last, we’ve got finals in the females’s 100m butterfly along with the males’s 100m breaststroke and 200m free. Adam Peaty defends his title in the penultimate of those – here he’s in qualifying.


Photo: Marko Đurica/Reuters

Up so a long way

Here’s going to be an indispensable race, and potentially the first of three between the two. Four hundred metres is a inferior distance, too long to disappear and too brief to hold in there then see, nonetheless additionally the preferrred format for drama.

I’ve no longer considered the film yet, nonetheless it definitely sounds gripping.

Surfing is often nails, nonetheless catching a wave lying down, never thoughts standing up, is a feeling.

Anastasija Zolotic won the United States’ first gold medal in females’s taekwondo by beating Russian Olympic Committee team athlete Tatiana Minina 25-17 on Sunday to content the featherweight division title.

The 18-yr-extinct Zolotic lets out a primal cry as she pulls on her helmet earlier than each and every round. The Florida native has been telling online page online visitors and family since early childhood that she would be an Olympic champion, and she or he indispensable only one day out to the Video games to scheme it happen. “My eight-yr-extinct self used to be working around the college yard announcing I used to be going to be Olympic champion nonetheless she might per chance never indulge in imagined what this second is like,” Zolotic acknowledged. “It’s fantastic. It really hasn’t sunk in yet.”

Need to you’re sat in the UK wondering why that it’s possible you’ll per chance per chance also’t impartial watch whatever sport you want, at any time when you want.

I impartial can’t secure my head around that Anna Kiesenhofer clutch – she used to be a 1000-1 outsider – and is additionally beefy-time mathematician with a Cambridge diploma. Read about that, and additional, here:

Olympics 2020: Anna Kiesenhofer takes road race glory on day of upsets – are living!