Home Breaking News On this day 2012: Jewish massacre in Toulouse, France leaves 4 dead

On this day 2012: Jewish massacre in Toulouse, France leaves 4 dead

On this day 2012: Jewish massacre in Toulouse, France leaves 4 dead

On this day, nine years in the past, four of us had been killed, including three children, honest because they had been Jews in France.

On March 19, 2012, the Islamic terrorist Mohamed Merah focused a Jewish college in the French city of Toulouse. 

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The kids killed had been 8-year-aged Myriam Monsonego, and the brothers Arié and Gabriel Sandler, 6 and 3. The fourth victim became once their father, a instructor at the college, Rabbi Jonathan Sandler.

Merah, 24 at the time, became once shot dead by police after he jumped, weapons blazing, from the window of an condo where he became once holed up a couple of days after his killing spree in March 2012.

The Merah killings had been the major most principal incident of the kind since the Paris subway bombing in the mid-1990s by Islamist militants linked to the GIA team in Algeria, a frail French colony.


Since the Toulouse assault in 2012, antisemitic assaults were on the rise in France – equivalent to the 2014 protests in Sarcelles and the 2015 Hypercacher terrorist assault, in which four diversified Jews – Yohan Cohen, Yoav Hattab, Michel Saada and Philippe Braham – had been killed.

Two years later, in April 2017, Sarah Halimi, a Parisian 65-year-aged Jewish woman, became once overwhelmed and thrown out of her third-floor window condo to her death by her 27-year-aged Muslim neighbor. Final month, he became once excused of the alleged antisemitic assassinate from a criminal trial attributable to his heavy intake of cannabis that supposedly compromised his “discernment,” or consciousness. 

On March 2018, Mireille Knoll, a 85-year-aged Jewish woman, became once realized dead in her condo. Yacine Mihoub, 28, a son of Knoll’s neighbor who had identified her all his lifestyles, and his friend Alex Carrimbacus, 22, had been indicted for her assassinate. The later said they focused her for robbery because she became once Jewish.

Born to a family of 4 children, Mohammed Merah became once “raised to be an anti-Semite because antisemitism became once section of the ambiance at dwelling,” his youngest brother, Abdelghani, said in 2013.

Abdelkader Merah, Merah’s diversified brother, became once sentenced to use 30 years in detention center from a Paris appeals court after being realized guilty of complicity in the slayings by Merah at the Toulouse college, in addition to three troopers.

In 2017 he had been ordered jailed for 20 years being section of a terrorist conspiracy but had been cleared by a lower court of having an instantaneous hand in his brother’s shooting assault. The appeals court determined that he became once complicit in the slayings. The prosecution had asked for a lifestyles sentence.

in 2019, two alleys in a sq. in the center of Paris had been named after the three children who died in Toulouse. The avenue indicators, one for Miriam and one for the siblings, display their names, ages and the conditions of their death, calling them “victims of antisemitic terrorism and hatred.”

Rossella Tercatin contributed to this file.

On this day 2012: Jewish massacre in Toulouse, France leaves 4 dead