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ONE Championship 128: Alyona Rassohyna stuns Trace Fairtex with splendid-gasp submission

ONE Championship 128: Alyona Rassohyna stuns Trace Fairtex with splendid-gasp submission

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Trace Fairtex regarded to be on her manner to a arduous-fought resolution blueprint conclude against Ukrainian debutant Alyona Rassohyna, but a slack guillotine choke compelled the Thai starlet to tap with lawful eight seconds splendid as she suffered her first defeat in MMA.

Former ONE atomweight kickboxing and muay Thai champion Fairtex (5-1) faced submission specialist Rassohyna (13-4) within the main tournament of “ONE Championship 128: Unbreakable III” at Singapore Indoor Stadium, and over the course of their three-round fight showed her evolution as an MMA fighter as she fortunately scrambled backward and forward on the mats with her more seasoned opponent.

Rassohyna’s tactic was positive from the very initiate, and in Spherical 1 the Ukrainian was winning in getting the fight to the canvas. Nonetheless once the motion hit the mat, Fairtex taken aback Rassohyna with her scrambling skill as she time and again denied the debutant in her quest to converse her 11th first-round armbar submission attain.

When the fight was on the feet, it was all Fairtex, as the adorned striker dominated the kickboxing exchanges, but even supposing Rassohyna was in a region to time and again rob the motion to the canvas, Fairtex’s defensive abilities had been passable to thwart the Ukrainian, with the Thai fighter even attempting a gogoplata sooner than escaping an armbar are trying and ending the round with punishing strikes when they returned to the feet.

Spherical 2 followed a identical pattern, but with Fairtex discovering it a exiguous little bit of more uncomplicated to preserve the fight standing, as the tide perceived to be handing over her desire by the midway point within the fight. A slack body shot even place aside her opponent on the canvas within the closing moments of the round as Fairtex’s striking energy perceived to be taking on the fight.

With Rassohyna operating out of tips, and clearly slow, Fairtex took abet watch over of Spherical 3 as she saved the Ukrainian on the stop of her strikes as she scored time and again with straight punches and thumping roundhouse kicks to the body. Nonetheless, with one minute splendid, Rassohyna threw caution to the wind and landed a closing takedown as she desperately regarded to search out a splendid-gasp submission. Remarkably, that persistence paid off when she caught Fairtex looking out to procure away and locked up a tight guillotine choke that compelled the Thai to tap with lawful eight seconds of the bout splendid.

Apparently believing the bout had reached the closing bell, Fairtex at the birth infamous as referee Olivier Coste stepped in to end the fight, but that occasion at once grew to become to denial and narrate as she disputed the experienced legitimate’s call. Nonetheless, immediate replays clearly showed Fairtex had tapped as victory was handed to a tearful Rassohyna, who picked up a mammoth blueprint conclude on her promotional debut and within the heart of handed Fairtex her first profession defeat in mixed martial arts.

Alyona Rassohyna 🇺🇦 shocks the enviornment by submitting Trace Fairtex in Spherical 3! #ONEUnbreakable3 #WeAreONE #ONEChampionship pic.twitter.com/URBYVDEEdI

— ONE Championship (@ONEChampionship) February 5, 2021

Trace Fairtex is HEATED! 🔥 Terminate you opt with the referee’s stoppage? #ONEUnbreakable3 #WeAreONE #ONEChampionship pic.twitter.com/epoegqGY9G

— ONE Championship (@ONEChampionship) February 5, 2021

Within the night’s co-vital tournament, rising Brazilian contender Fabricio Andrade claimed a mammoth scalp by defeating the No. 2-ranked bantamweight contender Shoko Sato after three all-motion rounds.

Sato (31-14-2) archaic his experience to are trying to frustrate Andrade (5-2) by considerable of the opening round, and even threatened with an armbar are trying that compelled the Brazilian to play defense. Andrade effectively countered some of Sato’s takedown attempts and largely outstruck the Japanese archaic by a aggressive first round even though a wild flurry from Sato within the closing seconds of Spherical 1 gave “Shock Boy” plenty to ponder on his stool between rounds.

Shoko Sato and Fabricio Andrade THROW DOWN to total Spherical 1! 💥 @SatoShokoh #ONEUnbreakable3 #WeAreONE #ONEChampionship pic.twitter.com/JcdJrh2t7G

— ONE Championship (@ONEChampionship) February 5, 2021

Andrade regarded to boss the synthetic, particularly within the clinch, as he archaic his striking smarts to power Sato onto the aid foot early in Spherical 2. The Brazilian always switched stances, working from southpaw and orthodox to preserve Sato guessing, but some tidy counters, including a fantastically-timed uppercut, from the Japanese fighter served as a effectively timed reminder no longer to procure over-assured on the feet. After a timeout due to the a groin shot, Sato came reduction strongly and linked with a huge spinning reduction elbow to conclude out the round.

Andrade persevered to use his striking to dominate the stand-up exchanges in Spherical 3, and the cumulative sort of his punches left Sato with blood streaming down his face as he picked aside the used Shooto champion by the closing 5 minutes.

It intended the verdict was a foregone conclusion, as Andrade picked up the finest blueprint conclude of his ONE Championship profession, then archaic his submit-fight interview to call for a title shot in his subsequent outing.

“I labored very arduous to procure right here. I say quite a bit, I fight quite a bit and convey quite a bit to procure folks glance me, and I don’t know who is the matchmaker, but I want to converse ‘thanks’ for him, due to the when a form of folks had been announcing I will no longer kind (it), he matched me with the No. 2 contender. I came right here right this moment to repeat each person that now you’ve gotta glance me. I’ve lawful taken (out) the No. 2 contender, and I want the belt subsequent!”

Japanese contender Ryuto Sawada archaic his grappling smarts to shut down flashy wushu striker Robin Catalan sooner than ending him with a rear-bare choke within the most considerable round of their strawweight matchup.

Powerful was made of Catalan’s striking chops heading into the tournament, but it was Sawada’s wrestling and grappling that proved superior as he took the Filipino off his feet and all of the design in which down to the canvas early within the round, then region to work in his pursuit of a submission attain.

Sawada (14-5-1) had to preserve patient, with Catalan (9-7) scuffling with the fingers and proving complex to position away. Nonetheless, within the closing minute of the round, the Japanese contender made the step forward as he laced his arm below Catalan’s chin and utilized the strain to power the attain with lawful 41 seconds splendid within the opening round.

Ryuto Sawada 🇯🇵 wraps up “The Ilonggo” en path to a first-round rear bare choke! @d_b_ryuto1127 #ONEUnbreakable3 #WeAreONE #ONEChampionship pic.twitter.com/PsgFiVUaJM

— ONE Championship (@ONEChampionship) February 5, 2021

Heavyweight newcomer Ji Received Kang had to face a ton of early adversity, but the South Korean hung no longer easy to withstand an early barrage from Mehdi Barghi sooner than turning the tables and ending his man within the closing seconds of the most considerable round.

Barghi (4-3) took down Kang (4-0) with ease, won mount and region to work unloading heavy flooring and pound. Nonetheless, despite the Iranian powerhouse’s efforts, Kang managed to procure away as the bout grew to become exact into a heavyweight glide session on the canvas. Barghi and Kang both won mount, easiest to then lose the region, as the pair went backward and forward on the mat. Nonetheless, in some design, Barghi’s early onslaught came reduction to hang-out him as fatigue region in and Kang took over.

The South Korean in some design moved to assist mount, flattened out his man and unloaded a succession of heavy punches to the facet of the helpless Barghi’s head that in some design compelled referee Yuji Shimada to step in with 13 seconds of the most considerable round splendid.

After seeing two prior bookings with India’s Rahul Raju tumble by in 2019 and 2020, Pakistan’s Ahmed Mujtaba wasted no time when he at splendid met his opponent contained within the cage at ONE Championship 128, as he flattened “The Kerala Krusher” with a mammoth pleasing hook of their gentle-weight bout.

Each and each men came out having a see to connect with sizable images early, and it was Mujtaba (9-2) who made the decisive step forward as he ducked below a winging hook from Raju (7-6) and fired reduction with a huge pleasing hand of his believe that at once separated his opponent from his consciousness for a sub-60-2nd knockout.

Ahmed Mujtaba 🇵🇰 gets Pakistan the blueprint conclude over India, STOPPING Rahul Raju in Spherical 1! @ahmedwolverine1 #ONEUnbreakable3 #WeAreONE #ONEChampionship pic.twitter.com/wpVX2avZQw

— ONE Championship (@ONEChampionship) February 5, 2021

Sanford MMA prospect and compatriot  Tial Thang persevered his spectacular initiate to existence in ONE Championship with a 2nd-round TKO attain of Indonesia’s Paul Lumihi of their bantamweight matchup.

After dominating the most considerable round, Thang (3-0) sed his wrestling advantage to rob the motion to the mat again in Spherical 2 and, after trapping Lumihi (7-5) against the fence and handcuffing his opponent’s left hand, he unloaded a barrage of flooring and pound that compelled Lumihi to tap to the repeated strikes midway by the round.

Tial Thang 🇲🇲 strikes to a few-0 in ONE with a 2nd-round attain of Paul Lumihi! #ONEUnbreakable3 #WeAreONE #ONEChampionship pic.twitter.com/JXpNwCbfFO

— ONE Championship (@ONEChampionship) February 5, 2021

  • Alyona Rassohyna def. Trace Fairtex by capability of submission (guillotine choke) – Spherical 3, 4: 52
  • Fabricio Andrade def. Shoko Sato by capability of unanimous resolution
  • Ryuto Sawada def. Robin Catalan by capability of submission (rear-bare choke) – Spherical 1, 4: 19
  • Ji Received Kang def. Mehdi Barghi by capability of TKO (flooring and pound) – Spherical 1, 4: 47
  • Ahmed Mujtaba def. Rahul Raju by capability of knockout (punch) – Spherical 1, 0: 55
  • Tial Thang def. Paul Lumihi by capability of TKO (flooring and pound) – Spherical 2, 2: 25

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ONE Championship 128: Alyona Rassohyna stuns Trace Fairtex with splendid-gasp submission