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One Girl’s Mission to Safe Vaccines to Her Rural Alabama Town

One Girl’s Mission to Safe Vaccines to Her Rural Alabama Town

[film reel clicks]

[piano note]

Early Newspaper

[hooves clopping]

[birds chirping]

[smooth jazz music]

[phone dialing]

Hiya, Juana, right here’s your grandmama.

Hiya, Jonelle, right here’s Dorothy.

[register bells ring]

Hiya, Tim, how you doing?

Form you’d like my wait on?

Hiya, Jen, I used to be calling to take a look at

to be particular that you just win gotten got your COVID shot?

You make a selection me to strive to win out who got openings

and permit you to know?

Well, all appropriate then, dear.

We will discuss to you later now, thanks plenty.

[phone beeps]

[phone ringing]

Hiya, Omit Neoma, how you doing?

Doing appropriate.

I am beautiful engaged on this COVID-19 shot thing.

Well, I would also merely no longer know ’til I look how many we got.

‘Function you know, they ain’t coming unless we got satisfactory.

You know, so I am making an strive to beautiful call around

and kinda look, dangle you know somebody else

that would possibly per chance well well also merely no longer win it?

Oh my goodness.

Oh, okay.

So that procedure, okay.

Okay yeah, I would prefer to gain to him then, potentially.

Along with your age, you 80 years customary

and he surely construct no longer need to be

in the house with you with out the shot.


Well, I’m going to strive to gain up with him then.

Okay, all appropriate.

[organ music begins]

Well we in this rural house gotta combat for our existence.

You know, with this COVID occurring.

I mean, it modified all the issues.

Even supposing we a puny town, it modified us too.

And so many of ’em misplaced their brother, their sister,

their mama and their dad.

Panola is to this point,

to gain vaccine, you gotta breeze 39 miles, I declare.

I mean, that beautiful a technique now,

you’re speaking ’bout round day mosey so,

and a range of peoples construct no longer win automobiles.

So we making an strive to carry it to Panola.

We need no longer no longer up to 40 peoples in portray for them to reach out.

[Drucilla] ‘Function you had what?

[Dorothy] 16 or 17?

[Drucilla] One, two.


Three, four, 5, six, seven, eight.

Well now we win got about approximately twenty-5 other folks

already written up.

That’s shut to 30, uh huh, so that’s appropriate.

So we’ll beautiful breeze from there.

[funky rock music begins]

So if we are able to no longer gain the shots,

we’re going to win ill other folks.

That’s beautiful the bottom line.

This house up right here, I got Squirrel,

but I ain’t got the rest of ’em.

Hiya there, how you doing?

If we carry the vaccination to Panola, will you take dangle of it?


If y’all look any individual,

vivid they hadn’t been vaccinated, y’all again them.

[Man] Yeah.

You’re going to be in a jabber to call me or Omit Jackson.

I am taking names and numbers on the store.

We gotta gain these shots,

attributable to that is the superb thing gonna wait on.

It beautiful, two or three other folks getting it, ain’t gonna wait on.

Everybody got to strive to gain vaccinated right here so.

I am gonna dangle my fragment.

Yeah, I am gonna let ’em know you got a checklist on the store.

Hiya, how y’all doing?

[car horn beeps]

You doing all appropriate?

[LaDenzel] Yes, ma’am.

You already had your shot?

I did now not truly haven’t made my thoughts up to take dangle of, for valid.

You declare it going to dangle something to you?

I mean, what’s your hesitation there?

Be pleased you ever had the virus yet?

Yeah, I had it.

[Drucilla] You’ve got gotten?

And that wasn’t satisfactory for you to create your thoughts up?

[Dorothy laughs]

I am gonna gain you in a minute.

This is what you’d like to concentrate on, though.

I got thru it that time.

[LaDenzel] Mm hm, yeah.

I will no longer take dangle of that likelihood no extra.

I mean, serious, I would concentrate on that.

‘Function you look it goes to hit you, appropriate?

[LaDenzel] Yeah, this would possibly per chance increasingly.

Okay, so I would no longer take dangle of that likelihood, I would breeze in.

[Elderly Woman] For a extraordinarily very long time, I would no longer even kiss him.

That what I am speaking about. [LaDenzel laughs]

That’s what I am pronouncing, yeah.

So, can set aside you on the checklist then, appropriate?

I construct no longer know Omit Dorothy.

[Drucilla] He ain’t made his thoughts.

Ha, I thought I beautiful made your thoughts up.

[Dorothy laughs]

He know he gotta take dangle of that shot ‘trigger these items

ain’t no amusing story.

[Drucilla] Be pleased you ever had your vaccination?

[Kimberly] Ma’am?

If it comes to Panola.

Yes, ma’am.

[Drucilla] Then you are going to be drawn to taking it.

Yes ma’am.

And he or she got husband too, so breeze ahead and set aside him down.

She carried out talked him into it now.

Okay, he aloof a take a look at, so minute one, reach on with me, minute one.

[Dorothy laughs]

My niece, my nephew accomplice.

It hit her Friday, on her birthday.

That Friday on her birthday.

When it hit her, it in actuality had a chunk chilly or something.

Oo, I truly feel ill, I win a frosty or something

after which she minute worse the next day.

She dies Sunday night.

Which that you just can presumably presumably no longer take dangle of chances.

I philosophize somebody construct no longer take dangle of no chances.

I carried out heard other folks pronouncing they gain ill but.

Any other folks sing their arm grief,

their arm gonna grief some time.

I did now not win no quandary with mines at all.

I had each of them, did now not win no quandary at all.

It did now not each for me.

What’s your name?

Kimberly Cuzen.



[Dorothy] Glimpse at him smiling at me.

You know I do know you construct no longer.

[Dorothy laughs]

You ready to take dangle of that shot?

[Dorothy] You’re going to be in a jabber to set aside me down. Yep, set aside him down.

Woop, look I got him.

[Dorothy laughs]

I am appropriate.

You certain you going to take dangle of it LaDenzel?

Yeah, Imma take dangle of it.

[Dorothy] Yeah, he made his thoughts up Omit Jackson.

[Drucilla] Already made up your thoughts.

[LaDenzel] L-A-D-E-N-Z-E-L.

[Dorothy] All appropriate.

Guess I shall be valid when y’all gain ’em in then.

[Dorothy laughs]

You going to be ready?

Yeah, I would even dangle some pushups, gain arm solid.

[Dorothy] Oh my goodness.

[Dorothy laughs]

Price me narrate, we appropriate to breeze then.

Thank you minute one.

Yes ma’am.

[mellow techno music begins]

I beautiful felt admire I had to dangle it attributable to the authorities,

no person does satisfactory in this house.

This house right here is majority sad.

Kinda set aside you on the again burner.

They beautiful, I mean, you construct no longer win set aside up with that.

That beautiful it.

[Dorothy laughs]

I construct no longer win to clarify on that one.

One, two, three, four.

Seven, eight.

Now we win a checklist of 24 other folks on this sheet

and or no longer it is 16 on this sheet.

That’s it, we potentially gain appropriate at 40, potentially.


Supposed to be appropriate at 40 so today.

So you’re gonna strive to gain all the issues

to them tonight or tomorrow?

Yes, I will gain them this files tonight.


[delicate jazz music begins]

They introduced me to Panola, I met the admire of my existence.

Sure did.

He used to be riding gigantic trucks.

Behind one evening, then he had a flawed truck accident.

They said he’ll no longer final to Birmingham

attributable to his predominant arteries prick in two.

If we would even win gotten my husband to Birmingham,

he would win been okay.

I mean that’s why I work so laborious, I am serious

attributable to or no longer it is in my heart to dangle what I would prefer

to dangle to wait on other folks.


Hiya Fonzo, you ready?

Hiya Ms. Jackson.

Hiya, how you doing?

Doing appropriate today.

This one potentially been right here,

she potentially been right here since daylight hours.

[Dorothy laughs]

She ain’t playing, I philosophize you.

Hiya now, I do know this ain’t no longer a hopper.

[Resident] Yeah.

An excessive amount of you aloof dancing admire it extinct to?

All appropriate then.

[Dorothy laughs]

Well we admire y’all pondering satisfactory of your neatly being

to reach out and take dangle of these shots

so I do know by y’all coming, y’all look this as serious.

So we admire y’all coming.

We admire y’all giving it to us.

‘Function a range of alternative folks construct no longer truly know the place to breeze

to take dangle of these vaccines.

[Dorothy] Oh I do know.

Sincere variety now, ‘trigger I did now not know.

They got in touch with me and I am overjoyed.

Yeah, that’s appropriate, that’s appropriate.

We make a selection to get back to what?

Customary, that’s it.

[all laugh]

Litma make a selection to got to this, breeze and gain a gigantic social gathering,

or no longer it is all, appropriate?

[All] Yes. All appropriate and that’s the reason what I am speaking about.

That’s well-known, that’s all appropriate there.

Well, you take dangle of care of now and defend fetch

attributable to that is what we make a selection you all to dangle.

That’s why we working so laborious.

All appropriate, dear.

[Man] Alrighty.


There is the person that lied.

[woman laughs] I carried out had my vaccine

and no she ain’t had it.

You came and being Omit Jackson case.

Yeah, that’s all appropriate.

I seen each of y’all a totally different lot. [all laugh]

[Doctor] I got you shot.

You okay?

Aloof down you arm, serene down.

That’s it.

I am certain a range of ’em shall be ready unless tiresome to reach.

I did now not make a selection to gain it.

I used to be nervous I had scare about it.

I bear in mind that, a range of alternative folks is admire that.

He’s on hi, he sing he on his procedure

and Terry Harrison, he carried out been right here.

Oh she carried out been right here too.

[phone beeps]

[phone rings]

[LaDenzel] Hi there?

Hiya, how you doing?

How your ribs turn out?

[LaDenzel] All appropriate.

Lawful, we are right here ready on you, the place are you?

What you ready on?

[LaDenzel] Oh, noon ain’t right here appropriate now.

Oh, okay, okay.

They going to be right here unless 12 now.

Better no longer take dangle of no chances, minute one.

You better gain it whenever that you just would be able to presumably presumably.

You bought a chunk minute one.

[LaDenzel] Mama gonna get back,

she would possibly per chance well well also merely aloof reach on again sooner than 12.

Okay, all appropriate then, okay.

All appropriate, take dangle of care, bye-bye.

He sing he going to strive to gain right here.

So we’ll beautiful win to look.

How y’all declare you’re going.


Stout, appropriate, appropriate.

I declare everybody used to be tickled too

‘trigger I talked to a range of them, they said it did now not grief.

I beautiful felt it, that’s it.

I said, neatly, breeze take dangle of some Tylenol

and take dangle of yet any other one tonight.

They terrified they seen all the issues on TV

and when they look the minute injection, they’re admire,

what, that’s all?

[woman laughs]

We had a male that stretch out sanatorium down there

and when he walked in, he said, y’all gonna win to defend me,

y’all gonna win to defend me. Oh no.

I beautiful can no longer dangle these shots.

[both laugh]

So I held him and you know what he said?

Girl, the vogue you maintaining me, I take dangle of three extra.

[all laugh]

[Dorothy] No he did now not sing that, girl.

Yes he did, he did.

I beautiful hope the rest of them reach, you know?

In thunder that they’ll gain their shot.

I philosophize you, or no longer it is aloof a range of them available

ain’t got it though.

Yeah, we got two vials extra.

They got to reach on.

That’s what I am speaking about. We ain’t got long.

[phone ringing]

[techno jingle plays]

Lord win mercy.

[Voice Recording] The customer that you just would be able to presumably presumably be calling isn’t any longer.

Glimpse he ain’t answering, that’s when I said we.

It beautiful sounded admire to me, he carried out rooster out.

I detest to sing that, but I thought I had him.

[thunder roars]

We ain’t got noteworthy time.

I beautiful hope a couple of of the rest of them create their thoughts up

to reach on ‘trigger we handiest

potentially got about 15 extra minutes.

So confidently they’re going to gain right here sooner than we stop.

Which that you just can presumably like to reach on.

[gentle jazz continues]

[rain pours]

Oh right here he comes y’all, the final one, that’s him I declare.

All appropriate then, that’s his automotive.

That’s him.

[Dorothy laughs]

There you breeze, you made it then.

Yes ma’am.

We overjoyed you made it.

I used to be terrified, in actuality got kinda minute nervous.

I used to be variety of terrified, but thank God, but that’s appropriate.

I am no longer nervous of a shot.

[Dorothy laughs]

I used to be nervous you weren’t coming.

Which that you just can too merely no longer be.

Here they reach.

Hi, how you doing?

[LaDenzel] All appropriate, how are you doing?

All appropriate, so I am gonna give you the Moderna vaccine.

I am gonna hit you in the left, ‘trigger you’re righty.

Form no longer tighten up.

That’s it.

That’s it, all appropriate, you take dangle of Tylenol

whenever you win gotten any grief or discomfort.


How did it truly feel?

[LaDenzel] It wasn’t flawed.

I told you that.

I wager you beautiful barely felt it.

I barely felt.

How did your minute one again ribs reach out?

[LaDenzel] Oh they reach out fairly appropriate.

[LaDenzel] They weren’t no fairly appropriate. Tasty.

I heard about dem ribs, those issues came out appropriate.

Sincere comfortable, valid comfortable.

Sincere comfortable, I do know they used to be, woo.

[both laugh]

We overjoyed you made it.

That is astounding, I am overjoyed you made it.

[rustling paper]

I came to look you the totally different day.

You ain’t had your shot yet.

[Woman] Oh I got mine at a nursing dwelling.

Oh, I am so comfortable with you, okay appropriate.

[Woman] They gave us.

I requested her daddy, your daddy had already gotten his

but now Wu ain’t got his and he did now not reach that day.


He told me he did now not make a selection it.

They gotta concentrate on they mother and pa.

Sincere variety.

My daughter would possibly per chance well well also merely no longer let my son reach dwelling.

You ain’t took no shot, you ain’t reach around mama.

[both laugh]

[Woman] Well they’re being fetch.

That appropriate, uh huh, they ain’t gonna let me die,

can no longer take dangle of no chances.

[upbeat jazz music begins]

I will philosophize you, we got the bulk of them vaccinated

so I truly feel appropriate.

We got that few that we’ll aloof work on.

I ain’t stopping unless they said the work is completed.

I construct no longer hand over on ’em, I philosophize you that.

I will philosophize you appropriate now.

[phone beeps]

[phone rings]

Hiya Ann, right here’s Dorothy.

One Girl’s Mission to Safe Vaccines to Her Rural Alabama Town