Home Cars & Bikes One-Owner Toyota AE86 Auctioned For File £46,250

One-Owner Toyota AE86 Auctioned For File £46,250

One-Owner Toyota AE86 Auctioned For File £46,250

This 1987 Corolla GT equipped for a sky-high, memoir-breaking label, no topic being somewhat well outdated

Toyota - One-Owner Toyota AE86 Auctioned For Record £46,250 - Used Cars

Just a few years previously, I’d on a typical foundation cycle past a Wine Red 1987 Toyota AE86 parked up the next town over from the place I lived on the time. It was once continually in the identical space, and the screech of the tarmac beneath it instantaneous the Corolla GT very no longer continually moved. One time, I got chatting to the owner’s neighbour, who urged me a quantity of cash had been spent keeping it going, and such was once the automobile’s sentimental fee, that it was once no longer going to be equipped any time quickly.

Early Newspaper

Factor in my surprise, then, once I noticed that very AE86 this morning on a press liberate from Automobile & Traditional, the platform by which it was once auctioned for a whopping £46,250. That’s a memoir label for an AE86 in both the UK and the US, Automobile & Traditional says, and it came shut to being essentially the most dear ever. In the mean time, that honour goes to a Trueno Dim Itsy-bitsy that equipped in Japan for a smidge more.

UK market AE86s sadly didn't get pop-up headlights
UK market AE86s sadly did now not net pop-up headlights

As for this AE86, it was once sold original for £12,500 from Hallens Toyota in Cambridge by a girl who’d run on to again it for a long time. She didn’t add a single elective extra, but the well-liked spec is decent, so it has most of those must-like 80s parts including a sunroof. It’s no longer some barely-outdated minter appreciate the 7000-mile Toyota Supra we regarded at final week – the mileage stands at a wholesome 92,000 miles.

It’s been well looking after with yearly products and companies, the first 9 of which were executed by a predominant Toyota dealer. Its lifestyles was once almost reduce brief in 2006 after its paintwork was once keyed and the owner’s insurer deemed it an uneconomical restore. Fortunately, she wasn’t having any of that, so sold it support from the insurers and had the automobile repaired.

Toyota - One-Owner Toyota AE86 Auctioned For Record £46,250 - Used Cars

It was once before the total lot a self-sold cloak to cheer the owner up after a rupture-up, staying alongside with her for the next 34 years. We net the sense she’d like kept it longer, but after a most modern anguish made using one thing with unassisted guidance a cramped bit nerve-racking, she determined to promote up.

The sale incorporated an outmoded Nokia telephone cradle, the distinctive dealer-marked quantity plates, and even the brochure the shopper got withhold of ahead of signing on the dotted line. All related forms was once cloak, too.

Toyota - One-Owner Toyota AE86 Auctioned For Record £46,250 - Used Cars

It’s clearly a satisfying instance of a now rare automobile you no longer continually look in stock arrangement, but restful, an public sale result knocking on the door of £50k is one which will shock many. Would you pay that noteworthy for an AE86?

One-Owner Toyota AE86 Auctioned For File £46,250