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OnRobot VGP20 is the world’s most powerful Electrical Vacuum Gripper for heavy-responsibility palletising applications

OnRobot VGP20 is the world’s most powerful Electrical Vacuum Gripper for heavy-responsibility palletising applications

Ogle internal any new factory and likewise you’ll doubtless ogle lots of laptop-controlled robotic palms. In the production industry, the aggressive panorama on the complete capability extreme optimisations to trade processes to raise goods to the customer at a aggressive mark.

Any trade processes that parts a role that’s repetitive in nature is ripe to be modified by robots. These speed 24×7 without breaks and bear a precision successfully in excess of human functionality.

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In the instance of the VPG20, OnRobot has created a the most powerful Electrical Vacuum Gripper in the world for heavy-responsibility palletising applications.

Some examples of annoying packaging and palletising applications are clear, unwieldy baggage of canine food, non-airtight clothing or consumer goods applications, and fleshy, porous cardboard containers.

It is exactly these forms of tasks that OnRobot’s new VGP20 gripper can address.

Acceptable with all leading robotic manufacturers, the gripper can address payloads of 20kg (44.09lbs), making it a vast match for a plentiful option of applications in industries from cosmetics and electronics to pharmaceuticals and food and beverage.

“Our customers requested for an economical, easy-to-deploy vacuum gripper that have to purchase up fleshy, heavy-responsibility payloads while being tantalizing satisfactory to address a plentiful option of objects, together with those with irregular shapes and porous surfaces.

The VGP20 combines energy, intelligence and ease-of-exhaust that competes with expensive, advanced pneumatic grippers.”

Enrico Krog Iversen, CEO at OnRobot.

Researchers estimate that, on common, labour costs yarn for 65% of warehouse facility working budgets, dwarfing the costs connected to utilities, taxes, distribution and rent blended.

On this basis alone, automation is a compelling proposition for corporations of all sizes. Based on researchers, adoption of automatic palletising solutions in the food and beverage sector is estimated to bear increased at a CAGR of better than 13% since 2017 and is build to reach USD390 million by 2022.

90% rate savings when in contrast to pneumatic grippers

OnRobot’s new VGP20 electrical vacuum gripper can prefer on applications which bear historically been handled by powerful pneumatic grippers–at a fraction of the rate and complexity.

Whereas pneumatic grippers require compressed air to feature, the VGP20 is all-electrical and prepared to exit of the field, enabling corporations to place as a lot as 90% on working and repairs costs when in contrast to worn pneumatic gripper deployments.   

The VGP20 gives limitless cup and airflow customisation and multichannel functionality, allowing it to be deployed on multiple objects of reasonably a pair of shapes and sizes.

Furthermore, the VGP20 gripper’s built-in intelligence, blended with its easy-to-exhaust instrument, gives precise air crawl along with the travel preserve watch over functionality that is previous the capabilities of worn pneumatic grippers. This functionality permits customers to fluctuate the form of grip frail in reasonably a pair of applications, reminiscent of the gentle grip frail to address gentle objects to the onerous grip required for going thru fleshy, heavy cardboard containers with porous surfaces.

Enables exhaust of much less costly packaging gives

The costs of cardboard for packaging has risen by almost 40% from 2010-2020. And with continued right converse of e-commerce calls for, estimates of further increases lead shippers to discover for lower-rate alternatives for packaging gives.

Thinner, extra porous cardboard and light shipping baggage demonstrate challenges for worn automatic packaging and palletising, nonetheless.

The powerful, customisable OnRobot VGP20 without complications handles these thinner and no more costly packaging gives, allowing shippers to place severely on each automation and shipping costs.

OnRobot’s VGP20 gripper moreover gives an risk to enable right monitoring of the gripper’s air crawl along with the travel. If this risk is selected, and the vacuum is interrupted for any motive, the robotic will come to a command cease and an alert pop-up window will be displayed in the gripper instrument.

“Ambiance friendly packaging and palletising performance is mandatory to success for manufacturers, e-commerce and logistics corporations. Nonetheless, labour shortages demonstrate an ongoing discipline and performing these jobs by hand is each tedious and unergonomic

The powerful and versatile VGP20 gripper permits corporations to automate these tasks, offering help to workers while making improvements to overall productivity and quality.”

Enrico Krog Iversen, CEO at OnRobot.

OnRobot VGP20 is the world’s most powerful Electrical Vacuum Gripper for heavy-responsibility palletising applications