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‘Or not it is been a labor of fancy’: Will Smith announces release of his forthcoming memoir ‘Will’

‘Or not it is been a labor of fancy’: Will Smith announces release of his forthcoming memoir ‘Will’

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Will Smith is ready to commence up about his lifestyles memoir in his memoir called “Will.”

Penguin Press announced Sunday that Smith will release the memoir on Nov. 9. The actor-rapper, 52, shared a photo of the guide’s duvet art to more than 54 million of his followers on Instagram, pointing out that the portrait by visual artist Brandan “B-mike” Odums is made up of 5 layers. 

“There may be ranges to it,” wrote Smith in a put up, along with a video of the artist’s direction of. “Each repping a different stage of my lifestyles.”

Smith said he’s “finally ready” to release the memoir after working on the guide for two years. His guide will be published by Penguin Press, an establish of Penguin Random Residence and co-authored by Mark Manson, the author of “The Subtle Art of No longer Giving a F(asterisk)ck.”

“It’s been a labor of fancy,” Smith said in his announcement video. “It is miles finally ready.”

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Smith will also narrate the audiobook of “Will” from Penguin Random Residence Audio.

“Will” appears to be like to relate a memoir about Smith’s lifestyles and career. The guide will delve into him being raised in West Philadelphia to getting into superstardom as an actor and rapper with TV’s “The Unusual Prince of Bel-Air,” “Bad Boys” and “Men in Black.” 

Smith is a two-time Academy Award nominee and won a four-time Grammy winner.

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WILL you gape at that duvet!? We adore his motion photos and his song, now we can’t wait to hear his tales 🤩 We’re pre-ordering ours now! What about you? @penguinpresshttps://t.co/MF5fY2BsCwpic.twitter.com/qrtn0Z7HF4

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Smith has been a busy man this Father’s Day weekend, taking over hosting tasks for his better half, Jada Pinkett Smith, in a special Sunday episode of Facebook Watch’s “Crimson Table Talk.”  

On the episode, Smith and “Fatherhood” star Kevin Hart opened up about their biggest parenting mistakes and lifestyles classes they’ve learned from their families. 

Hart mirrored on his 2018 scandal via which he came underneath fire for initially refusing to apologize for past homophobic tweets, which he said his 16-year-ragged daughter, Heaven, came upon particularly upsetting because “she couldn’t direction of how individuals may contemplate this about her father.” 

 “It was so hard, because this is after I started to realize how my fame has an impact on my household,” Hart said. 

Smith said he and his better half realized they have to relate their youngsters “the entirety” themselves when it involves web gossip about the famous couple. 

“We moral strive and derive out ahead of it so the teenagers know earlier than the area is aware of,” he added. “We now have had a couple that derive to the teenagers earlier than we had a chance and that’s excruciating.”

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‘Or not it is been a labor of fancy’: Will Smith announces release of his forthcoming memoir ‘Will’