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OT Trent Williams praises Trevor Lawrence, thinks he could be a ‘dynamic player’ in NFL

OT Trent Williams praises Trevor Lawrence, thinks he could be a ‘dynamic player’ in NFL

The anticipation for the 2021 NFL season couldn’t be any higher for the Jacksonville Jaguars and their fans, who have a remark path to Trevor Lawrence in the draft. While he has but to take a snap in the NFL, many really feel he can make the team significantly better in a short amount of time. 

For the duration of the offseason, there have been many to reach back out and praise Lawrence, including some recent players. The latest to join that mix of parents was pending free-agent offensive tackle Trent Williams, who stated that Lawrence may presumably have an above-average rookie season in 2021 on “The Cris Collinsworth Podcast.”

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“I think any team that has a quarterback that we can say ‘That’s a Day 1 starter” fair now in March is ahead of the curve,” Williams said when asked if he’d opt to play for a rookie or veteran quarterback. “Getting a quarterback is by far the hardest thing to accomplish in the NFL.

So, any team fair now that has a quarterback who you could pencil in as a Day 1 starter, you can’t really call that a rebuild route of because you have the main part in place, fair? When you happen to don’t have a quarterback, it’s fancy who knows how lengthy it could take to gather a Trevor Lawrence. You understand these guys aren’t correct growing on timber and they aren’t accessible each draft.”

Williams would know about playing with a rookie quarterback because he did it with the Washington Football Team in 2012 when Robert Griffin II was selected 2d overall. The team was able to transfer 10-6, and whereas they have been eliminated in the wild-card spherical, Griffin deserved as grand credit as anyone for getting them there. 

Williams continued to explain that Lawrence is dangerous because he has a mix of natural passing ability and mobility in the pocket. Needless to say, this was something he witnessed in 2012 as Griffin rushed for 815 yards and garnered seven rushing touchdowns. 

“A quarterback fancy Trevor Lawrence, as a rookie, I think it’s no longer going to be fancy playing with a normal rookie quarterback,” Williams added. “I think the form of player that [Lawrence] is, he is ahead of the curve and I think he’ll be a dynamic player on the subsequent level. Legal because he has escape ability when things don’t add up with his eyes, he can exercise his legs.

I finish think that folks could gape at Jacksonville as a rebuild, nonetheless with them getting a quarterback, that could expedite their success level and their success rate. I think by them kind of flushing all americans out the last few years and getting rid of a lot of contracts that was coming and contracts they took on, getting flexibility in the draft. When you gape at that, they’ve been by their rebuild and now they are about to reap the benefits.”

Williams, who will be a free agent in much less than a week, was a player many Jags fans wanted to check in teal and black to provide protection to Lawrence’s blindside. Nevertheless, on Tuesday the team franchise tagged Cam Robinson, decreasing the chances of Williams being a Jaguar.

Light, even if Williams is vulnerable to be on one of the league’s other 31 teams, his statements towards the Jags spoke volumes. If it wasn’t clear before, it is now. Players are indeed intrigued by the Jags as we shut in on free agency. 

To hear Williams’ statements on Lawrence, simply soar to the 1: 04: 08 mark below. 

OT Trent Williams praises Trevor Lawrence, thinks he could be a ‘dynamic player’ in NFL