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Our favorite VIP airline perk just got a whole lot easier to get

Our favorite VIP airline perk just got a whole lot easier to get

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Want to cruise two-for-one for the next year? In that case, this brand unusual provide on all three Southwest Airlines personal credit ranking cards may be the alternative you’ve been waiting for.

Apt now, the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit ranking Card, the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Credit ranking Card and the Southwest Rapid Rewards Precedence Credit ranking Card are each offering unusual cardholders a Southwest Companion Pass valid thru February 28, 2022, plus 30,000 bonus aspects after spending $5,000 on the card within the first three months of opening the account.

Whenever you’re asking “What’s a Southwest Companion Pass?,” we promise it’s no longer a gimmick. It really is a no-strings-attached pass that allows a companion to cruise with you on Southwest free of charge (plus taxes and charges) as prolonged as there’s at least one seat left for sale on the plane. The taxes and charges are generally minimal, and you can employ the perk an unlimited quantity of times all over the lifetime of the pass.

Since Southwest aspects are value about 1.5 cents per point in case you redeem them for the airline’s cheapest “Wanna Get Away” fares, the 30,000 bonus aspects you’ll get with these affords are value about $450 in travel.

Additionally, card holders will also earn 5 aspects for every dollar spent on Southwest purchases thru March 31, 2021, on up to $2,000 in purchases monthly (and 2 aspects per dollar on Southwest purchases thereafter).

The value of these complete affords relies on how powerful employ you’ll get out of the Companion Pass. Whenever you watched you’ll gather your self flying a lot in the next year, then the value shall be astronomically excessive — the extra you cruise, the extra your companion can also cruise free of charge. On the opposite hand, if you happen to don’t assume you’ll be traveling powerful (or at all) thru the foundation of 2022, this probably isn’t the lawful card provide for you.

Aside from earning the Companion Pass and bonus aspects from the signal-up bonuses, these three cards also approach with many other advantages for Southwest flyers — although some are better than others. But reckoning on the card, if you happen to seek information from to cruise Southwest regularly when travel resumes, you may gather some of them to be extraordinarily beneficial.

• Yearly anniversary aspects

With all three Southwest cards, you’ll obtain bonus Rapid Rewards aspects on a yearly basis, starting together with your first anniversary (meaning one year from the date you originally get the card). These aspects assist significantly offset the value of the card’s annual price.

With the Southwest Plus card, you’ll obtain 3,000 bonus aspects at your anniversary, while the Southwest Premier card comes with 6,000 bonus aspects, and the Southwest Precedence card will increase your balance essentially the most with 7,500 bonus aspects. Again, Southwest aspects are value approximately 1.5 cents per point, so these anniversary bonus aspects are value $45, $90 and $113 value, respectively.

Apply now for the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier card.

• Upgraded boarding positions

Southwest has a diversified seat assignment policy than most other airlines — there are actually no assigned seats. Instead, the carrier has originate seating, the place you purchase your chosen seat upon boarding the plane. Your boarding place — which you get in case you register to your flight — determines in case you board. All passengers obtain a boarding place between A1 and C60, with A1 being first to board and C60 being last.

With the Southwest Precedence card specifically, you get four upgraded boarding positions per year to employ on Southwest flights. This means you can purchase an A1-15 boarding place at the gate (if available, providing you with the alternative to board the plane earlier than most other passengers, and you’ll obtain a statement credit ranking for the amount charged.

Purchasing an upgraded boarding place normally costs between $30 and $50, so this serve is value $120 to $200 per year.

• Annual travel credit ranking

Another excellent thing about just the Southwest Precedence card is a $75 travel credit ranking each account year (meaning you can make essentially the many of the first year’s credit ranking immediately after receiving the card if you happen to want). This travel credit ranking can be aged for essentially any Southwest purchases, together with flights, taxes and even charges when the employ of aspects, so prolonged as you utilize your Southwest Precedence card to pay for it.

Apply now for the Southwest Rapid Rewards Precedence card.

• 20% back on inflight drinks and WiFi

The Southwest Priority credit card offers 20% back on your inflight purchases, including Wi-Fi.


The Southwest Precedence credit ranking card affords 20% back on your inflight purchases, together with Wi-Fi.

Again, an strange excellent thing about the Southwest Precedence card is 20% back on inflight drinks and Wi-Fi purchases. While this isn’t a colossal savings, over time, it may save you a couple of bucks.

On the opposite hand, if you happen to cruise on Southwest usually (or intend to once travel resumes extra broadly) and typically pay for Wi-Fi on your flights, you may want to have in mind the Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Industry Credit ranking Card instead, because you can get complimentary Wi-Fi on essentially every Southwest flight you take with that card — up to 365 statement credit ranking per year.

Apply now for the Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Industry card.

The ultimate part of these affords is that they approach with a Southwest Companion Pass. Traditionally, you have to earn 125,000 tier-qualifying aspects in a calendar year to get the pass, but with these affords, you can bypass that requirement and earn the pass just by getting approved for any of the three Southwest personal credit ranking cards and assembly the $5,000 spending requirement in the first three months.

While the terms of the provide state that it can take up to eight weeks for the signal-up bonus to put up to your Southwest account, in our ride, Southwest signal-up bonuses — together with Companion Passes earned the employ of credit ranking card aspects — have typically appeared to your Southwest account within 2-5 days after the shut of the credit ranking card statement wherein you meet the minimal spending requirement.

Now, in case you earn the pass the employ of the traditional way, it doesn’t expire till December 31 of the next calendar year. However the Companion Pass earned with these promotional affords expires on February 28, 2022, so it’s a powerful shorter amount of time — roughly a year, reckoning on in case you apply and total the spending requirement.

On the opposite hand, if you happen to want to earn the pass for longer, you can level-headed accomplish it the traditional way, and these bonus affords can assist with that too. Because the airline counts all Southwest credit ranking card aspects toward the Companion Pass, the 30,000 aspects you earn as part of these signal-up affords will also depend toward the 125,000 tier-qualifying aspects crucial in this calendar year for a pass that lasts till the tip of 2022.

Also, for just this year, if you happen to had a Southwest frequent flyer account originate on December 31, 2020, it is essential to have already purchased 25,000 Companion Pass-qualifying aspects to your account, meaning you simplest have to earn 100,000 aspects this year.

So with the 30,000 bonus aspects from these affords, you’d simplest want to earn 70,000 extra aspects in the remainder of 2021 to get a fat-size pass. And there are many ways to earn those remaining Companion Pass aspects, such as the employ of the Southwest procuring portal, crediting your resort and car rentals to Southwest, ongoing usage of your Southwest credit ranking card and simply flying Southwest on paid fares.

But certainly one of many easiest ways is to couple certainly one of many personal Southwest credit ranking cards with a Southwest trade credit ranking card. Although Southwest now limits you to having just one personal credit ranking card at a time, there are no restrictions on having each a personal and trade card.

Combining a personal Southwest credit card with a business one could earn you an even longer Companion Pass.


Combining a personal Southwest credit ranking card with a trade one may earn you an even longer Companion Pass.

Apt now, you can earn an additional 60,000 bonus aspects with the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Industry Credit ranking Card after you exhaust $3,000 on purchases in the first three months. Add those 60,000 aspects together with the 80,000 aspects from any of the personal card affords, and you’ll smash up with 140,000 total aspects, satisfactory to earn the Companion Pass with out any additional aspects.

Apply now for the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Industry card.

Or, with the Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Industry card, you can earn up to 100,000 bonus aspects — 70,000 aspects after you exhaust $5,000 on purchases in the first three months, plus an additional 30,000 aspects after you exhaust $25,000 on purchases in the first six months of account opening. The card has a $199 annual price, but comes with the same upgraded boardings as the Southwest Precedence card, along with a few other perks.

While the Performance Industry card can earn you the pass by itself — with out even having to apply for a personal card — the minimal spending requirement to earn the fat bonus is extremely excessive. On the opposite hand, if you happen to’re simplest able to meet the first spending tier of $5,000, you’ll level-headed earn 70,000 aspects. Add that to the 30,000 aspects from the personal card, and you’ll be over the amount crucial to earn the pass this year (assuming you got the 25,000-point increase for having a Southwest account at the tip of 2020).

You also can apply for the personal card now and maintain off on applying for the trade card in the prolonged bustle (assuming the unusual provide or a similar one exists by then), so you don’t have to hit the minimal spending requirements on two cards at the same time.

With three diversified personal cards on the table, it’s important to know which card is simplest to your individual wants. In case your main goal is to increase your Southwest Rapid Rewards aspects balance and earn aspects toward the Southwest Companion Pass, then the Southwest Plus card is simplest. This card carries the bottom annual price at just $69 per year, but affords the same promotional Companion Pass and 30,000-point signal-up bonus.

Apply now for the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus card.

The advantages of the Southwest Premier card are similar to the Southwest Plus card, but you’re paying a larger annual price at $99. Although you’ll earn extra bonus aspects on your card anniversaries, you don’t earn them till you total your first year as a card holder and pay your second annual price.

But even as you happen to cruise Southwest a first rate amount at some point of the year — or plan to once travel resumes — and you want a card wealthy in advantages, then the Southwest Precedence card is your simplest option. Although it has a significantly larger price at $149, the advantages alone are easily value it if you happen to can employ them.

The Southwest Precedence card’s $75 travel credit ranking brings the effective designate of the card down to just $74. On top of that, you’ll obtain four upgraded boarding per year and a 20% statement credit ranking on inflight drinks and Wi-Fi. Whenever you can maximize those advantages, you can easily be ahead to your first year alone. And starting together with your second year, you’ll always be ahead whenever you add in the 7,500 bonus aspects at each card anniversary, which are value $90 in Southwest flights.

If you apply for a Southwest credit card now, you


Whenever you apply for a Southwest credit ranking card now, you are going to obtain a Companion Pass and have it all the way thru February 28, 2022.

Our general rule of thumb is that if you happen to’re planning on flying at least twice on Southwest in the next year, then certain, right here is a great time to apply for certainly one of many cards. Generally, certainly one of many largest perks of applying for a Southwest credit ranking card is to get one step nearer to earning the Companion Pass, and with this particular provide, you get it as soon as you meet the spending requirement. No hoops to leap thru or extra aspects to earn.

On the opposite hand, if travel is really no longer to your future in 2021, then we counsel maintaining off on applying for a Southwest credit ranking card. While you’ll level-headed earn 30,000 bonus aspects with these affords, the larger draw is the Companion Pass, and it has an expiration date early in 2022 tied to it.

So, if airline perks don’t work to your travel wants lawful now, apply for this card later this year or next year in case you watched you’ll be flying again. But even as you happen to’re hoping to take to the skies on a regular basis in the second half of 2022 and you want to carry a pal or family member along for the chase, take a peek at these affords and approach to a determination if a Southwest Companion Pass may assist you out.

For personal cards:

Learn extra and apply for the Southwest Plus card.

Learn extra and apply for the Southwest Premier card.

Learn extra and apply for the Southwest Precedence card.

For trade cards:

Learn extra and apply for the Southwest Premier Industry card.

Learn extra and apply for the Southwest Performance Industry card.

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Our favorite VIP airline perk just got a whole lot easier to get