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Our Situation sets out to simplify meal prep with its new knives and cutting board

Our Situation sets out to simplify meal prep with its new knives and cutting board


Our Situation, the makers of that iconic, so-referred to as kitchen magician Consistently Pan, currently launched three sexy chef’s knives and a sturdy cutting board to dawdle alongside with them. You can be in a enviornment to snatch every of the four products individually, or which that you just can well select unbiased correct thing about the Fully Prepped Bundle, which will place you $35 total.

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However prior to you carry out any of that, you likely select to know: How faithful are these knives? And carry out I in actual fact select this particular wooden cutting board?

Nicely, we took all four products — the Day to day Chef’s Knife, the Serrated Slicing Knife, the Precise Paring Knife and the Walnut Cutting Board — for a test force to gain out. We chopped, sliced and diced, we sliced tender bread, and we left dirtied knives to fend for themselves within the sink in a single day, all of which brought us to about a conclusions. Be taught on to gain out what we realized.

As a every day particular person — as in, any individual who doesn’t utilize knives for a living — how carry out you in actual fact resolve whether a knife situation is “faithful”?

One methodology to yelp is to utilize the placement on your everyday life; mix it into all aspects of your prepping and cooking, and whereas you occur to never once thunder to your self, “Ugh, I select this knife used to be better, sharper, extra ergonomic, and many others.,” then something’s working.

Our Situation broadcasts that its three-share situation can replace a paunchy 10-share situation. So, in uncover to test the claim, and to withhold myself accountable, I build away all of my knives for about a weeks. I pulled the same switch with the cutting board, replacing the many plastic slabs I defend crammed in a cupboard with this single hunky Walnut Cutting Board.

All three of the Our Situation knives come with a shaded plastic storage sheath, a considerable accessory for for these who’re storing titillating knives in a drawer. However because I in actual fact procure a knife block, I forwent the sheaths and in its keep housed the knives right here. Procuring and selling 10 knives for three in actual fact cleaned up the sight of my kitchen counter, even supposing the advance-empty block did sight a itsy-bitsy lonely.

The knives fit accurate perfect into the person slots of the knife block — now not supreme, however since these products weren’t designed for one yet another, it wouldn’t be perfect to deduct a level right here. (Unruffled, I select to spotlight this in case the sexy of your knife block is considerable to you; my 10 other knives all fit snugly into the block, however for some reason the Our Situation Day to day Chef’s Knife in particular build up a itsy-bitsy little bit of resistance and sticks out above the block’s slot.)

All three of these knives, fabricated from top price German stainless metal, in actual fact feel in actual fact faithful to withhold — now not too heavy, now not too light, however accurate upright. Credit rating goes to the knives’ “elephantine-tang blade fabricate,” which methodology the metal extends your total methodology through the handle (with “partial-tang” blades, the metal ends prior to the handle does). In accordance to Our Situation, this feature provides the knives “supreme weight and stability,” and I’d procure to agree.

The three knives I got had handles within the “spice” shade, a pinkish, terracotta hue that in actual fact stands out from the shaded and brown handles of my sequence. (The Consistently Pan also comes in spice, so whereas you occur to in actual fact feel joy when the items on your kitchen match, this could perchance excite you.)

Shade within the kitchen is fun, and surely a construction that newer brands are embracing. The knives are also out there with handles in a grayish shaded “char,” a rustic blue “blue salt,” and a creamy neutral “steam.” Whether or now not you snatch to do away with the bundle situation or every knife one by one, which that you just can well snatch to mix and match the handle colours.

However which that you just can well’t reflect a knife by its handle shade by myself (whereas you occur to could well, then all over again, Our Situation would excel). Here’s a nearer sight at how the three knives carried out on their very maintain:

The Precise Paring Knife

Our Situation

The Precise Paring Knife

This knife, the smallest of the bunch, does all the pieces you’d select a paring knife to carry out. It neatly slices through veggies and fruit without requiring powerful effort from its handler and is chuffed to grip and wield.

It’s an perfect size (a 4-slouch blade and 4.31-slouch handle) for coring and quartering an apple and for mincing a shallot with dexterity. Whereas it doesn’t procure “everyday” in its establish, the Precise Paring Knife looks to be essentially the most versatile of the tools, because it splendidly serves a grand sequence of kitchen jobs. Fetch in recommendations this knife counseled.

The Everyday Chef's Knife

Our Situation

The Day to day Chef’s Knife

I be pleased cooking with buttercup and kabocha squash, however cutting them in most cases is a real distress. These types of squash procure an extremely thick outer pores and skin, and to halve the vegetable I in most cases procure to stand over it, pierce the pores and skin with the titillating tip of a knife and then build my elephantine weight on the knife to decrease your total methodology through. A disclose is mostly involved.

And so, I used to be shocked by how posthaste the Day to day Chef’s Knife severed the squash, handiest requiring about 30% of the effort I in most cases build into the task. I wasn’t prepared to dominate the squash so without considerations, and so I sliced through a itsy-bitsy little bit of my thumb and forefinger. It all took enviornment so rapid, however if I had to dissect the match, I’d disclose I didn’t switch the hand that used to be stabilizing the squash out of the methodology as rapidly as I wanted to — I’m former to having beyond regular time, because I’m former to working with an underperforming knife.

And so, no topic the bloodshed, this is known as a extraordinarily faithful knife. Precise watch out!

The squash test proved to me that this knife has muscle. That said, I could well now not flip to the Day to day Chef’s Knife every single day. With an 8-slouch blade and 5.27-slouch handle, it’s longer than I’m former to — it felt be pleased there used to be too powerful handle to withhold on to. I’m particular this is something I could well adapt to over time and with extra utilize, and any individual with bigger hands could well own the additional room.

The Serrated Slicing Knife

Our Situation

The Serrated Slicing Knife

The Serrated Slicing Knife’s functionality is correct as promised, and it tears through squishy bread and tender fruits (be pleased tomatoes) with ease. Alas, this knife used to be the handiest one which gave me a moment of wishing for something various. The ache came for me, then all over again, after I used to be reducing through some English truffles. The knife used to be grand in comparability to the bread (it’s the longest of the bunch, with a 9-slouch blade and 5.44-slouch handle), and the utilize of it in this scenario felt…unsuitable.

Alongside with a standard serrated knife, I in actual fact procure a microscopic, paring knife-sized serrated knife, and it’s supreme for smaller jobs be pleased English truffles and customized rolls and buns. This doesn’t imply there’s something horrifying with Our Situation’s serrated knife, I merely wouldn’t select it to be the handiest serrated knife in my sequence.

Whenever you’re be pleased me and largely cook dinner for a family of two, or have a tendency to do away with smaller breads over luxuriously grand loaves, which that you just can well in actual fact feel within the same fashion. Even so, it wouldn’t damage to add this mannequin to your knife situation, because it’ll come in handy for particular cases (be pleased for these who’re reducing grand bread).

The Walnut Cutting Board

Our Situation

The Walnut Cutting Board

There’s handiest one observe that describes the sight of this cutting board, and that observe is “handsome.” The cutting board is supposed to double as a serving platter, and sitting out on my kitchen countertop upright now, it appears to be like to be be pleased a purposeful interior fabricate decision, which couldn’t be said for the neon-colored plastic boards I utilize every single day.

Thinking past its visible enchantment? I don’t select this to be the handiest cutting board in my life. Perhaps it’s the millennial in me, and even it’s accurate me, however I’d somewhat steer distinct of hand-washing a wooden cutting board a couple of cases a day, and this one — at nearly 6 pounds! — doesn’t match my chaotic, in most cases careless cooking fashion.

I be pleased my crappy plastic versions for his or her comfort and sturdiness. They procure messy, I rinse them briefly within the sink with soap or toss them within the dishwasher and switch on with my life. After they procure scratched up from my knife work, successfully, I don’t even care to undercover agent.

The Walnut Cutting Board is sexy, however it surely’s excessive repairs. To illustrate, one shiny feature is the “trench” carved on one aspect of the board, which will withhold over ⅔ cup of liquid. This helps defend the areas past the board trim. It’s a grand addition in theory, however because the board weighs extra than 5 pounds, dumping the juice into the sink is similar to one earn in a strength-coaching workout.

As itsy-bitsy as I realized myself looking out to utilize the cutting board, I carry out thunder every kitchen could well select pleasure in a grand sturdy slab of wooden — except it’s a exiguous kitchen. I could well thunder about taking the grand board out when web web hosting a community and serving cheese and other hors d’oeuvres. It’s indubitably constructed to provoke, however in my everyday home cooking, the handiest factor I select to in actual fact feel impressed by is the meals I’m placing in my mouth.

Who knew there used to be so powerful to be said about three knives and a cutting board? If your unique knives are mismatched and dead, this case is known as a nice funding — which that you just can well do away with every knife individually or bundle them together to place (the Knife Trio, which does now not consist of the cutting board, goes for $145, a $25 carve worth).

Something you ought to know: Even the supreme-quality knives need to be sharpened, and these also need to be hand-washed (in disagreement to with the cutting board, then all over again, washing the knives is a easy feat).

Within the waste, that you just can have not any regrets whereas you occur to snatch to do away with these knives. They’d fabricate an especially good housewarming gift, and whereas you occur to snatch to add the cutting board, an excessively good one — if accurate for the presentation by myself.

Our Situation sets out to simplify meal prep with its new knives and cutting board